Every now and then I’m lost for words when I try and introduce a wedding on the blog. Today I’m dumbstruck! I’ve just read through Kate and Jamal’s wedding report and scrolled through their gorgeous images – too many to choose from! Already I’m overexcited about showing you their English Asian wedding blog. This is Kate – isn’t she beautiful?

Vibrant English Asian wedding blog Pixies in the Cellar (1)

As with all Asian weddings there’s more exciting colour than the average vintage wedding, so it leaves me grinning happily at the prospect of showing you photos! The venues are sublime and add timeless atmosphere and contemporary chic to the story of Kate and Jamal’s day. Their wedding report is amazing – I love the bit about Jamal’s niece’s infectious belly laughs during the speeches… watch out for it!

Vibrant English Asian wedding blog Pixies in the Cellar (2)

It’s the images which leave a fabulous aftertaste for me though – the elegance of the wedding styling, the vibrance of the colours and the breathtaking venues. I just know you’re going to love this wedding blog. Huge thanks to lovely Peter and Sara from Pixies in the Cellar for submitting their images, and massive hugs and congratulations to beautiful bride Kate and gorgeous groom Jamal for the wedding report. Just brilliant, all of it… enjoy! Claire x