Dave and Lucy’s wedding was an intimate and charming day, the loveliest of English weddings with a New York theme! They married exactly a year to the day since Dave proposed in the big apple. How romantic... I love their story as much as I love the beautiful images of their day, by Bristol wedding photographer Becky Male.

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You don’t always have to pay loads of money, shop around and ask friends and family for advice, esp friends who have recently got married. If you know friends that can help you then ask them.

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Lucy told me her dress was perfect – although finding it wasn’t as simple as she thought it would be: “I went to the bridal boutiques trying on all the wrong dresses because I thought I knew what I was looking for it was only towards the end of the session that I found my dress because my maid of honor could see how frustrated I was that I hadn’t found one yet and she grabbed a bunch that she liked (previously I would only try on ones that I liked the look of) and it was the first one she chose that I tried on and loved. As soon as I looked in the mirror my words were ‘I didn’t think I could look this nice’


My boyfriend called me Bookworm once just after we’d met… and I secretly love the nickname! Nothing beats the smell of a book, the design of a cover, the nostalgia of old literary treasures or the excitement of new editions. So when two weddings with Penguin books influencing their styling come along all at once, I’m over the moon!

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Today I’m sharing Lucy and Dimitri’s wedding with you all. They married at the Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel in Bath and were keen to have a fun and relaxed wedding day. The conventional white wedding dress was nowhere to be seen with Lucy looking absolutely amazing in a stunning blue 1950s style cocktail dress. Dimitri makes a gorgeous groom in Hugo Boss – and together with friends and family today’s couple created a lovely celebration I’m proud to share with you today!

Congratulations to Lucy and Dimitri, and thank you for sharing your wedding report with me and my readers. You’re fantastic! Thank you to Becky Male Photography for submitting all the lovely images – I hope you love the feature and get tons of ideas from all the pics! Enjoy! Claire x
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