Every now and then I see a wedding which sort of freaks me out. It’s usually on a US blog, highly styled and coordinated with every detail imaginable. The freaky bit? Seven girls with matching hair, shoes, flowers and dresses. I prefer something more interesting…

mismatched bridesmaids

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Matching bridesmaids freak me out

Perhaps it’s a control thing. Perhaps it’s because matching dresses sort of look like wedding uniforms. Perhaps I just love colour and creativity and the fact that everyone is designed to be different.

Traditional bridesmaid dress retailers – think Dessy and House of Fraser – realise that girls come in all shapes and sizes and sell dresses in the same fabric and colour but different styles. That’s not so bad – at least it gives girls a little more freedom to choose.


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Ever wondered how you’d cope without your bridesmaids? In these crafty times the responsibilities of the average bridesmaid have changed: many of you will be spending weekends and evenings with your best girls covered in glue and lace, helping you make all kinds of decorative touches for your big day. Second only to your partner and your parents, bridesmaids are there for you all the way and I think we should celebrate them more!


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Your bridesmaid is worth her weight in gold. She’ll come to bridal shops, join in your Pinterest obsession, help you find suppliers, trudge around wedding fairs and keep you sane when all the planning gets overwhelming.

bridesmaids getting ready

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bridesmaids in church

Image credit Tony Gameiro | www.tony.gameiro.co.uk

You’ll always remember the laughs you and your best girls have in the run up to your wedding – from trips to Hobbycraft right up to your hen night. Your chief bridesmaid has the best job of all: planning a hen night to bring all your best girl friends together for anything from glamping to go-karting. So I think bridesmaids deserve the biggest thank you of all!


Brand new in my Etsy shop today – a lovely way to ask your best girls to be a part of your wedding. Handwritten cards, personalised for each of your girls, with a pretty paper rose and rustic twine – perfect for an English country garden wedding style…

personalised bridesmaid cards (1)

‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ personalised calligraphy cards are £7 each and sold in packs of 2 on Etsy.com

personalised bridesmaid cards (2) personalised bridesmaid cards (3) personalised bridesmaid cards (4) personalised bridesmaid cards (5)

Buy online from my Etsy shop at www.Etsy.com/shop/Calligraphystore or email me hello@Calligraphy-for-Weddings.com



Are you having grown up bridesmaids for your wedding – but no little ones? It seems more and more of us are having grown up maids instead of asking our younger sisters, nieces and little cousins. Could this be a bit of an emerging trend for UK weddings, and if so, why?

bridesmaid bouquet ideas photo Jay Armstrong (1)

Has somebody written an article somewhere that says “Steer clear of small maids”?!

Jo from Driftwood and Daisies Flower Company emailed me a little while ago and mentioned that only two of her brides had chosen small bridesmaids and/or flower girls, the others are all having three or four adult maids instead.

bridesmaid bouquet ideas photo Jay Armstrong (2)

“It is a real shame if this is happening up and down the country as I do feel the pretty flower girls and maids do add a sense of innocence to the day and if captured well provide some fabulous images for the wedding album that adult bridesmaids could never achieve.”


These beautifully designed bridesmaids dresses almost floated into my inbox today… I have shared them as quickly as I possibly could! They’re from Tephi, a small, luxury bespoke design studio founded by Francesca Grievson & based in London.

bridesmaid dresses uk tephi (2)
bridesmaid dresses uk tephi (3)

Tephi is becoming increasingly popular as a choice for both wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses, and offers clients the chance to either choose pieces straight off the rail, or alternatively to either amend and alter existing designs in the collection, or design something totally unique.

bridesmaid dresses uk tephi (1)

Alternative bridesmaid dresses from Tephi

All Tephi dresses are unapologetically feminine and elegant, with a luxe, contemporary feel. Only the highest quality fabrics are used, and dresses are handmade and handfinished in a London studio.

bridesmaid dresses uk tephi (4)
bridesmaid dresses uk tephi (5)
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bridesmaid dresses uk tephi (7)
bridesmaid dresses uk tephi (8)

Wedding dresses from Tephi, London

Tephi offers a bespoke bridal dress design service, which allows brides to be to quite literally create the wedding dress of their dreams. The design possibilities are endless, and numerous fitting appointments are scheduled to ensure that the end result fits like a glove.

wedding blog

Wedding photography credit: www.petebarnesphotography.co.uk (click photo for wedding)

This is a guest post from a groom-to-be – Alex shares his personal advice about choosing your wedding party – and the pitfalls to avoid!

For most people, their wedding is one of the (if not the) most important day of their lives, and in most instances, even if you try to keep it a small affair there will be a number of different people involved, with their own roles to play and their own opinions to contribute (often regardless of whether you want them to).

Part of the job of organizing a wedding is selecting the wedding party – bridesmaids, best man, page boys etc… But anyone who has done it will well know that family politics at weddings can be a nightmare.

Bridesmaids watching wedding

Wedding photo credit: www.yvettecraigphotography.co.uk (click photo to see the wedding)

Budget / Attendants

Before we get started with choosing the wedding party, it is worth considering what the budget is and how big the wedding will be. Having 7 bridesmaids might be fine if you have 150 guests, but if your wedding is going to be a small affair you should probably limit yourself more.