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We’re looking back on an amazing year of real weddings, editorial photoshoots and glorious prettiness on the English Wedding Blog. We’ve shared features with so many amazing suppliers, I wanted to introduce you to some of our favourites today – and where better to begin than with the folks who turn dreams into reality? It takes a huge amount of talent and skill to be a wedding stylist and planner: these guys have an eye for beautiful design and a head for figures, logistics and calm reassurance. I take my hat off to every single one of these wonderful ladies – and I would recommend them to any couple looking for a little extra help with any aspect of wedding planning.

In no particular order, my top 15 recommended wedding planners and stylists for your 2018 wedding are…


Have you found yourself shocked by the prices quoted for wedding flowers? You won’t be alone – seemingly expensive quotes from florists can come as a big surprise and often mean couples have to change their plans for wedding flowers to come in under budget. I wonder if the wedding magazines are misleading us by featuring shoots full of flowers and giving average cost breakdowns which simply don’t match… what do you think?

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Flowers by Jades Flower Design Photo credit Mark Bothwell

Today I’m sharing a very honest and detailed breakdown and explanation of the price you can expect to pay for your wedding flowers. Bernadette Chapman from Dream Occasions is here to tell you more. Read, digest, comment if you’d like to, even ask us a question. I hope you’ll find this advice feature useful! Over to Bernadette…

Part of my role as a wedding planner is to allocate clients’ budgets to the relevant areas of their wedding, i.e from our initial consultation I will have an idea of how much the flowers, entertainment, stationery should cost. I’m normally pretty accurate with my estimations but then I have been doing this for 10 years!


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Nicky and Natalie’s wedding has everything a wedding blogger could wish for and more: romantic hugs, gorgeous design (Vivienne Westwood anyone?), and fabulous details which combine rustic with modern elements. The wedding venue and decor, by the way, is sublime! Dream Occasions‘ Bernadette Chapman worked her magic there, and helped with the wedding story for this blog post as well!

There are beautiful pictures – courtesy of the lovely wedding photographer Mark Bothwell – and plenty of ideas for other couples to include in rustic but elegant weddings. But most of all, this is one of those weddings which has that fantastic sense of freedom: a humanist ceremony, some glorious moments with friends and family, and a couple who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Nicky and Natalie are beautiful and inspiring. I hope you love today’s wedding blog as much as I do.

Claire xx

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