Hello everyone! What a busy week we’re having – oodles of creativity on the blog with lots of wedding DIY ideas and so much more. In the same vein I wanted to bring you a bit of a collaborative guest blog post this afternoon. The lovely Sophie from Sherbet Lace shares her ideas for getting creative with your wedding planning – with a little help from yours truly! Enjoy. Claire xxx

creative wedding ideas sherbet lace (2)

Sophie – Congratulations!! You’re getting married and there is so much to plan and to be excited about! What will you go for? The white and silver colour scheme or the white and gold? The sugared almond favours or the lovehearts?

Claire – …Or does the very notion of sugared almonds make your toes curl and your hair stand on end?! Perhaps even the idea of having a colour scheme at all gives rise to a dramatic sigh from either you or your other half? Yeah – me too.


alternative royal wedding inspiration photo credit Damian Hall (15)Back in the very beginning of English Wedding Blog I wrote my ‘About‘ page to introduce myself. I love pretty things: I adore edgy, provocative and rebellious things as well. My response to the diamond jubilee and Olympics marketing-fest has been halfhearted… until Mat Hepplestone of Red Floral got in touch. Mat’s flower designs are always a revelation – and his flair for the alternative and cutting edge in flower design is unrivalled. With such a top creative team behind this shoot, I’m convinced: Britannia rules!

This is a wedding industry shoot which stands out from the crowd of red, white and blue-bedecked blog features. And while I might sample a cupcake and wave a bit of bunting come jubilee weekend (I’ve moved back to a little Cumbrian village – my Dad will make me!), inside my heart this is the Britannia I can relate to. The story behind the shoot is just as inspiring – over to Mat to tell you more.