Morning everyone! A little advice for you this morning, especially if you’re a little bit addicted to Facebook or Pinterest… it can’t just be me, can it?! How will you feel on your wedding day without your smart phone? Or should you bring it, along with your iPad, because you’ll need it on the day? All the answers are here – enjoy. I hope it’s useful! Claire xxx

For the tech-savvy couples of today there are hundreds of digital tools to track, share and tag just about every element of your special day. Whatever you want your wedding day to be, when it comes to technology etiquette for the big day, there are some dos and don’ts to follow to capture the memorable moments and avoid any digital faux pas.

bridesmaids smartphone by Howard Lucas Photography

Image credit: Howard Lucas Photography (Dorset)

wedding photo credit Kat Forsyth
wedding photo credit Kat Forsyth

wedding photo credit Kat Forsyth

I’m going to make you a promise: next week, a real wedding, every day. This week has been full of advice and ideas and guest blogs, which I’ve loved sharing… but I think I owe you some weddings 🙂

So – next week, plenty of weddings and some special treats – you absolutely have to come and see what I’m starting on Monday morning!

In the meantime, I’ve shared sneak preview photos of my next few weddings on facebook. Have a peek at the big fluffy gown, the fabulously bright flowers, the henna, the sunset…


coming soon: wedding previews only on facebook


facebookPlease tell me I’m not the only one feeling contemplative this week – as the seasons change I seem to have relaxed into a very mellow frame of mind! That’s not to say I’m feeling down: on the contrary, I have some plans for my little UK wedding blog which I’m quietly excited about.

As ever, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and ideas over on facebook first of all – I’ve started to use facebook to jot down ideas, feelings and thoughts – the kind of wedding ideas I’d share with friends first before publishing for the world to see… naturally, dearest reader, if you’d like to join me on facebook I’d love to have your company over there!

This is me. www.facebook.com/EnglishWedding

Consider this little blog post your personal invitation to come and say hi on facebook, and see what’s in the pipelines for English Wedding!

Have a lovely day. Kick some leaves and jump in a puddle if you get a chance 🙂

Claire xx