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More than anything else in the world, your wedding should celebrate you and your love. A wedding should be personal, it should be comfortable and it should be right for you.

So when Rob and Jayne’s wedding landed in my inbox I was over the moon. Here’s a couple who bask in their individuality. Both gorgeous and creative, Rob and Jayne’s wedding was a day to remember, and then some! And Lancashire wedding photographer Jonathan Bean was there to capture the whole day for their album…

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The other thing I love is when a groom shares his wedding story. Rob’s wedding report begins with a romantic proposal story which brought a tear to my eye – and he tells the story of his wedding to Jayne so beautifully – so this wedding blogger is now handing over to a better writer, just for one day! Rob…


Bean Photo wedding blog lancashire (37)An Alice-inspired wedding in Lancashire: Rob & Jayne

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Melanie and Paul’s wedding is beautiful. Let me set the scene: “messy and unstructured” was Melanie’s brief for their florist, while the key theme for the wedding was that this should be a very personal day. I adore it – from the beautiful images to the perfect flowers and all the love and laughter with friends and family. There’s a wonderful moment where Melanie’s on her friend’s knee, showing off her Kurt Geiger bridal shoes – watch out for it! I also love the wedding sign outside the venue, and the little boy in charge of the wedding rings is an absolute star!

I’ll hand over to Melanie and Paul with their wedding report, and to Dorset wedding photographer Linus Moran for the gorgeous images of their day, which I’m calling:


Zen Photographic wedding blog (5)This morning I’m humming “Bring me Sunshine…” – and I also have some gorgeous wedding ideas to share with you. Zenna from Zen Photographic told me about a little ideas session she’d photographed with Cheshire wedding suppliers at Nunsmere Hall, and I loved the images from the day. I am sure they’ll inspire some of you to create bright, beautiful and fun wedding tables just like these!

There are oodles* of ideas here – from wearing flowers in your hair, to creating alternative floral displays for your tables, and styling everything from the wedding cake to the bridesmaids flower garlands to fit a beautiful garden party wedding theme. I hope you love it!

(*I know – but my job description has “Editor” in it, and part of that means I can make words up whenever I like.)

Garden party wedding ideas for you!

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Not sure which is yummiest-looking… wedding cake or groom? 😉

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Cheshire wedding suppliers from the shoot:


A quickie wedding blog post for this afternoon, as I sit huddled in my cardie, fingers chillin’ and waiting for sunshine! I’ve picked my winner for the Wedding Cupcakes book this morning – better late than never… Faye is the lucky winner of my competition and her book will be sent in the post very soon.

wedding cupcakes book review

Congratulations Faye!

If you missed my wedding cupcakes book review, you really should read it. I’m a natural baker* as well as being reasonable about writing my little wedding blog.

If you’re an author or publisher, please send me your wedding related books to review** and give to my readers as prizes. I promise I’ll try really hard to do them justice. I love reviewing wedding books.

Claire xx

*This is not true.
**I use the term loosely. See previous attempts.


Wedding photo by Nicky Chadwick (1)Helen and Rich chose a venue with a difference for their Yorkshire wedding: the Waterton Park Hotel sits on its own island within a nature reserve, near Wakefield. Helen’s Ian Stuart wedding dress is fabulous – she found it in a local bridal store for half price – and looks a dream in softly sparkling gold with French lace and pearls…

This wedding was sent in by Nicky Chadwick Photography. Nicky’s a friend of English Wedding blog, a regular contributor on my facebook page and a lovely lady whose comments always make me smile. Helen was kind enough to write a great wedding report – she’d worked hard to make their wedding day very personal, making her own bouquet and having it preserved as a very special memory of the wedding.

I’ll leave you to enjoy Helen’s own story, with photos by Nicky Chadwick.
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I’m told I’m a bit of a mystery girl, don’t talk much about me on the blog. I’m just shy! … until someone asks me for an interview. Fame at last? 😉

Here’s me on Music Live this week. Read my interview

english wedding on music live blog

English Wedding on music live blog

I’m the little one on the left, by the way – not the singing one on the right. Just in case you wondered…

Claire x


wedding photography Pippa Mackenzie (1)More sunshine for you… with love from Olivia and Matt. Yesterday I featured their beautiful church wedding and we left them stepping out of the church hand in hand… today it’s time for the reception and it’s just so perfect… lush flowers and a sunny and happy day for you to enjoy.

Photos are by Pippa Mackenzie and words from Olivia. Watch out for a wonderfully eclectic cupcake tower – looking fabulous! – and some impressive shapes ‘thrown’ on the dancefloor… and why not listen to the wedding band while you look at the blog post? I’m enjoying their music as I type!

Claire xx

wedding photography Pippa Mackenzie (2)Throughout the day we could not stop smiling (and neither could our guests). It was a really relaxed and intimate afternoon. We both wanted to have a wedding which was not too regimented which allowed us and our guests to enjoy the day. Olivia’s parents had planned the wedding so well and Phil and Sandra (Pimpernel Associates) were there on the day to make sure everything went smoothly – Sandra was armed with a box of treasures including tights, plasters, nail varnish and sewing kit.

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Morning everyone! I hope some of you are enjoying a ray or two through your windows this morning… I always remember my teachers saying March “came in like a lion, out like a lamb” – so maybe it’ll be brighter in a week or two. But if you haven’t got sunshine outside this morning, scroll down: the lovely Olivia and Matt are sharing theirs!

Words are written by Olivia (as wonderful a wordsmith as she was a beautiful bride!) and the wedding photography is by Pippa Mackenzie.

Olivia and Matt’s English country garden wedding (part one)

Pippa Mackenzie wedding photography (1)
Pippa Mackenzie wedding photography (2)We met at a party held by a mutual friend. Neither of us really wanted to go and so we would say that it was fate that brought us together. At the party Olivia kept pushing Matt off of chairs & tying his shoelaces together. Matt was smitten and stayed at the party well past his last train home.

Matt went off to university a few months after meeting Olivia which only made the relationship stronger, as we were constantly on the phone and planning our visits to each other every fortnight.

romantic snow photo

Photo credit: ARJ Photography, Cheshire

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Christmas holiday. If you’re working today – ack. Well I hope your boss isn’t in and you’ve brought games. Or if you’re just engaged and exploring the world of wedding blogs – welcome. Enjoy! There’s so much wedding inspiration on the interweb: start with my ‘wedding planning or work‘ features – they’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Christmas – the dream

So – Christmas. I’m not actually here; I’m spending Christmas with my family. My parents, my sister and her hubby, my Gareth and his kids, his parents, my aunts and uncles and cousins. I genuinely do love spending time with everyone, chatting and playing games, eating food, going out to places. For me Christmas is all about having a really good holiday and lots of family time. My parents live miles away in the Lake District, my sister’s in Durham – so it’s just wonderful to see everyone. It’s not about Jesus for me – I’m a pagan. I respect anyone with Christian beliefs, but for most of us these days Christmas is a sparkly holiday. Nothing wrong with that!


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This is what happens when the groom loves drum ‘n’ bass, and the bride doesn’t – a perfect solution to a very common dilemma: your wedding music. Ellie and Lee came up with the most ingenious idea of a silent disco at their wedding reception!

This gorgeous couple were married at The Inner Temple, and London wedding photographer Mark Carey submitted their photos for my blog. I loved every one: their day was fun, loving, sophisticated and family-oriented. And they really had thought of everything!

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Ellie wrote the loveliest wedding report for me. My favourite quote from Ellie is this (when I asked about her most memorable wedding day moments): “Seeing all of the groom’s friends dancing to drum and bass whilst his parents were doing the tango on the other side of the dance floor.”

I love it. You will too…

The silent disco wedding in London

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English-wedding.com is being created to inspire you to plan the perfect wedding.

I’m Claire, from Wedding-Calligrapher.com and I have been imagining English-wedding.com for months in the back of my mind. At last my ideas are on paper, and today the new blog / website is here!

In the weeks to come you’ll see pictures of English weddings, venues, decorations, features, themes… watch this space. It’s going to be wonderful.

Claire x