Hello again everyone! It’s turning out to be quite a summer and I wanted to show you what I’ve been up to when I’m not writing the English Wedding Blog! I’ve been lucky enough to work with some brilliant brides and grooms worldwide on calligraphied invitations and reception stationery – not to mention the inspiration shoots I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

So here’s a few pics of my life behind the scenes as a calligrapher – forgive the cats, they do like to help! Enjoy. And if you’d like to see more, you can find my little shop on Etsy here: www.Etsy.com/shop/CalligraphyStore


Do you love papery bits and pieces? Are you searching for something really special for your wedding day, a creative statement or something really on trend and exciting your guests will remember? Perhaps I can help!
paper rose place name

As many of you will know I’m a calligrapher as well as a wedding blogger, and combining the two makes me ridiculously happy! I love coming up with new projects and ideas for wedding calligraphy, and constantly update my Etsy shop with new calligraphy bits and bobs for weddings. 2014 will be the year of the calligraphy menu and I’ll be sharing some new menu designs on my calligraphy website very soon – but in the meantime I’d like to offer all you lovely English Wedding Blog readers a 10% saving on calligraphy for your 2014 weddings.

wedding calligraphy

Image credit Fiona Campbell London and Kat Forsyth Photography


I truly believe that part of a wedding supplier’s job is to inspire, to create and to invent. While it’s easy to stick with popular products, couples still like to see innovative designs, unique ideas and creative touches to eke an “ooh” out of wedding guests.

calligraphy inspiration shoot

Image credit Fiona Campbell London and Kat Forsyth Photography. Click the image to see the full shoot

I want to push myself, create new things and help other wedding suppliers do the same, so we can share them with you lovely brides and grooms. I also want to find the most creative wedding inventors out there – whether they’re pro suppliers, start up businesses or even crafty brides and grooms – who would like to share their own ideas and products with engaged couples.

In 2013 I had a great time being involved in creative shoots, with my calligraphy featuring first of all in Fiona Campbell and Kat Forsyth’s fantasy fairytale wedding inspiration shoot.

calligraphy wedding menu

Photo credit Karen Flower Photography


Brand new in my Etsy shop today – a lovely way to ask your best girls to be a part of your wedding. Handwritten cards, personalised for each of your girls, with a pretty paper rose and rustic twine – perfect for an English country garden wedding style…

personalised bridesmaid cards (1)

‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ personalised calligraphy cards are £7 each and sold in packs of 2 on Etsy.com

personalised bridesmaid cards (2) personalised bridesmaid cards (3) personalised bridesmaid cards (4) personalised bridesmaid cards (5)

Buy online from my Etsy shop at www.Etsy.com/shop/Calligraphystore or email me hello@Calligraphy-for-Weddings.com



So I poked a little fun at the marketing team for Sharpie markers recently, when they sent out a press release telling me that marker pens were a perfect match for weddings. Maybe it was a little bit mean… they didn’t know I was a wedding calligrapher… and my choice of pen is a little more refined, traditional and elegant.

calligraphy and markers review (1)

My Sharpie marker story continues…

Rebecca Williams got in touch with me straight away after reading my post Bad wedding marketing from Sharpie marker pens – “As the director of the Sharpie PR account, I couldn’t help but notice your blog about our wedding press release. While you’re absolutely entitled to your opinion (and you’re right, Sharpies are not to be used for calligraphy) we’d love to change your mind about them being a fat marker pen.  With this in mind, I’d like to send you our standard Fine Point range, along with some of our Ultra Fine markers, for you to use in your own time.”


Hi everyone! Please tell me I’m not the only one thinking naughty festive thoughts already? I’ve been making plans for little Christmas baskets with calligraphy tags and labels – and in the process, I’ve put a new range of luggage tags in my Etsy shop for you. They’re perfect for wedding favours, being a little smaller than my usual place name cards, and have a creative little calligraphy swirl in two corners.

luggage tags calligrapher (4)

You can use tags in hundreds of ways at your wedding – I love glass bottles and have a habit of hanging my tags around bottles with twine, lace and other bits and pieces. You can also use them with little pegs on a cork board for your table plan, or attach them to sticks and put them in pies.

If you don’t believe me, have a look at the Pinterest board I made for you! Pinterest – ideas with tags and labels

luggage tags calligrapher (5)


I’ve had this little beauty in my inbox for over a month and didn’t know what to do with it. I almost deleted it yesterday, but I’ve just been browsing a wedding photographer’s blog and seen some place names written with big fat marker pens. I can’t resist sharing Sharpie‘s press release with you now. But it comes with opinion!

“Big fat marker pens – every bride’s best friend”

Basically Sharpie want me to tell you that their markers are great for weddings. Write your guest names in big fat felt tips (admittedly in pretty colours) on place names. Perfick! If you can squidge all those fat letters onto your delicate place names…

wedding pens handwriting (7)

Handwritten wedding place name card – definitely not with a Sharpie!!

It ain’t that easy to sell chunky felt tips to a calligrapher

Just saying. If I was in Sharpie’s marketing department I’d be feeling a little sheepish. They even phoned me up to tell me how good their big fat pens were. I explained that I was a wedding calligrapher, and could therefore blog about their pens and share the press release with you, but might not be entirely complimentary. They seemed pleased… ?!!


Free today for every couple getting married in 2013 – calligraphy samples on my manilla tags, as featured in my Coke calligraphy shoot and soon to be seen on Love My Dress blog! I designed these little tags especially for sharing on wedding blogs and on my facebook page, and I’d love to share them with you too!

luggage tags manilla calligraphy (2)

How to get your free calligraphy tags

I’ll be sending out little tags next week, to anyone who asks to see one! All you need to do is email me your names, wedding date and postal address. The samples are free if you’re in the UK and will be written by hand, in beautiful calligraphy, just for you.

luggage tags manilla calligraphy (3)

An exclusive discount for English Wedding Blog readers

Etsy coupon code HAPPYDAYS – enter this code at the checkout


Hats off to Coca-Cola for their ingenious marketing with names on Coke bottles and the oh-so-unsubtle “share a Coke with friends” slogan. Brilliant. Coke bottles are plastered all over Facebook this summer!

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (1)I still haven’t found one which says Claire, and my boyfriend was briefly Edward on one thirsty summer afternoon because we couldn’t find a Steve either. I think he quite enjoyed it. But what about the printed labels? They’re OK I guess… but I had a better idea.


calligraphy bottle labels personalised (2)

Calligraphy’s just so much lovelier than a printed label!

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (3)Accessorise your wedding with these gorgeous little tags in manilla or red with your guests’ names in beautifully handwritten calligraphy. Coke bottles are nice, but with a little imagination you can create something really fantastic by putting everyone’s names on individual bottles!

English wedding blog shoot

Thanks to Betsy Button for the pearl heart! www.betsy-button.co.uk

calligraphy bottle labels personalised (4)

Pimms personalised labels

Like the idea of sharing a Coke with friends but need something a little more classy for your wedding day? Pimm’s with calligraphy labels will do the trick!


May I share two of my favourite things with you? This little film by Flick and Flourish shows how a single word in handwritten calligraphy can be transformed into gorgeous letterpressed cards for a wedding reception.

Calligraphy and Letterpress by Flick and Flourish from Flick & Flourish on Vimeo.

I love it. As a calligrapher it’s refreshing and exciting to see calligraphy so cherished. As a lover of paper and printing and letterpress especially, it’s great to see a printing press in action. Absolutely wonderful stuff.

Thank you to lovely Rob from Flick & Flourish for giving me permission to share his film on the English Wedding Blog. Production by www.visualtraininggroup.com

For more information visit:


… or not. This made me smile so much! I would love, one day, to be featured on the very wonderful Love My Dress wedding blog. And I so very nearly was… in fact I saw one of my paper rose wedding place names in one of Annabel’s photos from the Etsy UK wedding event right there on Love My Dress earlier this month. Let’s start with my own photo to show you a clear view of the item in question… this was taken in my calligraphy studio:

Paper rose wedding place name

This is my best selling wedding calligraphy item – the paper rose place name card in pink

In April I was invited by the Etsy UK Weddings team to send in these cards for their big launch event in Mayfair. I made up a pack of 10 sample cards and wrote the names of some of my favourite wedding bloggers on the cards. (Yes, there was an ‘Annabel’ there!) So I know those cards were on display somewhere at the Etsy Weddings event in London.


Morning everyone! I’ve been crafting some gorgeous little hearts in recent weeks and they’re proving ever so popular on my calligraphy website so I wanted to show you too!

heart wedding place names UK (7)

These cute and quirky heart place names are handwritten in my favourite script, and in white and pastel inks for a contemporary feel. I’ve been experimenting with adding little flowers, rustic twine and ribbons too. There’s a heart in my calligraphy studio for every style and occasion… and I’m offering free samples today!

For a free calligraphy heart sample all you need to do is email hello@Calligraphy-for-Weddings.com with your name, wedding date, style or colours and postal address.

Hearts are usually priced at £2.40 each but your sample will be totally free.

heart wedding place names UK (1)

Cute, quirky, colourful heart place names for weddings

heart wedding place names UK (2)
heart wedding place names UK (3)The hearts come in all kinds of colours from pastels to brights, even darker colours with white, silver or gold ink. I can add ribbon or twine, and paper flowers in a range of shapes and styles. The price is £2.40 per heart so for 80 guests you’ll pay less than £200 in total. They double as wedding favours too – people always love to take anything home that has their names on!
heart wedding place names UK (4)
heart wedding place names UK (5)
heart wedding place names UK (6)
heart wedding place names UK (8)
heart wedding place names UK (9)
heart wedding place names UK (10)