Is it just me or is everyone suddenly happier when the sun comes out? It’s been such a gorgeous week and I can’t wait for a lovely sunny weekend. And being full of good spirits I have made up an exclusive offer for you gorgeous readers!

10% off your wedding place names – all colours, all styles!

place names wedding calligrapher (3)

Photo credit Calligraphy-for-Weddings.com

I spent a big part of this week adding my full collection of wedding heart tags to my Etsy shop – I think there were about 80 photos to take, upload and describe on Wednesday! (And all that lovely sunshine beckoning from the other side of my laptop…)

calligraphy discount code

My online shop is now fully stocked and brides and grooms around the world* can buy place name hearts in every colour under the sun! Readers of the English Wedding Blog, being more attractive, clever and nicer people than everyone else, can also claim a 10% discount on every order over £50. Woohoo!

*I shipped my first calligraphy tags to Australia this spring! Happy days 🙂