Sunny Kalsi award winning wedding photographerI’m really pleased to have a little news to share with everyone today – friend of the English Wedding blog and wedding photographer extraordinaire Sunny Kalsi won an award at the prestigious Annual US Brides Magazine / WPJA photography contest.

This amazing image of a bride with a tear in her eye was third out of all the photographs submitted in the ‘Bride’ category.

Congratulations to Sunny Kalsi! Sunny, I’m so proud to have featured your photography on English Wedding, and delighted you’ve won this award!

About the Brides Magazine photography contest

The WPJA/BRIDES Wedding Photojournalism Contest spotlights the finest images from the best wedding photojournalists on the pages of one of the most world-renowned wedding publications and the web sites of the WPJA and BRIDES.

About Sunny Kalsi

See a real wedding from Sunny Kalsi here on the English Wedding blog, or visit Sunny’s own wedding photography blog for more glorious, colourful and sparkly images – he’s one of my favourite UK Asian wedding photographers and I can guarantee you’ll love what you see!


Confetti table top essentials saleA quick blog post for any bride or groom looking for wedding table decorations – did you know that Confetti are having a sale this week?

Everything that falls under the banner of table decorations is on sale this week (until Friday 26th November) and you get a cracking 50% off – so it’s potentially a nice little saving.

I’ve had a quick peek at the sale, which includes different coloured table gems, about 6 different votive colours and some really pretty birdcage centrepieces, little favour buckets and cupcake stands… which I’m already imagining on my Christmas table and mantlepiece!!

Click the banner to see what’s on offer in this little gem of a sale

Confetti table top sale


Roses All Over vintage china hire for weddings

This week’s Sunday drive on the wedding supplier map takes me to West Sussex, all the way down to the seaside near Brighton and into the gorgeous little vintage wedding world that is Roses All Over.

Roses All Over hire out vintage china and props for weddings and photo shoots in Sussex, Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and London. They’re also available to lend their expertise to help you create the perfect vintage look for your wedding reception.

Roses All Over vintage china hire for your wedding

I think I fall for the wedding businesses which are built out of a real love and enthusiasm, and Roses All Over really do seem to treasure a certain kind of lifestyle. Everything from their website design to the cups and saucers that make up Katie and Rosie’s vintage china collection is simply gorgeous.

I love how Roses All Over tell the story of setting up their wedding business. “We decided to turn our fascination for the old fashioned into something more than just a hobby. We have lovingly sourced a stunning collection of exquisite vintage china and props available to hire.”


An interesting title, I hope – setting the royal wedding against the UK wedding industry rather than bundling the two up together in a great big cosy knot. As much as I love the buzz the royal wedding has created and will create over the coming months, I’m very wary of the effect it’s likely to have on the wedding industry.

Of course it’s exciting news, and it will mean lots of things to lots of brides across the UK and around the world. Wedding businesses will also share the excitement. There’s a huge buzz around the royal wedding in the media and for everyone with a stake in the wedding industry.

I’m also quietly pleased by the cynicism that accompanied the big announcement on Tuesday – a strong characteristic in us Brits, and a nice counterpoint to all those excited newsreaders going a little OTT interviewing every tourist who walked past Buckingham Palace that day.


Are you in the mood for a little excitement this afternoon? I’ve got some for you, with this guest blog post from Peter at PR Photography in London. There’s a little wedding videography revolution brewing at PR Photography, and I’m so pleased to be able to share this with you today. It’s a glimpse of the future and very exciting indeed, especially if you’re planning your wedding right now. (Kate & Will – yes I even mean you! Seriously!)

Prepare to be intrigued, amazed and subsequently hooked… now over to Peter.

Highlights – Abi & John from PR Photography on Vimeo.


“For many years videographers have documented weddings with a primary focus on simply recording the events of the day. Cameramen have tended to have their cameras rolling to make sure each moment is filmed with constant footage throughout. No doubt it has been effective to remember exactly how things happened but the final presentation has mostly erred on the side of boredom. To date this has certainly been a strong reason why photography coverage has taken its place ahead of video in many couples’ wish lists.


Quick preview – learn about Filmatography™… tomorrow on English Wedding.
Filmatography wedding blog preview on English Wedding

This literally is the future, in two ways:  It’s an exciting post which is coming up tomorrow* on the English Wedding blog, and it’s a brand new concept which combines wedding videography, professional digital photography techniques and one hell of a lot of artistry and creativity.

Watch this space, tell your friends, tell everyone you know in the wedding industry and prepare to be thrilled and delighted by Filmatography™ – coming soon on English Wedding. Follow me on Twitter and I’ll let you know when to check back, if you like.

(*I’m quite overwhelmed by the whole concept and quality of what I’ve just seen – couldn’t wait to tell you! But that’s all you get till tomorrow. This is a bit of a Friday Spectacular!!!)


This follows on from yesterday’s article about my wedding advertising test.

How to test your wedding business advert

Before committing to any advertising spend, think carefully about how best to advertise your wedding business. Read the advice about wedding market segments and targets first. Choose a medium that your potential customers will see, one they trust.

Where to place your wedding advert

Wedding magazines have media packs which you can ask to see, and should show you a circulation figure at the very least. Personally I always ask how many copies are sold and how many are given away (and are not read with the same enthusiasm!)

Ask about their readership demographics. Do certain months’ issues sell more copies than others? The more information a magazine can give you about their readers, the more they’ve thought about their advertisers’ needs – which is important.

Wedding advertising online

Whether you set up a Google AdWords campaign or pay for a banner advert with a popular wedding website, online advertising has the benefit of being flexible if you need it to be.


Ha! It really is going to be crazy, I’ve been sat reading my emails for five minutes and already had two mentioning the royal wedding. Not only the wedding industry, but almost every UK business, publication and website will be joining in with the madness.

It’s wonderfully entertaining to see how the PR machines spring into life! Anyway, I do like the royal wedding related news from and had to share this one with you…

“British brewers have always celebrated Royal events with commemorative brews. When Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, 147 Royal beers were brewed to celebrate their marriage; and at the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, over 70 small and regional breweries brewed commemorative brews.

brides should drink more beerWith wedding fever gripping the nation, Britain’s farmers and hop growers are asking the more serious question; what drink will be used to celebrate this special Royal Wedding?

Commemorative royal wedding beers

William’s grandfather, the Earl Spencer, brewed a special beer to mark the birth of “the Royal Heir to The Prince and Princess of Wales in Burton-on-Trent on the 5th of July in 1982.”


Advertising in the wedding industry is very competitive, with the national and local press competing for your advertising spend like magpies in your swarovski collection.

Don’t be persuaded by phone calls from local glossy wedding magazines unless you’ve done your research. Don’t spend for advertising space in national wedding magazines unless you know it’s right for your business. And always test your adverts’ success: if they don’t work, try something else!

Today: how I tested ads for my own wedding business
Tomorrow: how to test your wedding business ad

I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by David from UK wedding planning & advice website Wedding Chaos after writing my article about the demise of the wedding directory back in the summer.

David suggested we tested advertising on the Wedding Chaos website – one of the top UK planning sites with 5 million page views a year and a forward-thinking advertising programme. He had a page – for Wedding Poems and Readings – which would fit my calligraphy business, and there was space there for an advertising slot or two.

Dolcis satin bridal shoe

Dolcis satin bridal shoe from Love Your Shoes

I wanted to pass on just a snippet of news for you this morning – in my inbox is a discount on bridal shoes from Love Your Shoes.

They have all the lovely white and ivory strappy sandals you’d expect from Dolcis and Lotus – prices are down to around £40 for every shoe. The range also includes bridesmaid shoes and a couple of little flower girl shoes.

My favourite bridal shoe has to be the alternative one: this Dolcis Corsage Peep Toe Platform gets top of the class for any quirky bride on a budget.

Dolcis black lace bridal shoe

Dolcis black lace bridal shoe from Love Your Shoes

At this point I should stress that Kate Middleton will probably be wearing at least one of these styles on her wedding day. (Everyone else is saying it, right? They’ll be flogging everything from hats to lawnmowers with that one. It’s not true, of course.)


I’m watching the interview with Prince William and Kate Middleton – for anyone who’s missed it, here are the best bits!

The proposal was lovely and romantic, Kate seems really excited and the gesture of having Diana’s engagement ring seems to mean so much to both William and Kate.

Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement

Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement

Will says, “I’m reliably informed it’s a sapphire with some diamonds” and he’d been carrying it around in his rucksack while the couple were on holiday in Kenya until the time was right to propose!

The couple say they’re calm on the surface and “paddling like ducks underneath”, particularly the last two weeks while they’ve had to keep everything quiet.

Kate’s parents are over the moon. William had asked Kate’s dad for his permission, and Kate knew he’d asked but didn’t know when he’d pop the question.

Kate says, “family is very important to me and I hope we’ll be able to have a happy family ourselves.” When asked if they’d like lots of children William quite justifiably said “one step at a time”!

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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