Remember as a child mixing potions out of mud, shampoo and your mum’s most expensive perfume? Creating a signature cocktail for your wedding is the grown up equivalent, according to Liquid Spirit! Liquid Spirit mobile bar hire cocktail image

So here’s an interesting idea for those of you who are having a wedding at home, or have a little flexibility with the bar at your venue: make your own signature cocktail to celebrate your wedding day and then keep the recipe to recreate the moment on every wedding anniversary!

It only takes a little planning to do, and if the two of you enjoy a tipple you could have a very pleasant evening ‘designing’ your wedding cocktail and forgetting the traumas of guest lists and wedding budget spreadsheets! Over to Liquid Spirit for a guest blog post to fire your imaginations…

Why not serve your own signature cocktail to your wedding guests? Immortalise your wedding by creating a cocktail to commemorate your big day and to share with family and friends for years to come.


I know it’s the done thing to begin with a photo of the bride and groom, but I couldn’t resist showing this photo first!

Ah now maybe these two are the coolest wedding guests... a great shot!

A wonderful wedding, and a brilliant time is had by all!

I found Emma and Matt’s wedding just as I was researching and writing my little article about having a creative wedding outside of London. For me, being creative with your wedding is simply having a few little details which fly in the face of convention: and Emma and Matt did just that.

Their Yorkshire wedding was photographed by Tierney Photography. I love the details Mark Tierney captures when he shoots weddings – my favourites here have to be the campervan, the mini and the little boy having a brilliant time playing in the autumn leaves!

Emma looks fabulous in a wedding dress with a pretty halterneck that really suits and flatters her gorgeous hourglass figure. She also oozes confidence: finding a dress that is really You will make you feel a million dollars on your wedding day, and Emma really did – I love it!


Days to go: 70

A quickie today (as I’m still feeling pretty dire and can’t see properly out of my left eye!) – yesterday Richard and I busied ourselves with the first stage of building our table plan board!

A while ago I found some real vintage music on eBay – on the theme of love! – for around £2 per song, which we cut up and glued to an A1 mount board (found in Ryman stationers for £7.99).

Et voila!

Table plan boardTable plan board

Bridal Designer Sale March 2011

Bridal Designer Sale March 2011

Could this be the sale no bride can afford to miss? Imagine you’re queueing outside Next on boxing day, 5am… it’s cold and you’ve camped overnight and you’re determined to get a brilliant bargain or two. The doors finally open, the crowd surges forward…

… but that’s nothing. Imagine the same scene, and the excitement you’d feel if there were 1000 designer wedding dresses on the other side of those doors. The Next sale pales in comparison to the Bridal Designer Sale doesn’t it!

The London Bridal Designer Sale March 2011

London Bridal Designer Sale will be holding a designer sample sale with up to 70% off over 1000 designer wedding gowns from leading international designers.

Starts: Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March 2011.

Location: Radison Blu, Portman Hotel, London W1

The tickets to this event are FREE and the slots are booked very quickly! To take advantage of the sale, please visit to select your preferred date and time slot.


I love it when the wedding industry is nice. When I can peer through my rose tinted goggles, nod to myself and smile because all is well with the world. Today I’m right here, doing exactly that. Why? Because I’ve had an email from a “happy collective” of Manchester wedding suppliers who have got together to dream up a competition for engaged couples.

Win an engagement shoot in a cake shop!

(The official title should be Win a FREE vintage themed engagement photo shoot but I edited to include my favourite bit)

The competition is for a FREE vintage themed engagement photo shoot to one lucky couple from Manchester/Cheshire, complete with cute cupcakes and a few other lovely surprises! A package which would normally cost in excess of £700!

Win a vintage themed engagement shoot in ManchesterThe happy collective of wedding suppliers who’ve got together to organise the competition are: Foley Photography, AiryFairyCupcakes, Gorgeous Flawless, The Flower Lounge, English Wedding Blog favourite Vintage Twee and Manchester VW Campervans.

google wedding planning tools overview

google wedding planning tools overview

Sometimes I think cynicism is one of my best qualities. Google launches a suite of wedding planning tools… reeeeeeeeeeeeally? Well ok – I suppose they have access to plenty of information, and the manpower to create something really good – but I have two questions.

1. Are Google the right people, with the right mindset, to provide just what brides and grooms need?

2. How much of this new Wedding Planning site at is relevant to UK brides and grooms?

Oh and 3. What? Seriously? Google?!

google wedding planning tools overview

google wedding planning tools overview

What’s in the Google Wedding Planning tools

It’s nothing new, but the Google wedding planning tools are all nicely wrapped up in one place for brides. These are tools web designers and companies have been using for a couple of years. It’s pretty interesting they’re targeting them for wedding planning… but they will work (and they’re all free). You get:

Google Sites to create your own free website about your wedding. Includes pretty templates and image editing via Picnik.

English Wedding blog on Twitter

If there’s one phrase I use far too often it’s “I’m rubbish at facebook”! If you follow me on twitter you’re probably familiar with that one…. but twitter is a different matter altogther.

English Wedding blog on twitter

Twitter I can do. @english_wedding has 2,735 followers on twitter. I tweet most days, sometimes just to say what’s on the blog that day, sometimes to ask for help with future blog posts and to ask for opinions on wedding topics.

Occasionally, as has happened today (did you spot it?) you’ll see a little snippet of my secret future plans for English Wedding revealed by accident. If you missed that one, make sure you’re following @english_wedding now!

Have you seen English Wedding’s Wedding Traditions in 140 characters? Follow my twitter feed to find out more…

English Wedding blog on Twitter

Shine on 90s indie wedding band Brighton

Shine on 90s indie wedding band Brighton

For those of us who aren’t overly fond of Michael Buble or wedding DJs, I imagine the prospect of finding music for a wedding reception can be a little bit tricky. But fear not! There are some really good wedding bands around, and from specialist musical genres to covers bands once you begin looking you’re bound to find one you like.

So here’s something special to listen to as you read: Disco 2000

All that said, I’m a tricky customer, fussy about my music and while I’d seen wedding bands I quite like before today, I hadn’t seen any I’d actively pin down for my (albeit imaginary!) wedding day.

If you’re an indie kid like me, if you grew up in the 1990s and love your music – then I think I’ve found something you’re really going to enjoy!

Shine On – the 90s indie and britpop wedding band

Shine on wedding band 90s indie and britpop Brighton

Shine on wedding band 90s indie and britpop Brighton


Days to go: 73

I was planning on raving how excited I am about my engagement shoot this Friday – but I’ve had to cancel it, as last week I came down with shingles (completely random and meant for people over 60) and my whole face is a complete mess. I have a swollen eye, swollen left side of my face, boils, sores, a constant splitting headache – and every time I stand up I almost fall over.

This is not good. And there are like, two months to go.

So I’m on complete bed rest and anti-viral tablets – and by some stroke of luck Richard has a week off work – and he’s waiting on me hand and foot to ensure I make a speedy recovery. Let’s hope I do. With our schedules I think we’ll have to wait until April to have the photo shoot – but at least the weather should be better!


fairy liquid royal weddingThis post is for you, dear readers. Because I’m a little at a loss for words: inwardly chuckling, and yet slightly alarmed that I find this funny: “Procter & Gamble is developing a special-edition plastic bottle of Fairy Liquid to commemorate the royal wedding in April“.

Emma Hall, London editor of US magazine Advertising Age, contacted me to ask for a quote and – trying not to be insulting but failing, I think – I obliged and have been quoted in her article here:

Even P&G’s Fairy Dishwashing Liquid Is Part of U.K. Royal Wedding

Personally I won’t be buying a bottle. I will be looking for it to see how it’s priced though! Emma’s article is an entertaining read. I’d recommend it. You’ll enjoy the bit about Crown Jewels’ royal wedding condoms, I’m sure!

So let me know your thoughts. Royal Fairy Liquid: friendly and harmless or mildly sinister?


Next thing on the agenda was definitely my wedding dress, one problem: I have a massive phobia of wedding dress shops and feeling too ‘fussed’ and ‘done up’. I was nervous, I wanted buying my dress to be a very personal choice, I didn’t want to try my dress on for the first time in front of a room full of people, I wanted buying my dress to be low-key; not necessarily a secret, but I wanted to decide whether I liked it by myself first before introducing it to my own personal judging panel!


Tammy Willson Magic DustI’m delighted to welcome a new guest blogger, Tammy from Magic Dust wedding planning & coordination. Tammy is a wedding planner with a philosophy I love: she first got in touch with me after reading the Ethical Wedding Supplier Pledge.

Tammy told me that Magic Dust was launched “to challenge the industry to be different and to always put the couples getting married first. We live by our brand values of being refreshing, simple and invaluable in everything that we do and our clients seem to genuinely love us for it.”

This article is a great read for brides and wedding suppliers alike! Enjoy…

Booking wedding suppliers – a cautionary tale from a wedding planner

by Tammy Wilson, Magic Dust

It always brings a smile to my face when a couple who have booked us for ‘On The Day’ wedding co-ordination tell us how different suppliers have reacted to the news that they’ll be working with a wedding planner in the run-up to the wedding!

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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