Settling down with a clear desk, a glass of wine and a proper, old-school calligraphy pen and pot of ink is what makes me happiest of all. Seeing the pen bend and flow with the writing on the page, watching simple words turn into something beautiful

Styling Louise Beukes calligraphy by Claire Gould (3)
I’d love to invite you to try your hand at modern calligraphy with me. My workshops last year were amazing – I met some wonderful brides-to-be and wedding creatives, and I am very much looking forward to the modern calligraphy workshops we have planned for 2017. Would you like to come along?

You can book online at www.byMoonandTide.com – choose the workshop date which suits you best, and bring a friend, or your mum or other half… the more the merrier! My workshops do sell out quickly, so don’t leave it too late!

Styling Louise Beukes calligraphy by Claire Gould (1)

Click here to book!

Modern calligraphy workshop dates for 2017 are:

Friday 28th April
Friday 23rd June
Friday 25th August
Friday 6th October
Friday 24th November


As we nestle further into our chunkiest knits and wrap our hands around mugs of steaming hot chocolate here at English Wedding Blog HQ I have just a couple of inspirational features to share with you before Christmas. It’s been an amazing year; I’m still full of the joys of the festive season and that’s very much thanks to the guys at Aspire Photography Training. Our last shoot of 2016 was full of winter wonderfulness and I simply had to share some of these ideas with you before we break up!

ideas for a wonderful winter wedding theme with Jenny Heyworth at Aspire (34)

Catherine (White Feather & Co.) – stylist, business mentor and the most inspirational person I know – chose pine branches and eucalyptus stems alongside brass candlesticks and copper cutlery to create a winter tablescape; warmer tones contrasting with the foliage beautifully. Bouquets were styled by the fabulous Katie at Made in Flowers.

ideas for a wonderful winter wedding theme with Jenny Heyworth at Aspire (1)

You simply can’t have a winter wedding without an amazing photographer, and Jenny Heyworth is up there with the best I know. She has the most romantic, atmospheric style to her images and trains photographers as part of her work at Aspire. You can discover more from Jenny here:


Hello beautiful! I hope you’re having the most wonderful week. I’ve been super busy with my calligraphy pens recently, dreaming up something which many of you have asked me about – and I’m thrilled to say my online calligraphy workshop is finally here!! Wherever you are in the country, you can now learn calligraphy for your wedding from the comfort of your own home 🙂

The workshop is based around 6 video tutorials of calligraphy demonstrations, tips and advice. Each video is around 5-10 minutes long.

Every week you’ll receive a new video, which comes with practice worksheets for you to print. In 3 weeks you’ll learn how to write a pretty modern alphabet – enough to design your own wedding invitations, address envelopes and write place name tags.

By the end of the 6 week workshop you will know how to write a beautiful modern calligraphy script with a traditional dip pen. You’ll be ready to develop your own lettering style, and you’ll be writing and framing your calligraphy quotes to hang on your walls!


I’m a writer. I write for the English Wedding Blog, and when I’m not here I’m sat with a dip pen and a pot of ink, in a flurry of paper chaos, writing modern calligraphy. I love to create something beautiful, unique and enchanting. I also love to see people learn to write modern calligraphy – the joy of learning is so special to see.

Over the past few years I’ve taught dozens of brides-to-be, craft lovers, designers and wedding pros to write in beautiful modern calligraphy. I teach my workshops in Manchester, and I’m often asked if I hold workshops in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and more…

Sometime before Christmas, I’ll start teaching modern calligraphy worldwide

I’m launching an online calligraphy workshop: a set of video tutorials and accompanying worksheets which give you all the information you’ll need to learn modern lettering in the comfort of your own home.

online calligraphy workshop uk (4)


Autumn is an amazing time to be married – the colours of the season are super inspiring and there are so many incredible ways to style your day. Today I’m thrilled to be featuring some gorgeous autumn wedding inspiration from the lovely team at Aspire Photography Training. Their styled shoots are wonderful; I was lucky enough to be there for this shoot (you’ll spot my calligraphy here and there!) and I LOVE it.

Image by Jenny Heyworth for Aspire on the English Wedding Blog (15)
Image by Jenny Heyworth for Aspire on the English Wedding Blog (39)

The colours are bold and striking; contrasting soft blue tones with autumn colours works wonderfully. Vibrant orange cocktails and burnt whisky colours look stunning; combining berries with feathers and textured props is a delight!

Image by Jenny Heyworth for Aspire on the English Wedding Blog (25)

The calligraphy was written in shades of orange; I used a handmade paper with white lettering for the invitation and place names, while quotes and poems are striking in amber shaded inks.

Image by Jenny Heyworth for Aspire on the English Wedding Blog (42)Image by Jenny Heyworth for Aspire on the English Wedding Blog (20)


You know when something is so beautiful it takes your breath away? When you’re captivated by an image which stays in your mind for days, weeks even? I’ve been sharing sneak peeks of today’s ethereal bridal inspiration shoot across all of my social media for weeks… and the haunting aesthetic steals my heart every time I catch a glimpse of the images.

All photos are by Susan Arnold Photography

Every inspiration shoot is based around a theme. Ours was a bride yearning for her love to return to her: a love so strong her belief could never fade, never wane. This timeless aesthetic fits beautiful with the location of the shoot: the crumbling walls of Scadbury’s moated manor.

There’s a haunting beauty to this place. It evokes a certain atmosphere of solitude and timelessness. Our bride waits for her lover to return, cradling his words in a wistful, romantic and endlessly inspiring setting. Emily Bronte would have fallen hard for this enchanting manor…


Hello, beautiful! In a few short weeks I will be heading into my favourite UK city for a little Christmas shopping… and to teach my last modern calligraphy workshop of the year. 2016 has been amazing, I’ve loved every workshop and I’d love you to join me to make this last one of the year the best workshop ever!

Online booking here

We have 15 places for crafty brides-to-be, Mums, best girls and guys to come along and learn the art of beautiful modern lettering. It’s not as hard as you’d think… but at the same time it’s one of those things where everyone needs just a little guidance to get started.

I’ll be teaching you everything about modern calligraphy: how to hold your pen, how to make gorgeous swirls and loops, and how to progress to fun practice sessions with quotes and song lyrics and more.

Would you like to come?

Modern calligraphy workshop 18th November – booking

Restless Souls calligraphy preview images by Susan Arnold Photography (3)Restless Souls calligraphy preview images by Susan Arnold Photography (5)


I can’t believe how quickly September has flown by, can you?! I’m almost thinking about Christmas… and I’m definitely excited about next week’s modern calligraphy workshop!! I’ve been getting all of our lovely kits together for students (pens, ink & nib are all included in the course fee) and can’t wait for another brilliant day teaching lovely lettering!

Calligraphy Class Catharine Noble Photography Web Copies (48)

Book online – pop over to my Etsy shop!

Anyone can learn modern calligraphy – it’s all about practice, having the right kit and a little help at first to get started. But more than that – I like to show people how to really enjoy lettering. That’s what I do when I’m not writing the English Wedding Blog and I would LOVE for you to join me next Friday afternoon (7th of October) at the fabulous Manchester Craft & Design Centre.

Calligraphy Class Catharine Noble Photography Web Copies (43)


Calligraphy workshop discount offer – for a limited time only!

We have a handful of places left and I’d like to offer a 10% discount for anyone who’d like to come along with a friend, mum or partner! Just quote UNICORN when you book your places!


Hello lovely! Today’s a little special because I have an invitation just for you… I’d like to invite you to my modern calligraphy workshop in a few weeks’ time – will you come?

Book online – pop over to my Etsy shop!

I truly believe anyone can learn modern calligraphy – it takes a little time and practice, and the right tools and a little help to get started. And that’s what I do when I’m not writing the English Wedding Blog! I would LOVE for you to join me at my next modern calligraphy workshop at Manchester Craft & Design Centre on the 7th of October.

Places are limited, and booking in advance is essential – we do tend to fill every place.

The workshops are fun, relaxed and enjoyable. Over the course of your 3 hour workshop you will learn everything to get you started with quirky handwritten lettering styles.