When I look back at some of my old images I cringe – big time. If I was still writing the way I did three years ago my businesses would be buried at the bottom of the internet and desperately clutching at bargain basement brides. Because everything changes.

In the wedding industry change comes so fast – never mind that vintage has been around for years, everything else has changed. And by the skin of my teeth I’ve managed to keep up. How? Because I innovate, and change, and watch trends, and never stop inventing and being creative.

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Image credit Penny Young Photography www.pennyyoungphotography.com | Styling Christine Maciocia http://christinemaciocia.wordpress.com

Frustration or innovation?

As a wedding business owner there are two paths you can take: you can innovate, update your style and business practices to keep up with everyone else (or if you’re lucky, lead the pack!). Or you can stick to what you know and fall behind. That’s the road to frustration.


Hey there lovely blog readers! I hope you like horses… and beautiful, romantic styling ideas… because I’m about to show you such a lovely shoot it’ll burn your Pinterest fingers.

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Photography credit Evelyn Rose Photography – styling by Christine Maciocia

Wedding photographer Penny Young is becoming a bit of a regular on the English Wedding Blog. She’s just so lovely, and we were chatting on email about a shoot she’d been involved in – I saw a couple of images and I was hooked. I had to show you!

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Image credit Penny Young Photography

A whimsical farm wedding shoot with stylist Christine Maciocia

The shoot was designed and arranged by talented wedding stylist Christine Maciocia. She was approached by real life couple William and Christine, who were looking to recreate the vibe of their wedding day in some new, exciting and beautiful images. They must love the results – and don’t they look amazing! It’s clear from the images they’re in love, and I think that sets this styled shoot apart from so many others – the looks of love are real.