Cat Muddleton is going to be English Wedding‘s answer to Kate Middleton. How lucky are we to have found a bride-to-be with so many (spooky) similarities to our future Princess Catherine?!

Kate Middleton looks like Cat Muddleton

Kate Middleton: a bit like our very own Cat Muddleton, only different. A bit. Which is real?

But it gets better: our very own Cat Muddleton is going to share her stories, inspiration and advice for an affordable, alternative royal-themed wedding.

Cat Muddleton (real name Catherine, friends call her Kate, she prefers Cat as “it’s sexier”) is 28, the first child of fighter pilot parents. Her brother and sister are thrilled at her engagement. She has a degree in art history (fancy that!) and is as beautiful as she is brainy!

A slinky brunette with an eye for fashion, Cat will try anything and loves an adventure. She says, “Wedding planning is the most challenging thing I’ve tried yet!” but she’s looking forward to her wedding in April already.

Bride and groom on the steps of Wentworth Castle

Gorgeous wedding photography in Wentworth Castle gardens

I love the spectacle of a castle wedding – and there’s something very English about the luxury of a huge wedding venue with a rich history, with wedding guests in their finery milling around like lords and ladies.

Not to mention a beautiful bride in cascades of silk, swishing and swirling around like a real princess – and Lucy is wonderful in this gorgeous wedding shot by Tierney Photography.

Lucy and Patrick were married at Wentworth Castle, Barnsley just a few weeks ago. They both look fantastic in these photographs, and I really love the style of their wedding day: classy, vintage and full of emotion.

The day will take you from ear-to-ear smiles, to happy tears and real pride – the images of Lucy and Patrick around the wedding venue show a happy, proud and made-for-each-other bride and groom. Enjoy!

Bridal make up

Lucy's bridal preparations

Groom and sunflower

Patrick looks so happy - the sunshine's a good luck charm for the wedding


The letter from Cat Muddleton about her royal-inspired wedding to Willy Buckingham got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to make a big feature of this lovely down-to-earth couple as they plan their April wedding.

Not the royal wedding - about Cat's letter

After much deliberation I made the huge decision to drop all existing plans for coverage of the royal wedding on English Wedding. No point doing anything by halves, is there.

Anyway, I like Cat Muddleton. She’s charming and will make a wonderful alternative princess bride. She’s as real as you and me* and she’s planning an affordable and exciting wedding day.

Cat Muddleton alternative princess bride

Cat Muddleton is a bride on a budget, looking for advice from English Wedding – and by that I mean from me and from every fellow bride-to-be and wedding supplier who has advice to share.

Cat is also willing to share her innermost secrets with English Wedding as she sets out on her wedding planning journey. She’s also a bit obsessed with the royal wedding so I’m sure she can keep me up to date with all the latest from Kate & Will too!


Glengoyne 40 year old whisky
Today’s Sunday drive around the wedding supplier map takes us to snowy Scotland and the beautiful Glengoyne distillery.

Glengoyne branded gifts
I’m feeling Christmassy and with the snow and everything I wanted to tell you about a wedding supplier who also ‘does’ Christmas: Glengoyne really fits the bill!

personalised whisky from Glengoyne distilleryI think it’s easy sometimes to buy gifts for the mothers of the bride and groom, but finding the perfect thank you gift for the father of the bride, father of the groom and best man can be trickier. If they like whisky, here’s a really special gift.

The Glengoyne distillery has an online shop selling ideal wedding presents and gifts for the best man or father of the bride. (I like the little mouse mat myself!)

(I’d like to add that ladies also enjoy whisky. I wouldn’t mind one of these for Christmas!)

You can also order personalised bottles of whisky as wedding day gifts from Glengoyne.


A very interesting letter landed on my doorstep this week*, and sparked an interesting – and helpful – little project on English Wedding.

In a blindingly spooky coincidence, following on from this week’s post about wedding industry response to the royal wedding, a bride** wrote in about just that very thing.

Cat Muddleton (hmmmm – sounds familiar) said she’d just got engaged and was thinking of a royal wedding theme for her own wedding day. It’s only natural – we’ll all be up to our necks in royal wedding news for the next few months and some of it’s bound to rub off.

Cat said she was on a budget and wanted her wedding to be special and personal to her. Could English Wedding offer any advice?

Funnily enough, yes I think we can! Watch this space to find out more…


*I dropped it there. Cos I wrote it. But play along…

**That was also me. Setting the scene here.

A couple in love

Bride and groom in love

Bride and groom in love

Part two of Laura and Julian’s wedding is all about the love – their eyes only for each other, the intimate moments captured beautifully on film and the lovely atmosphere of quiet celebration all make for a blog I’m so proud to be able to share with you today. (See yesterday’s amazing photographs of the church and ceremony.)

I love Laura’s dress and her bridal style, the Alice band and everything about her. I live for weddings which are a little alternative, totally unique and beautifully romantic. This, for me, is a perfect wedding.

Images once again are courtesy of Lime Leaf Weddings – photography by Henley and Laura, based in Devon and covering weddings across the UK.

The wedding celebrations start with bubbles

The wedding celebrations start with bubbles

Guests travel on a vintage bus to the wedding reception

The bride, groom and their guests travel on a vintage bus to the wedding reception

The bride and groom hold hands

The bride and groom hold hands

Little ones tuck into the wedding breakfast

Little ones tuck into the wedding breakfast

Laura celebrates with friends and family

Laura celebrates with friends and family

Plenty of champers is enjoyed by all!

Plenty of champers is enjoyed by all!


I don’t know the secret of everlasting love. I wish I did! Do you? How far would you go to find it?

Mike and Alanna have travelled from Alaska to Argentina with their trusty motorbike and sidecar to discover the secret of everlasting love… and you can see the results in this charming, romantic and fascinating short film.

Mike and Alanna’s story: going the distance

Mike and Alanna were married in the UK in November 2008 and, concerned by divorce statistics they’d seen, they set out on a cross-continental voyage to ask couples about the secret to a long lasting relationship. This meant quitting their jobs and changing their whole lives… and already I’m thinking these two aren’t shy of making any kind of commitment! I’m sure they’ll be fine!

Mike and Alanna called their adventure ‘Going The Distance‘ and you can read about their journey across the Americas on the Going The Distance blog. Alanna describes their quest as “touching and inspiring” and it really is – you can see from the couples they interviewed en route just how much of the focus of their trip was on love. That’s got to rub off!

Into the church

Into the church

Lime Leaf Weddings is a blog I follow avidly, as their photography is always really special. Laura and Julian’s wedding featured on the blog in October and I immediately fell for Laura’s beautiful and unusual wedding dress.

The photography by Henley and Laura at Lime Leaf Weddings is pretty spectacular, perfectly in keeping with the wedding itself and particularly capturing the atmosphere of the church where Laura and Julian were married.

This wedding will be in two parts, today I just want to show you the marriage ceremony and that incredible church – tomorrow the cream tea reception full of fun and laughter. You’ll love both, I promise!

Vintage wedding vehicles

Vintage wedding vehicles

St Andrews Church, Kenn, Devon

St Andrews Church, Kenn, Devon

This photo of the church takes in so much of the building – I love it. The dark, almost foreboding vaulted ceiling, the shadowy darkness of the top of the cross and then the brightness from the window and the lights… I think for a Catholic wedding it’s really important to include the religious aspects in the photography, and this is a fantastic way to do so. Beautifully done, Lime Leaf Weddings!


Sunny Kalsi award winning wedding photographerI’m really pleased to have a little news to share with everyone today – friend of the English Wedding blog and wedding photographer extraordinaire Sunny Kalsi won an award at the prestigious Annual US Brides Magazine / WPJA photography contest.

This amazing image of a bride with a tear in her eye was third out of all the photographs submitted in the ‘Bride’ category.

Congratulations to Sunny Kalsi! Sunny, I’m so proud to have featured your photography on English Wedding, and delighted you’ve won this award!

About the Brides Magazine photography contest

The WPJA/BRIDES Wedding Photojournalism Contest spotlights the finest images from the best wedding photojournalists on the pages of one of the most world-renowned wedding publications and the web sites of the WPJA and BRIDES.

About Sunny Kalsi

See a real wedding from Sunny Kalsi here on the English Wedding blog, or visit Sunny’s own wedding photography blog for more glorious, colourful and sparkly images – he’s one of my favourite UK Asian wedding photographers and I can guarantee you’ll love what you see!


Confetti table top essentials saleA quick blog post for any bride or groom looking for wedding table decorations – did you know that Confetti are having a sale this week?

Everything that falls under the banner of table decorations is on sale this week (until Friday 26th November) and you get a cracking 50% off – so it’s potentially a nice little saving.

I’ve had a quick peek at the sale, which includes different coloured table gems, about 6 different votive colours and some really pretty birdcage centrepieces, little favour buckets and cupcake stands… which I’m already imagining on my Christmas table and mantlepiece!!

Click the banner to see what’s on offer in this little gem of a sale

Confetti table top sale


Roses All Over vintage china hire for weddings

This week’s Sunday drive on the wedding supplier map takes me to West Sussex, all the way down to the seaside near Brighton and into the gorgeous little vintage wedding world that is Roses All Over.

Roses All Over hire out vintage china and props for weddings and photo shoots in Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and London. They’re also available to lend their expertise to help you create the perfect vintage look for your wedding reception.

Roses All Over vintage china hire for your wedding

I think I fall for the wedding businesses which are built out of a real love and enthusiasm, and Roses All Over really do seem to treasure a certain kind of lifestyle. Everything from their website design to the cups and saucers that make up Katie and Rosie’s vintage china collection is simply gorgeous.

I love how Roses All Over tell the story of setting up their wedding business. “We decided to turn our fascination for the old fashioned into something more than just a hobby. We have lovingly sourced a stunning collection of exquisite vintage china and props available to hire.”


An interesting title, I hope – setting the royal wedding against the UK wedding industry rather than bundling the two up together in a great big cosy knot. As much as I love the buzz the royal wedding has created and will create over the coming months, I’m very wary of the effect it’s likely to have on the wedding industry.

Of course it’s exciting news, and it will mean lots of things to lots of brides across the UK and around the world. Wedding businesses will also share the excitement. There’s a huge buzz around the royal wedding in the media and for everyone with a stake in the wedding industry.

I’m also quietly pleased by the cynicism that accompanied the big announcement on Tuesday – a strong characteristic in us Brits, and a nice counterpoint to all those excited newsreaders going a little OTT interviewing every tourist who walked past Buckingham Palace that day.

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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