Last year I exhibited at my first wedding show in a long while, and watched as one exceptionally happy bride saw, tried, and then bought her wedding dress within half an hour of arriving. She was as surprised as anyone to have found ‘the one’ at the wedding show, but she was so happy and I always remember seeing her on that day! But would you buy your wedding dress at a wedding show? Often they’re more useful for seeing wedding dresses in action – seeing a dress in a photograph or on a hanger doesn’t come close to seeing how it will move as you walk, or how the fabric falls and flatters your shape.

The Catwalk at Brides The Show

There will be two distinct catwalk shows running alternately over the course of the weekend of Brides The Show on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd March.


Brides the Show catwalks London 2014 (2)

Dresses With Drama


If, like me, you live in a rural area or outside of the major cities, you might find it difficult to make it to the big wedding fairs and catwalk shows. Local wedding fairs are a world apart from the big shows in London and the bridal catwalks around the country can be very different from each other, often depending on the organisers of the wedding fair. Today we have a front row seat from one of London’s busiest wedding shows at Bluewater – all images are by London wedding photographer Louise Bjorling.

Bluewater wedding show Louise Bjorling (4)

Beautiful jewel necklines, lace, dreamy textures, soft layering and vintage inspired details can all be found in this year’s bridal fashion – next to styles that have a more fitted, ladylike Grace Kelly / Jackie Kennedy reminiscence to them. All kinds of hues are right for this season – rich and vibrant colours as well as more subdued shades.

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Bluewater wedding show Louise Bjorling (8)
Bluewater wedding show Louise Bjorling (9)
Bluewater wedding show Louise Bjorling (10)


How I’d love to get inside the mind of UK bridal designer David Fielden – his latest bridal catwalk to launch the 2013 sposa collection was as edgy as ever – controversial as well. But David’s bridal designs and collections make a bold statement which isn’t something we see too much of in the wedding industry. He makes me think.
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David says, “My collection started with a visit to a theatre to see Shakespeare’s Richard the III. I was struck by the beauty and simplicity of the clothes of the mediaeval period: they suddenly seem relevant; the stripping back and bold detail set my mind flying with ideas using my background in theatre, design and choreography. Music also plays a great emotional part in my fashion shows.

“I became fascinated by the heroism of Joan of Arc and the visual imagery from a 1920 silent film about her. She became my muse and follows on a trend of mine setting my bride in a world of conflict from a visual and design point of view.

Victoria Kyriakides wedding dress ideas (1)

Wedding dresses by Victoria Kyriakides

Good morning everyone! I hope you’ve had a beautiful, wonderful and romantic weekend. Today I have some wedding dress ideas for you – these stunning dresses arrived via email over the weekend and I am smitten! As many of you know (if you follow English Wedding Blog on facebook) I’m now based in the beautiful English Lake District. Which is a wonderful thing – or it will be when I get my broadband! – but it’s too far for me to travel to the big bridal shows and events in That London. I missed the White Gallery show which others adored – but I’m very pleased that this little bit of it is now gracing my wedding blog. I’ll hand over to Victoria Kyriakides to tell you more about her collection!

Victoria Kyriakides wedding dress ideas (3)

Wedding dresses by Victoria Kyriakides

Wedding dress collection for 2013: Victoria Kyriakides

Victoria Kyriakides is expanding her labels’ international horizons starting from the London market. The designer was chosen to participate in London’s most high end bridal catwalk show, White Gallery this May 2012(20-22nd), showcasing her Grecian chic 2013 collection.


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David Fielden is a leading UK bridalwear designer, an inspiration to many, a creative force at the cutting edge of bridal fashion.

David’s catwalk shows never fail to create a buzz in the wedding industry, and his 2012 catwalk with its theme of urban decay – with the delicate subtext of love overcoming hardship – was no exception.

David Fielden: The Elite: an interview

I asked David to share a little insight into his collection, his inspiration and his designs.

David, your bridal catwalks always cause a stir: this year’s Urban Destruction theme was especially thought-provoking. Is there a philosophy behind the styling of your events?

“We live in an intransient time, with world affairs effecting our everyday decisions. So I wanted to capture that feeling and show that love will always win out.”

Your gowns have a very unique style. How is a David Fielden gown born… do you schedule time to sketch ideas, or does inspiration come when you least expect it to?