london wedding photographer (8)Chris and Gemma’s engagement shoot in London has a bit of a theme to it: Gemma’s hand is very often in Chris’s back pocket… why? Well, it’s not just because it feels nice! There was one particular occasion when Gemma discovered a little box in there. An engagement ring box…

london wedding photographer (19)

London wedding photographer Anneli Marinovich tells their story: “I had to laugh when Gemma told me their engagement story – Chris had been standing in the little square near their house, when she walked up to him, put her arms around him and blissfully unaware, stuck her hand in his back pocket…only to find a ring box with her engagement ring inside!

“Chris (after recovering from the shock that his proposal plans had changed slightly) dropped down on one knee there and then and proposed to Gemma who of course said yes!  I really enjoyed our afternoon together, exploring Belsize Mews and getting some shots of Chris & Gemma in the actual spot where they got engaged.”


Have you heard of Fearless Bridal? It’s an intriguing name for a really cool idea – all about wearing your wedding dress again but in a setting and scenario which contrasts with your wedding day.

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Fearless Bridal with London wedding photographer Yolande De Vries

Fearless Bridal means you get to have a great time doing whatever the hell you like in your wedding dress – but definitely not drinking champagne and eating canapes on a perfectly maintained lawn!

London wedding photographer Yolande De Vries describes Fearless Bridal as “one of my secret guilty pleasures… it is the perfect opportunity for a bride to wear her wedding dress again and have a fun and individual photography session in a location and setting that contrasts her wedding day.
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Why choose Fearless Bridal?

The star of this particular Fearless Bridal shoot is wedding photographer Anneli Marinovich, who says “I always knew I wanted to wear my wedding dress again after our wedding day, so when Yolande (dear friend and fabulous photographer) suggested a Fearless Bridal Shoot late last year I instantly knew that it would be very different from the setting we had for our very pretty seaside wedding in Cape Town.


destination wedding South Africa by Anneli Marinovich (3)
England in May… where is our sunshine?!! But fear not my hearties because I can show you pictures of some instead! Whether you’re now scowling or sporting a wry smile I can guarantee this beautiful wedding blog will take your mind off the rain and wind for a minute or five (if you click through to see more!)

Lize and Adriaan’s gorgeous South African wedding

You thought I’d say this wedding would make you feel warm inside, didn’t you?! Well it might… have a peek at Lize and Adriaan’s gorgeous wedding in South Africa, with photos by Anneli Marinovich. This wedding first featured on the English Wedding Showcase and I’ve been saving it up for a rainy day to share with you here!

destination wedding South Africa by Anneli Marinovich (2)
destination wedding South Africa by Anneli Marinovich (4)I’m teasing you with snippets of this beautiful wedding day: a dash of lens flare here, some romance and a stunning black and white shot to finish. There are more – lots more – on the English Wedding Showcase: A Feast For The Eyes – wedding under the African sun


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Emma and Richard’s wedding at Homme House is a real treat: it couldn’t be more English Wedding-y if we were all sitting here drinking Earl Grey and munching on scones while reading this blog post and waving union jacks*. I loved it the minute I saw this wedding on Anneli Marinovich’s wedding photography blog. Wedding day croquet on the lawn? Yes please!

wedding blog Anneli Marinovich (34)

Emma is absolutely beautiful, and Anneli captures her radiance so well in these pictures. There are many more I couldn’t fit on the blog post so I’ll urge you all to look at Anneli’s wedding blog post at the end! For now, enjoy my favourite photos from this quintessentially English wedding day.

Claire xxx

wedding blog Anneli Marinovich (32)

I sent Emma and Richard my English Wedding Blog questionnaire to find out a little more about the wedding day. Emma told me about her dress, which is “Pronovias Silaba – I bought it from Teokath in Wimbledon.”

wedding blog Anneli Marinovich (30)

wedding blog Anneli Marinovich (29)


Billy’s web-wide wanderings took him to one of our recommended wedding photographer‘s blogs this week – none other than Anneli Marinovich.

anneli marinovich wedding photography engagement shoot

The shoot that caught his eye was Terri and David’s engagement shoot, with some lovely backdrops and excellent props.

We love the cheeky expressions, the confidence and closeness of Terri and David… but most of all we love the books. Brilliant! Always take props for an engagement shoot, always!

See the full post on Anneli Marinovich’s wedding photography blog



Welcome to Billy Idol Loves… the new daily wedding inspiration quickie from the English Wedding Blog.

London engagement shoot by Anneli Marinovich

London engagement shoot by Anneli Marinovich

It’s not quite wedding season yet, and a shoot that caught my eye – sorry I mean Billy Idol’s eye! – this week is this fab engagement photoshoot in London from wedding photographer Anneli Marinovich’s blog.

See the full engagement shoot on Anneli Marinovich’s wedding photography blog. It’s colourful and inspiring – and this couple are clearly head over heels in love!


I’ve been away and missed your introduction to Billy Idol Loves. What is it?


The last week or so has been really lovely for me. Why? Because I’ve had the best, kindest and most enthusiastic emails from a wonderful wedding photographer: Anneli Marinovich.

Fun London engagement shoot by Anneli MarinovichNot to mention featuring Rebecca and Ben’s fun London engagement shoot on the blog, which was a whole other delight!

Anneli really brightened up my week and I’m delighted to introduce her as the first official sponsor of English Wedding for 2011.

Anneli Marinovich has her own dedicated page on the site: if you look at the top menu, hover over Recommended and click on her name you’ll see just how great it looks (or you can click here: recommended wedding photographer Anneli Marinovich)

Wedding photographer Anneli Marinovich - English Wedding Blog sponsor

I could be a little sad that the English Wedding blog doesn’t pay for itself, but I’m not… because if it did I wouldn’t need sponsors like Anneli, and I’d have missed all her emails – Anneli is the kind of person who I know is smiling as she types: she’s so full of positive energy and happiness it’s infectious.

I love this! Proper phone boxes make a great location for a photo

I love this! Proper phone boxes make a great location for a photo - and Rebecca's dress is gorgeous!

Anneli Marinovich is a photographer I haven’t featured on the English Wedding blog before… but I’m about to make up for that, and there will be more to come very soon!

Anneli sent me a couple of images from Rebecca and Ben’s fun engagement shoot in London and I was hooked – this couple are amazing, you’ll love Rebecca’s red dress and Anneli’s created a collection of images which really show the bride- and groom-to-be, and our pretty cool capital city, at their very best.


Rebecca and Ben by the London Eye

The London Eye in the background as Rebecca and Ben share a snuggle. (This is going to keep me on my toes - I'm a northerner you know. Landmarks correctly identified so far: one.)

Natural smiley photo of Rebecca in red

I love Rebecca's beautiful smile in this shot! It's wonderful to see someone enjoying an engagement shoot so much - and inspiring too! (And the dress is gorgeous... where do I get one?)