2017 will be a wonderfully creative year for weddings – I’m seeing influences from the art world wherever I look, and the artists and designers in the UK wedding industry are reaching new levels of amazingness every single day. I love this – shot with true artistic flair, By Harriet launches her beautiful collection of luxe handcrafted accessories in blinding style!

By Harriet unique bridal hair accessories in the UK on the English Wedding Blog (2)

Words: By Harriet | Images: Ally Byrom

By Harriet unique bridal hair accessories in the UK on the English Wedding Blog (3)

The Cornucopia shoot styling was inspired by a combination of two different artistic influences, the postors of Mucha and the paintings of the PreRaphaelites. The romantic, delicate and dreamy nature of the designs by Harriet seemed to be crying out to be presented in this way, so we rifled through my books (I’ve always been a bit of an art history boffin) to look at the shapes, flowers colours and styles, and see how they could be presented for modern brides to complete their look.


What happened to your wedding venue in the 1940s? You could be treading in the footsteps of a wartime bride, or even on a film set… as is the case with Yorkshire’s magnificent Denton Hall. In 1942 the venue became a location for filming a romantic war film about a soldier’s story of love lost – and has a romance and sense of nostalgia which should be cherished.

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In May, I was asked to contribute some calligraphy to a styled shoot at Denton Hall. Wedding photographer Suzy Mitchell and make-up artist Annabel Bailey styled a fabulous 1940s inspired shoot which took place in the grounds and rooms of the venue.

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Annabel’s Grandfather fought in the second world war, and his uniforms were worn by the ‘groom’ in today’s styled shoot. The bride wears a vintage dress from York’s Glory Days Vintage, and after the wedding I adore the images where for me, the simpler dresses are just as gorgeous as the bridal gown.

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