I love a wedding which surprises me… and today’s was pretty amazing in that respect! The look of the day is classic and elegant, but there’s an occasional treat which will make you smile – like the way Dave made his entrance on a segway. One of my favourite images from Jo and Dave’s wedding is the groom’s expression as he realises he’ll be 1) learning to ride one and 2) rocking up on it to the wedding at Orchardleigh House. No pressure then!

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Jo and Dave are gorgeous, generous and devoted to their friends and family. The beautiful bride told me, “It is the personal touches which make a wedding… We wanted to make our guests feel that they were there because they were such an important part of our lives… An example is that we wrote individual messages on each of our guests’ placemats thanking them for the support they had given us over the years and quoting memories or funny stories about them.” Isn’t that just wonderful?

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