Will you wear a flower crown? Or are you looking for more subtle floral accessories to suit a subtle colour palette? Girls – if soft white and ivory shades tinged with gold are your style then I have something super pretty to show you today!

Words & images: Yelena Smirnova

Add a heavenly finishing touch to your wedding dress with Yelena Smirnova`s exclusive floral headpieces from her new Gilded collection. The collection was inspired by the natural beauty of summer flowers with reference to the opulence and glamour of the Belle Époque era.

Delicate roses and daisies and beautifully stylized pearl lilies of the valley combining with intricate beadwork lace motifs evoke an unforgettable romantic spirit while gold plating detail accents create a luxurious feel with a splash of elegance. For brides who are looking to tailor their accessories to their gown, most headpieces can be recreated in specific colours and silver accents.

All headpieces are by Yelena Smirnova
Photography: Natalia Ilina
Hair: Kasia Fortuna
Make up: Birute Thomas