I LOVE this wedding – Amy and Dan had the best homemade table plan I’ve ever seen! I adore the idea of a spot of wild swimming (crazy!) and all the flowers, personal touches with stationery… and Amy’s dress is just wonderful. This is beautiful, country charm at its very best and I hope you fall in love with their day as much as I have!

Fabulous crafting marquee wedding with Emma Stoner Photography (32)

The ideas here will inspire creative brides and grooms – and the beautiful images will make your eyes ever so happy. Amy is a breathtaking bride, Dan her perfect match. Their day is one which speaks to my heart with personal touches, individuality and romance.


If I could take a polaroid of every bouquet we feature on the English Wedding Blog, and paper my little office & studio space with all of them it would just be soooo beautiful. Sometimes a gorgeous wedding inspires you to dream crazy things… but that’s ok, and I know we’re going to inspire you with some lovely ideas today. The flowers are only the beginning of this stunning day…

Real wedding at Coombe Trenchard Devon with Freckle Photography (3)

Images are by lovely Emma at Freckle Photography in Devon. Discover more from Emma here:


Real wedding at Coombe Trenchard Devon with Freckle Photography (20)