I’m a writer. I write for the English Wedding Blog, and when I’m not here I’m sat with a dip pen and a pot of ink, in a flurry of paper chaos, writing modern calligraphy. I love to create something beautiful, unique and enchanting. I also love to see people learn to write modern calligraphy – the joy of learning is so special to see.

Over the past few years I’ve taught dozens of brides-to-be, craft lovers, designers and wedding pros to write in beautiful modern calligraphy. I teach my workshops in Manchester, and I’m often asked if I hold workshops in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and more…

Sometime before Christmas, I’ll start teaching modern calligraphy worldwide

I’m launching an online calligraphy workshop: a set of video tutorials and accompanying worksheets which give you all the information you’ll need to learn modern lettering in the comfort of your own home.

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Good morning lovely blog readers, how are you today? I hope you’re really well and having a great time planning your weddings. Are you collecting and making things for your big day? Because I might be able to help with that…

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You’ll have heard me wittering on about calligraphy before: hand lettering is my passion and there’s nothing better than writing a beautiful-looking name or quote in calligraphy. My daily life involves a lot of meticulous and creative writing, and I’m so lucky to do what I do for a living! I’d love for everyone to try calligraphy… especially YOU!

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The quirky calligraphy starter kit

I made up this starter kit for quirky calligraphy because I know so many brides and grooms who don’t like their handwriting, but adore contemporary calligraphy. If you look for a beginner’s calligraphy kit on Amazon or other generic store you’ll find kits with chunky nibs, horribly old fashioned examples and boring instructions. I wanted to make something for the lovely people I get to know through the English Wedding Blog, something more modern and creative to help you enjoy your first experiments in calligraphy – and here it is!