Life is never dull at the English Wedding Blog HQ, and today is certainly one of the brightest… I have something very, very different to share with you this morning.

Earlier this month I shared a timeless bridal style shoot by Team Glam. They’re a group of eight bridal hair and make up specialists whose vision is to inspire brides to discover amazing, reputable suppliers – and they like to have fun in the process!

Team Glam magazine style bridal make up and hair with flower wall (9)

It’s an essential part of any wedding supplier’s work to explore styles which are that little bit different, to push boundaries and innovate. Today’s Team Glam feature is an exceptionally creative magazine-style bridal shoot simply bursting with colour.

Team Glam magazine style bridal make up and hair with flower wall (8)

The inspiration for this shoot came from the use of flower walls. We often work with flowers in our shoots but we wanted something that was very creative to give the wow factor. We wanted to go slightly Avant Garde with this shoot, but not so over the top that real brides couldn’t relate to our work. The colours and styles were chosen to compliment the flower wall and give a fresh summery feel. The main focus on makeup was the use of pinks for eyes, cheek and lips. The focus on the hair was ‘oversized’ larger than life styles.” Carla Brooks


When I share emails on my facebook page it’s usually for a giggle. I’ve never shared an email on English Wedding Blog before – so today is a first. And Zakiya’s email is here to make you smile. Which you will – guaranteed. I wish there were more people like her – what a star!

When Zakiya emailed me last week I replied, “I love your positivity, your approach and your website. I’m delighted by your email and you know what, I feel happier already for reading everything you’ve sent me. I love what you do. I would like to feature your video submission BUT there’s a condition!…  Can I share your email on my blog? I’d like my readers to read about you exactly as I have… Thank you for inspiring me this morning. Keep smiling!

She said yes. This is what was in my inbox to make me grin so happily for a full day last week.

An email from Zookie! Photography

Hey Claire!


I’m going to show you an email, and then I’m going to say just what I think about a) plastic surgery and b) the idiots who think brides are their ideal customers for procedures.

This could get messy…

Here’s the email I found in my inbox this morning:
I can’t fault Bella’s polite approach, but it’s certainly a one-email-fits-all thing, so I don’t feel bad about my response. She’s only asking for a guest post about skincare… all perfectly harmless (I’ve nothing against moisturiser!)  – but the string attached would be a nice backlink to a blog about cosmetic surgery. Kerching?

My reply to the email (sadly it’s one of many)

I have strong feelings about anyone in the business of making money from people’s vulnerabilities… this is me explaining that quite nicely:

It’s a topic I find it difficult to be too nice about – that’s as polite as I wanted to be.

My opinions on surgery:

  1. I have no problem with surgery after an accident. Severe burns and scarring can be traumatic – if an operation or two will help, it’s a good thing.