wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (30)
I love maps. I love photos that stop me in my tracks a bit. I love seeing something just a tad different. I love Alex and James’s wedding at Harlaxton Manor, with its towers and turrets and old English charm. I just love blogging weddings!

wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (26)I shared part one of this beautiful Harlaxton Manor wedding yesterday. I have loads more to share today (best bits till last, an’ all that). More of Alex’s beautiful lace wedding dress, some jaw-dropping pics of Harlaxton Manor (it’s a whopper), croquet, maps (did I mention the maps?), huge smiles, romance and laughter.

Of course, there’s Alex’s wedding report to share with you, and once again the beautiful images are from Beautiful Life Photography (funnily enough).


Alex and James’s Harlaxton Manor wedding blog – part two

wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (35)
Our reception was at Harlaxton Manor, the UK campus for the University of Evansville, USA. The staff at Harlaxton were fabulous and made sure that our day ran very smoothly!


wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (21)When something new drops into my lap like this, it makes my world a more exciting place. Today’s wedding is one which has me (virtually) gazing skyward, admiring the gorgeous English church in glorious detail, and smiling very, very happily in the direction of Alex and James.

This is a two-parter: today I’m sharing the pre-wedding photographs (spot the cat-mat and admire those fabulous stained-glass windows!). Tomorrow we’ll head to Harlaxton Manor for a game of croquet with the bride and groom, shall we? Photography is by Beautiful Life Photography (click for the official website).

wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (20)Alex makes a really beautiful bride, with the most natural and radiant smile. James looks the business in his morning suit – and together they’re the happiest, handsomest couple you could see.

There’s only one photo missing from the first part of this wedding blog: the one described by Beautiful Life wedding photographer Joy Foulds on her blog: “Alex was also getting ready in the village so I was able to photograph her getting into the wedding car (I did have to do a slight jog over the field to make sure I was at the church when she arrived, but nobody saw me so that was ok!!)” now I’d like to have seen that!