Are you having grown up bridesmaids for your wedding – but no little ones? It seems more and more of us are having grown up maids instead of asking our younger sisters, nieces and little cousins. Could this be a bit of an emerging trend for UK weddings, and if so, why?

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Has somebody written an article somewhere that says “Steer clear of small maids”?!

Jo from Driftwood and Daisies Flower Company emailed me a little while ago and mentioned that only two of her brides had chosen small bridesmaids and/or flower girls, the others are all having three or four adult maids instead.

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“It is a real shame if this is happening up and down the country as I do feel the pretty flower girls and maids do add a sense of innocence to the day and if captured well provide some fabulous images for the wedding album that adult bridesmaids could never achieve.”