I’m so excited – I’ve just launched a shop on Etsy for my calligraphy bits and bobs. I wondered if you’ve ever bought from the site before, or sold there? Any Etsy fans, wedding suppliers or admirers, I’d really love to hear your advice and opinions about the site.

Calligraphy store on Etsy

I am (… is this sad?!) looking forward to reading the Quick Start Guide for sellers later on, but in the meantime any hints and tips you lovely people have to share will be ever so welcome!

I must thank my lovely friend Jo from Vintage Twee whose store has very much inspired mine! I’ve always loved how Jo’s store looks, and I was taking inspiration from her this morning (she has no idea…) so Jo, thank you!!!

If you haven’t discovered Etsy yet, then allow me to share two fabulous weddings with you – both Naomi and Rachel bought goodies from Etsy.com, and their English Weddings were featured on my favourite wedding blog (I’m biased haha)…


Happy Sunday, you lovely person for popping over for a read this morning! If I could share my croissant with you I would… but it’s probably nearly gone now. Only a very quick blog post for today, to quietly mention that English Wedding Blog has a bit of a new look.

I haven’t paid for a new design, but simply tweaked the code behind my site and made some new images in Photoshop. The pics are from my wedding reception calligraphy collection and I thought they’d be a nice, light and bright way to decorate my wedding blog. What do you think?

english wedding blog uk design (2)

wedding calligrapher uk

The original wedding calligraphy collection on my website – click this image to see more

I’ve updated my facebook page header as well, and the new design ties in a little with my plans for 2013 – I hope to bring my various online businesses together in a more cohesive way. You might already know I’m a wedding calligrapher and divide my time between writing calligraphy for weddings full time during the week, and blogging real weddings here on my free evenings and weekends.


Hey everyone, I hope your day is going well. I wanted to share a very quick calligraphy idea with you. I am taking my last few Christmas orders this week, and lots of people are asking for favourite song lyrics – first dances, the songs you fell in love to. Things like this…

calligraphy gift idea

Calligraphy song lyrics – Frank Turner

This piece is on my windowsill at home – I love the lyrics and what they mean to me. If you have a favourite song you’d like to share with your other half via the magic of calligraphy, email me! The price for something like this is around £50 and I’m taking Christmas orders until the evening of the 14th of December (Friday).

Claire xxx



This quick blog post is a little late in coming, I admit – but I’ve only just spotted my little thank you email from Kirstie’s production team and had to share it, even if it’s late! So this is from Kirstie’s Vintage Home

We are delighted to announce that Channel 4’s Kirstie’s Vintage Home is scheduled to be broadcast on Thursday 8th of November at 8pm on Channel 4. Thank you so much for taking part and we hope that you enjoyed being part of the filming experience
Kind Regards,

Kirstie's vintage home

The vintage wedding episode is going to be my favourite! Watch it carefully… I’m not in it, but I’m guessing and hoping from the email that my calligraphy will be on your screens! My huge thanks to Kirstie, to Jamie who helped organise the calligraphy, and to Lorna for the lovely email.

Very excited… Thursday nights are my favourite ones already, but when it comes to the wedding episode I’ll be peeking nervously from behind my sofa to see if my writing will be on!


I don’t like to write too much about me on this wedding blog. But I’m making an exception today… Kirstie Allsopp has written about me, so why shouldn’t I, just for the day?! So this blog post is all about Kirstie and Me. (squeeeal!)

kirstie's book (4)

I’m so excited. Too excited to type. Amazon delivered my copy of Kirstie’s Vintage Home
this morning: her new shiny hardback book which came out this morning. Did you see Kirstie on The One Show last night, by the way? I’m looking forward to seeing her on Graham Norton’s ‘very posh sofa’ soon!

kirstie's book (2)Part of Kirstie’s Vintage Home is the vintage wedding of Amy and Craig, for which Kirstie created, crafted and styled so many fantastic details. The page shown above has a pic of Amy’s place for the wedding reception. Gorgeous, isn’t it? But my favourite bit is the close ups of that lovely napkin…


A quick post simply to share my smile with you this morning.

I just had a call from a local free Wedding Magazine. The girl who called sounded a little bored, but read her script nicely, explained that the magazine was looking for people who do wedding stationery to advertise in the magazine and they’d “come to me first”… hee, really?

I explained that I don’t do wedding stationery, I only provide a calligraphy service.

Cue a little pause and more interest from the telesales girl: “Ooh, is that where you do the dancing, like the first dance and stuff?”

I’m afraid I said yes. But not to the advertising.




English-wedding.com is being created to inspire you to plan the perfect wedding.

I’m Claire, from Wedding-Calligrapher.com and I have been imagining English-wedding.com for months in the back of my mind. At last my ideas are on paper, and today the new blog / website is here!

In the weeks to come you’ll see pictures of English weddings, venues, decorations, features, themes… watch this space. It’s going to be wonderful.

Claire x