I don’t know if Instagram and Pinterest have made us love flowers more, or if flowers led us to fall in love with Instagram and Pinterest in the first place… but I’m sure you’ll be Pinning today’s loveliness like crazy. I love the idea of hanging flowers in little vases up the walls of your wedding venue… and this super pretty wedding DIY project from Pumpkin & Pye‘s lovely Natasha shows you how!

hanging flower display tutorial by Pumpkin & Pye (6)

Don’t they look beautiful? Design & styling: Pumpkin & Pye | Image credit: Evolve Photography

Hanging vase backdrop 

You will need – flower stems, foliage stems, twine, scissors, wooden pole or nails to hang vases from (if your chosen wall doesn’t have beams to use)

hanging flower display tutorial by Pumpkin & Pye (1)

Step 1

Select your flower heads, foliage stems and vases (bottles, milk bottles and jam jars are perfect as the lip on these holds the twine in place once tied)

Step 2

Cut your flower/foliage stems to the desired length for each vase

hanging flower display tutorial by Pumpkin & Pye (5)

Step 3


I swear I almost felt a tickle of hayfever this morning… but it feels far too early! Is it just me?! Every day I think summer is almost here and I can’t wait for the wedding season to really kick in – my mind is rushing happily into July already! Time then, for something amazing, beautiful and allergy-free to feast your crafty eyes upon today: a stunning DIY bridal bouquet for 2016 with step by step instructions from the lovely Natasha at Pumpkin & Pye.

rose quartz and serenity bouquet (15)

Bouquet by Pumpkin & Pye | Image credit Evolve Photography in Devon

Make your own rose quartz & serenity themed silk bridal bouquet – step by step

You will need:

artificial flowers and foliages of your choice, wire cutters, cotton ribbon, floral twine, scissors

rose quartz and serenity bouquet (1)
rose quartz and serenity bouquet (2)

Step 1:

Select the silk flowers and greenery you’d like to use. Use wire cutters to trim off all the excess leaves, leaving only leaves close to the flower head.

rose quartz and serenity bouquet (3)
rose quartz and serenity bouquet (4)

Step 2:


I long to create the floral arrangements I see on Instagram… gorgeous vases with cascading flowers are to die for. They’re wonderful for wedding tables – and even in my little calligraphy studio I could (and will!) find a spot for something amazing like this.

Flowers by Pumpkin and Pye | Image credit Evolve Photography Devon

Floral designer Natasha from Pumpkin and Pye made my year when she got in touch with a series of easy DIY projects using beautiful quality artificial flowers – and I’m thrilled to be sharing her ‘how to’ wedding flower tutorials from now all the way through until May. Today Natasha shows us how to make a fabulous whimsical table centre with a stunning vase centrepiece.

Whimsical table centre 

you will need: floral foam, artificial flowers and foliage, feathers, footed bowl, scissors, floral tape and wire cutters. Natasha recommends Afloral.com who supplied the vases and flowers for this tutorial.

Step 1: cut the floral foam to fit your container


Hello beautiful 🙂 If you’ve been following June’s little series of wedding craft projects I have another treat for you today. These gorgeous little boxes with just a dash of DIY will look fabulous on wedding tables: use them as favours if you’re super crafty or have lots of help, or make them up to give little gifts to your best girls on the day… the choice is yours!

Gold leaf gift boxes for your English wedding

What you need:

  • Plain gift boxes
  • Paint
  • Gold leaf sheets
  • Gilding paste
  • Brushes
  • Washi tape
  • Sprigs of flowers

How it’s done:

1. You can either leave the boxes plain or paint them in a colour of your choosing. Paint the lid and leave to dry.

2. Apply gilding paste in a diagonal on one half of the top of your lids. Leave this to dry for 15 minutes.


Who’s feeling crafty? I so wish I had more time to play with things like this… I love making bits and pieces and today’s feature is right up my street! The lovely girls at AO Life have kindly shared a series of tutorials with us and I hope you’re going to love them. Today’s is one of my favourites – we’re making swirly copper and pretty floral napkin rings perfect for a summer wedding.

Make your own floral napkin rings with AO Life's fab DIY project on the English Wedding Blog (1)

I LOVE how the textures work together: the grey fabric is soft and rustic-looking; the wire is oh-so-on-trend for summer weddings and the flowers… they’re divine, BUT the beauty is you can use any flower you please.

This is an easy project and will look amazing on your wedding tables. The secret is to get the right materials: choose your napkins and flowers carefully, and remember the more you make the better they’ll look!
Make your own floral napkin rings with AO Life's fab DIY project on the English Wedding Blog (2)

What you’ll need…

Copper wire (0.8mm), available from hardware stores
Silk flowers
Rolling pin (about 4cm diameter)
Pair of jewellery pliers