I’ll never tire of the pretty sparkle of fairy lights – I’ve had mine up at English Wedding Blog HQ since Christmas and yes, I turn them on all the time! Vicky and Gavin decorated Trevor Barn with bunting and fairy lights for their vintage inspired wedding and when I saw the pictures I fell in love. Life should be this pretty all the time!

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (1)Lovely Jade Osborne Photography sent me her images of their day, from the bridal preparations to the groom’s delight (see the photos!) as he saw the yellow Robin Reliant arrive to take him to the wedding… and then on to the reception.

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (2)

I’ve included more images of the ceremony than usual, simply because there’s such a charming sequence of images as Vicky arrives and Gavin’s nerves – and tears – being to show! I love the moment where he sees his beautiful bride and smiles: it’s always wonderful and to me this moment says, “so long as you’re by my side everything will be ok”.

bunting fairy lights wedding blog (3)


Today’s beautiful bride Sophie has given me some of the best quotes to use on the blog – and this is an all time favourite. The best thing about being married?The feeling of completeness, being absolute in the knowledge that you love one another unconditionally and that you are fully committed towards each other regardless of what life may throw at you.

English country vintage wedding by Paul J Andrews Photography (1)

Wonderful words and a heart-warming perspective – today’s wedding just happens to be deliciously pretty as well as meltingly romantic. I know you’ll love it as much as I do. This is a fabulous English country vintage wedding with oodles of inspiration and DIY ideas. Shilstone House even tried to buy Sophie’s handmade bunting after the big day… but the happy couple are keeping it for other family occasions (and what a lovely memory to have!) – that’s how lovely they made their day look!

English country vintage wedding by Paul J Andrews Photography (2)