May I ask you a question, lovely blog readers? I know there are quite a few wedding suppliers reading English Wedding Blog – so hopefully you can help me with something today.

athelhampton house wedding blog Linus Moran

Athelhampton House wedding photography by Linus Moran – click to see the full blog post (it’s gorgeous!)

How are you finding the wedding season this year? I know of a few small wedding businesses who are struggling a little more than usual – the summer seems unusually quiet.  My calligraphy enquiries are on the slow side compared to last year, and I have friends who simply haven’t seen orders pick up over the summer months as they usually do.

So – a question for any wedding suppliers out there – how is this summer for you? And if you’re noticing it’s quieter, why do you think this is? Olympics fever? Are there fewer weddings this summer or are couples spending less and working to tighter wedding budgets?

I’d be very interested to hear what you think 🙂