Morning everyone! I have a lovely, romantic and heartwarming little tale for you today. Oh! And photographs of a gorgeous English wedding from County Durham. This is beautiful bride Lisa’s wedding – because she’d always wanted an intimate wedding. Her husband Mo wants a spectacular celebration… but we’ll come to that later!

Intimate wedding Nadine Van Biljon Photography (1)

In a nutshell, today’s bride and groom decided to have two weddings. A little one, and then a massive party a year later. What I love most is that the intimate wedding turned out to be way more than just a formality – it was just about as special as you could ever imagine.

I’ll let wedding photographer Nadine Van Bilijon explain more! This is the email she sent to me a few weeks ago:

“Next year, Mo and Lisa are planning a pretty spectacular wedding at Castello di Modanella in Tuscany with friends and family arriving for a week to celebrate together which is very much what the groom wants.