Nothing conveys the atmosphere of a wedding day more than a little music, and that’s why I love watching wedding films. This one’s a special treat though, as Cristina and MP’s Aviemore wedding film really matches the music to the rapidly changing spirit of their wedding day!

From the madcap crazy antics of the boys getting ready to the serenity and quiet excitement of the girls’ preparation in the morning, to the wedding vows in church and then the party afterwards, the film by Love Gets Sweeter captures the moments and accompanies them in style.

Charlene from Love Gets Sweeter warned me the music is “a bit marmite” and I was intrigued. Turns out I bloody love marmite! I think you might just love this too… takes a bit of talent to fit a wedding film to a soundtrack like this one but it’s beautifully done!

Cristina and MP’s Wedding Highlights from Love Gets Sweeter on Vimeo.