So this is an absolute stunner of a wedding… John and Lucy are sooo gorgeous and their wedding day is full of wonderful makes and beautiful details. I love it to bits and I hope you will too! Lucy’s dress is out of this world, the images are light and fresh and make me want to see more. The minimal styling is really refreshing – the Cambridge venues and emotions of the day really do say it all.

Beautiful Cambridge wedding blog with Benni Carol Photography (8)

Lucy’s mum made her wedding dress… isn’t it fabulous? Other details were homemade as well, from stationery to flower arrangements and even props for the photo booth! “We sourced the flowers ourselves and my mum, sister and niece arranged them. We also used tealights, fairy lights, and created our own photo booth with some props and an instant camera. I really enjoyed designing our wedding stationery, and the photo booth was also a lot of fun – sourcing all the props etc.”

Beautiful Cambridge wedding blog with Benni Carol Photography (18)

Images are by fine art wedding photographers Benni Carol Photography. Do take some time to discover more from their outstanding portfolio here:


Morning everyone! How are you today? Does anyone have sunshine?! (Seriously – I have a car now, I’d consider a road trip anywhere for a little bit of sunny today hee!) I’m even wearing my gloves to type the wedding blog today – it’s that cold. But it’s lovely to have such gorgeous features to share with you that I forget the chill in my fingertips and find myself captivated by weddings instead… like today’s beautiful wedding in Cambridge.

Anstey Hall wedding

Image credit: Lightworks Photography Cambridge

Wedding photographer Andrew Hind – lovely guy, source of some of the best wedding advice you’ll ever read, and friend of the English Wedding Blog – shared Rebecca and Alex’s Anstey Hall wedding with me yesterday. It’s just wonderful – watch out for the photo taken on Cambridge’s famous Bridge of Sighs, for the look of love on Rebecca’s face as Alex helps her from the wedding car, and for giggles, and bubbles, and so much more. The bridesmaids look fabulous in the palest pastel blue; the bouquet is timelessly elegant and these two gorgeous people are just so much in loveRead more


If Google didn’t tell me I had to start with some words of introduction to my wedding blog posts, I’d launch straight into today’s feature with the beautiful images from Victoria and David’s teepee wedding. There’s so much to show you, and you’ll LOVE this!

Cambridge teepee wedding by Lightworks Photography (1)There is always a certain charm and romance to a wedding in a teepee, especially when you include a stunning bride in a couture wedding dress and details as enchanting as those I’m about to share with you. And wait until you see the cutest flower girl in the world behind the wheel of a vintage wedding car… you’ll just melt!

I’m delighted to share this wedding with you today. If there was a wedding of the week award I’d be rushing to present it to everyone involved in today’s post – so congratulations and the biggest thank you to Victoria and David for sharing their story; and a huge thank you also to Cambridge wedding photographer Andrew from Lightworks Photography for the submission. (www.photographyatlightworks.co.uk)

Everyone – enjoy! Claire xxx


I couldn’t fit the word beautiful into the title of this blog post, but it should definitely be there: Linh and Tom’s wedding is absolutely Beautiful with a capital B! There are gorgeous details, light and summery themes and styling, and moments to make your heart melt.

Cambridge wedding by Georgi Mabee (13)

From the illustrated stationery to the lovely little bubbles, through to the adorable little boy in a suit and then the magical first dance, the details of Linh and Tom’s wedding day are caught so beautifully by Peterborough wedding photographer Georgi Mabee.

Linh and Tom have written a great wedding report to share with you, so I’ll leave you to enjoy their story along with Georgi’s lovely pictures. This is fabulous – I hope you love it too.

Cambridge wedding by Georgi Mabee (1)

Linh and Tom’s Cambridge wedding

Cambridge wedding by Georgi Mabee (2)
Cambridge wedding by Georgi Mabee (3)
Cambridge wedding by Georgi Mabee (4)
Cambridge wedding by Georgi Mabee (5)

Who proposed, and how?

Tom proposed at Gidleigh Park, a Tudor style country house hotel in Devon, situated on the banks of the North Teign River, surrounded by Dartmoor National Park. It was supposed to be a “birthday” surprise weekend away.


I use the word ‘awesome’ in honour of today’s beautiful bride. Amanda hails from America – she came back to England with groom Sam to marry in the middle of Cambridge. The wedding has flavours of American tradition – watch out for the wedding cake face-squishing! – and the most wonderful English setting and details. Loving those top hats!

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (7)

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (8)

Awesome also refers to the photography – and in the English use of the word: awe inspiring. I’ve started with a night time shot, so this blog feature is all upside down and backwards… but Chris Hanley‘s photography is breathtaking, is it not?! While I have your full attention, let me introduce Amanda and Sam who’ve written their wedding story to share with you on the blog today. Congratulations to you both, and thank you so much for making English Wedding Blog so incredibly gorgeous today!

Everyone else – enjoy. x

A beautiful Cambridge wedding: Sam & Amanda

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (35)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (34)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (33)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (32)


photography by Geoff Reardon (21)Everyone wants to know who will photograph a wedding photographer’s wedding. I featured Alice and Jamie’s wedding on the blog yesterday, with pictures by lovely Jean-Luc Benazet.

I can’t quite remember how I found out about Jean-Luc’s own wedding to the beautiful Liza, but I was delighted to see they’d chosen Geoff Reardon to be their wedding photographer.
Jean-Luc and Liza have written their wedding report to share with you, and the images of their wedding day are breathtaking – so I’ll leave you in their capable hands to enjoy today’s wedding blog.

photography by Geoff Reardon (26)

Cambridge College wedding blog: Liza and Jean-Luc Benazet

photography by Geoff Reardon (25)

Liza had two beautiful dresses for the distinct parts of the wedding day. In the morning she wore this Monsoon Fusion summer dress with Irregular Choice shoes from Schuh. For the afternoon blessing & reception she wore Victoria Jane by Ronald Joyce (Sable 17014 ivory) bought from Karen Forte in Bassingbourn with shoes from Monsoon, a bracelet and hair accessories from Accessorize and necklace from Ernest Jones.


Time for a wedding, and this one is a real treat which I found thanks to Jenny and Keith McAvoy’s excellent blogging on the English Wedding Showcase. The wisteria wall as a backdrop for the beautiful bride and groom absolutely blew me away.

Cambridge Wedding by McAvoy Photography (12)It turns out that our wonderfully odd English weather caused the wisteria to flower early in Cambridge this year! What a great omen for bride and groom Luisa and Chris. The flowers even made it onto the local news in Cambridge.

Cambridge Wedding by McAvoy Photography (11)

Cambridge Wedding by McAvoy Photography (1) I love the way all the details in the images capture the city of Cambridge – with the studenty bicycles and a lovely mix of quirky and quintessentially English backdrops! McAvoy Photography capture the atmosphere really well.

Cambridge Wedding by McAvoy Photography (2) These are some great shots of Chris before the wedding. I love the crowd scene, and the bikes as a backdrop.

Cambridge Wedding by McAvoy Photography (3)

Cambridge Wedding by McAvoy Photography (4) The vicar – an essential part of the day, but vicars don’t get their fair share of the limelight on wedding photographs as a rule! (Possibly because they have a naughty habit of sending photographers to the back… haha)