No? Good. Because you’re about to read an article which flies in the face of everything you’ve ever been told about your wedding colours having to match. They don’t. In fact, the more variation you have in the colours of your wedding styling, the better!

rainbow colour wedding

Holly and Paul’s rainbow of colour wedding style – I love this! Image credit Tracy Morter Photography (click to see the full wedding)

Back when I started out in the wedding business – and that makes me sound reeeally old, but it was less than 10 years ago – everything had to match. If a wedding was purple, it had to be Cadbury. Or royal. Or lavender. You’d never dream of using two slightly different purples – or at least, you’d never see such a travesty in the wedding magazines.

We used to joke on a wedding forum about the best man’s socks matching the bridesmaid’s knickers… and while I’ve never known of a wedding going quite that far, colour matching was a real worry for some brides.