I’ve been waiting for so long to share this wedding inspiration blog with you! It’s rare that I get a sneak peek of what’s behind the scenes at a shoot myself… but this time I had insider info (which I’m about to share) on one of the most inspiring and creative projects you’ll see all year!

Owlpen wedding photography  (3)

Think Once Upon A Time, only better. Think of fairytales with real danger and drama – there’s no Disney princess here, but a stunning bride and a glamorous temptress. Think of your woodland wedding theme, a quintessentially English wedding day with china and delicate floral crowns and decor, exquisite stationery and dresses to die for.

Owlpen wedding photography  (2)

Owlpen wedding photography  (34)

My huge thanks and hugs to the very wonderful Fiona Campbell Photography and Kat Forsyth Photography who worked together to create this shoot at Owlpen Manor wedding venue. Co-stars include Calligraphy for Weddings (me!), Mrs Terrence (vintage porcelain), Ivy Pip and Rose (flowers), Peggy Porschen (cake), and Wedding Floral Archway Hire. Dresses are from The State of Grace, Miss Bush Bridal Wear, and Faith Caton Barber. The shoot was styled by Lady Amy Wedding Design and make up is by Nina Singh.


I’d love to begin today’s wedding blog with a quote from beautiful bride Izabel. She told me, “The day was beautiful and everything that we wanted it to be. It was a reflection of us to the letter.

very personal wedding blog UK Tony Gameiro (1)

My years as a top UK wedding blogger have shown me over and over and over again that the very best thing a wedding can have is personality. And Izabel and Shane wove their own journey as a couple into their wedding in beautiful and touching ways: “Glass bottle coke and humous, our go to nibbles and drinks in the early days of our getting together. Coffee and ice cream, the two things we walked across London for as we started dating. East London and the Regent’s Canal, our home and the place we began. We really wanted the day to show my Filipino and Dutch heritage as well as Shane’s Irish and Welsh background. Everyone thought we chose our wedding colours, green, orange, grey because of the Irish and Dutch, but that only occurred to us later in the planning process. All aspects of the day just had meaning to us and our story and our family and guest really got the day and our story.”


Kensington Roof Gardens wedding blog (1)

Sometimes a blog post can be full to the brim with exciting things. Today, clearly by the title, there’s a lot to cover – and I love this wedding to bits. Wendy Bell is a designer so her wedding was bound to be creative; but every little thing from her glamorous dress to the venue and table decorations is really stunning – and right up my street.

Wendy is stunning (and James is a looker too!) – and I’m sure some of you English Wedding readers will feel inspired by their style… if you’re into looking gorgeous without being princessy, then this is the wedding blog for you.

So I’ve got a two parter for you this week again! First, Wendy and James’s wedding at Kensington Roof Gardens (how many of you guessed that was where the flamingoes came in?!) – with photography by Green Olive. Tomorrow I’ll share some of Wendy’s wedding invitation designs – and I promise, you’ll be impressed!

Kensington Roof Gardens wedding blog (44)

From the very beginning…


Wedding blog from Kent by reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey (32)

Today’s wedding blog is for all you brides and grooms planning a relaxed, informal and fun day: a wedding without stuffy rules, constraints and conventions. Tanya and Andy had a fabulous creative wedding at Brick House Farm in Kent, and reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey was first to tell me about their day.

Wedding blog from Kent by reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey (31)

I instantly loved the few images he shared with me. I knew I had to email Tanya right away and she was kind enough to share her amazing wedding story for the blog. It’s a wonderful tale – here is a bride with imagination and a wonderful confidence to create a really personal wedding day.

Wedding blog from Kent by reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey (30)

I could write for hours – but Tanya’s words are compelling so I will leave the story of this wedding to the bride herself. Suffice it for me to say she is a very beautiful bride: with her very own style, looking striking and fabulous in a wedding dress I LOVE – and enjoying every second.


I blogged a very creative photoshoot earlier in the week – a little adventure I loved being a part of! It wasn’t a bridal shoot, in fact it was like nothing I’ve ever blogged before. But the process of doing something different was just brilliant.

But why would I post something so bizarre on a wedding blog? (I hear you ask!)

I think we’re all here looking for inspiration in one way or another. Brides, grooms, wedding businesses – creativity is important. Finding something new shouldn’t always be about the latest tiara design. Sometimes it’s about taking inspiration from something unexpected. That was the message I wanted to share.

Whether it worked for you or not (and please, do tell me if you’re getting married in a red cape now), I have some more ideas to share on creativity – for brides, grooms and wedding suppliers.

Inspire your wedding

  • could you learn a new creative skill in the run up to your wedding day? Anything from calligraphy to card making, jewellery design or dancing can be a great confidence booster, a lovely way to relax and useful for your wedding planning (or first dance) too!

I can’t stand the phrase “budget wedding” – it makes my toes curl and my teeth itch. Brides and grooms: if you’re planning a wedding for less than £5,000 we need to think of a new word to get across your creativity and independence!

“Budget wedding” is a dreary phrase, a wedding industry standard that everyone uses to describe less expensive weddings.

Hip and Funky Wedding Photographer LondonIt sounds awful though doesn’t it… we need a more upbeat phrase for everyone out there who is thinking creatively and spending less on their wedding day. Something that doesn’t sound faintly disappointing, but inspiring and clever!

What’s wrong with “budget weddings”?

It’s become an industry phrase with too many negative connotations and I hate it!

Spending £5,000? Oooh, you’re having a “budget wedding” then.

Making your own bunting? Ah, you’re a “budget bride”…. well done.

Ick, ick and more ick. You’re creative, intelligent and not caving to industry pressure. You’re a “bright bride”, planning your own wedding – I refuse to use the phrase “budget wedding” any more.


awardsReaction to the Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards last week was mixed, and really got me thinking. While I don’t want to criticise the organisers and I accept the results reflected popular opinion, I felt more than a little deflated after seeing the winners’ list on Friday evening. Why? It took me a few days to think about that one.

I’m a creative type. I wear rose-tinted specs. They go with my image.

I like to think the wedding industry is a creative place – and from where I’m sitting, it is! Lots of little businesses, talented craftsmen and women, devoted to the magic they make in their studios, boutiques and workshops. But what came out of the Wedding Ideas Magazine awards last week – with the exception of a few creative winners – was that people still can’t see us. Or more aptly, the majority of brides- and grooms-to-be still can’t see us. Because the guys with the money for marketing: Moss Bross, John Lewis and Confetti – are the brands most brides still know best.

I LOVE this photograph - Lucy looks regal and out-of-this-world beautiful

I LOVE this photograph - Lucy looks regal and out-of-this-world beautiful

Sometimes everything in life comes together and a lightbulb flickers on, don’t you think? It’s happened for me – gradually – over the past month or so. I won’t bore you with details (well, I might, but in a later post) – suffice it to say that Creativity is my newest raison d’être.

I love how weddings provide everyone with an opportunity to be creative, and that those who do have their own very individual ways of realising their creativity. Lucy and James’s wedding is a beautiful, quite normal English wedding with a little twist of creativity which makes it ever so special.

There are two things I love about this wedding, and I hope you will too. The creative touches which sang out to me (you’ll get that in a minute) are Lucy’s beautiful fluffy white shrug – an accessory with a dash of originality which makes her look ice-queen-esque – and her performance.