Are you nervous about your first dance? Don’t be. I have a little secret to share today… and by the end of this feature you’ll realise it’s really no secret at all but simple common sense. So many couples agonise over the first dance! Let’s face it: unless you’re happy on a podium in a club you won’t be comfortable strutting your stuff in the middle of a circle of everyone you know… it’s a pretty unusual situation to be in, right?

Cripps Barn Wedding – Sam Gibson Photography


I love wedding portraits: those romantic images of the happy couple totally wrapped up in each other or exploring their wedding venue and glorious surroundings. Most often what sings to my heart is the photography: beautiful lighting or an unusual setting can make a wedding portrait stand out so much.

As a wedding blogger I see so many portraits: some are posed and some natural; some are incredible, and some are more traditional and romantic. Sometimes I see wedding portraits which are even a little different from the norm… and then once in a blue moon I see something which blows my mind. You’ll love these: 20 unique wedding portraits from the supremely talented UK wedding photographers who form 20Collective. Enjoy.


Over the last week or so I’ve been equally intrigued and impressed by something called 20Collective – and I suspect by now you’ve heard about it too! But what is it?! I think it’s on the verge of being pretty big news in wedding photography – and I know couples who investigate 20Collective will like what they see. I know I do.

20Collective UK wedding photography (3)

Adam Johnson | 20Collective.com

20Collective is a group of diverse and distinctive wedding photographers. They shoot weddings all around the UK and abroad, and have joined together to bring you a fabulous shared portfolio website. It has the potential to be very powerful: a visual photography-led wedding blog. And there are some very exciting names involved in the project: