Gorgeous London wedding photography by Matt Parry

Gorgeous London wedding photography by Matt Parry

The thing about London is it has those fantastic visual icons: the red phone box, buses and top class wedding venues like One Whitehall Place. We just don’t have quite the same accessories up north! So I do love a London wedding when I see one.

The thing about wedding photographer Matt Parry is his sense of fun and eye for a gorgeous photo and an unforgettable moment. And I love these photos of Avril and Chris’s wedding day.

Avril and Chris are both from Canada. They had a beautiful wedding day with bags of style. I love Avril’s shoes (which match London! … you’ll see!) and the way this couple just smile and smile and smile. And One Whitehall Place is a standout wedding venue: wow.

Chris gets ready for his wedding

Groom preparations

Groom and best man in That London

Groom and best man in That London

Groom and best man enjoying that London

Groom and best man enjoying that London: the Thames

Avril's wedding dress

Avril's wedding dress

Champers for the ladies

Champers for the ladies


I had an email from the lovely royal-bride-alike Cat Muddleton this week: she’s a little overwhelmed by wedding budget woes and was looking for advice.

Here at English Wedding we have plenty of down to earth, sensible wedding budget advice and our friends in the wedding industry are always happy to share their best tips to help brides on a budget.

Here’s Cat Muddleton’s email:

Hey Claire, hope you’re ok. I wanted to pick your brains about my wedding budget as I’m getting in a bit of a pickle. This whole ‘royal wedding’ theme is doing my head in. So basically my family feel like they should pay, for tradition and stuff. But they’re not as rich as Willy’s family and so his family feel like they should pay which makes my mum & dad feel bad. And then apparently we’re having some of it paid for by “the public” which is a bit weird – but I don’t want to overspend on anything and I don’t know where to start. My parents have said they’ll supply streamers and party tricks. Willy’s parents have ‘connections’ (bit worried… sounds dodgy to me) and they’re getting the venue for us. For the rest I want to keep costs down but I don’t know how. You know what Willy’s like, he calls money his “spendy buttons” and loves giving them out! Cat Muddleton xxx Sent from my iPhone


Mia Sposa - High Street bridalwear collection

It’s been a few days since I’ve heard from my newest best friend and royal-bride-alike Cat Muddleton. Now rumour has it she’s been looking for a wedding dress… and naturally she came to English Wedding for some down to earth advice.

Cat told me she’s seen hundreds of wedding dresses online and is frankly a little dazzled by the choice. It’s something I hear again and again: there are so many wedding dress styles to choose from, and you can browse online till you’re dizzy, find a few you love but still be wondering whether they’ll suit you.

My advice to brides is always to put the laptop down and go and try wedding dresses on. Find a good bridal store, book an appointment, and go and see what suits you and what you really love.

I suggested Cat visit Mia Sposa (who’d very usefully just sent me a press release) – they’re a high street brand so prices are affordable for most UK brides. They stock traditional wedding dresses with contemporary designs. Pretty pictures for you first (these are Cat’s favourites from the Coco Couture collection) and then the press release is below.


One for the wedding businesses – in a world where networking has come to mean Twitter and facebook, here’s an excellent reminder that real relationships with other wedding suppliers are worth their weight in gold. Stephanie is from the US but her advice is relevant to any wedding business, no matter where you’re based.

2 Cheap Marketing Strategies That Built Our 6 Figure Wedding Business

By guest blogger Stephanie Padovani

Stephanie Padovani“When my husband Jeff and I started our wedding entertainment business, we had little more than an idea and a dream of breaking out of the corporate world.

As a small business with ZERO start up capital; we needed to get business as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Fortunately, we stumbled on two super cheap but highly effective marketing strategies that jump started our baby business.

Steph & Jeff Get a Break

Back in 2000 when we started our business, Jeff and I were working 12 hours shifts for a Fortune 500 company who shall remain nameless. (Hint: Think Big Blue.)


I’m making a few little changes to English Wedding – and no time like the present, first is the new header cooked up with wedding photographer extraordinaire Chris Hanley. I hope you love it as much as I do!

The second little change for this evening is the option to subscribe to the blog via email. I was asked to add an easy link for subscriptions so there it is… just on the right over there ——-> you’ll never miss an update!

More coming soon – and more from the unstoppable Mr Hanley very soon indeed.

Claire x


I love that wedding photographers are compiling show reels and slideshows of their favourite weddings of the year – it’s great to sit back, feet on my desk and watch so many gorgeous wedding photos fly past my toes!

Kevin Mullins‘s favourite wedding images from 2010… so far (as he still has two December weddings to shoot!) is beautifully constructed, a real showcase of his best bits.

I admire Kevin’s documentary style photography for the genuine emotions he captures: real, loving hugs, smiles and tears of happiness, laughter and pride, nervousness and excitement from brides, grooms and guests alike.

Enjoy this wonderful compilation and watch out for my favourites: the little girl and boy with a whistle and a tambourine, the bell ringers in church, the outdoor jenga on its way down, the gorgeous bride skipping down from a vintage bus…

Wedding Photography from Kevin Mullins on Vimeo.

Wedding photographer Kevin Mullins is based in Malmesbury, in the Cotswolds. He photographs weddings throughout the UK and internationally – and is one of the UK’s most sought-after photographers.


Caroline Castigliano - HoneycombHow exciting… the Caroline Castigliano brand is 20 years old in January and you’re invited to the birthday party!!! That’s if you’re quick…

Happy 20th Anniversary Caroline Castigliano!

Suzy from Caroline Castigliano sent me all the information this evening and I’m simply going to share it, so over to Suzy to tell you more!

“I have some fantastic news to share with you and your readers! Here at Caroline Castigliano we are extremely excited to be celebrating our 20th Anniversary! January 2011 sees Caroline celebrating 20 years at the forefront of luxury designer bridal wear!

The celebrations are set to begin with a spectacular evening of bridal fashion as Caroline’s exquisite 2011 collection is unveiled at an exclusive birthday party, held in association with Brides Magazine, at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park on 20th January 2011.

Guests will be treated to a champagne reception as they enjoy bridal beauty advice and makeovers from Christian Dior and Paul Edmonds, view stunning accessories from De Beers diamond jewellers and Aruna Seth designer shoes; bridal stationery from Smythson, beautiful bridal flowers from Moyses Stevens and a treat of a goodie bag worth £75!!


Time for something a little bit awe inspiring, I think! How about a beautiful wedding in a 12th century English abbey?

Malmesbury Abbey is a uniquely impressive church, and Mark and Laura were lucky enough to be married there in the late summer. Only parts of the abbey are still standing, as it dates back from the 1100s – but restoration work means the church can still serve as a parish church for daily services and wedding ceremonies.

Photography is by Magic Photography‘s Allison Dench, a Berkshire-based wedding photographer who I love for her ability to capture all the most romantic moments of a wedding day.

Laura getting ready

Bridal preparations - I love the two perspectives on this image with Laura's reflection (and isn't she beautiful)

Bride and headband

Laura is a striking brunette and looks fabulous with this pretty flower headband

The flowers are lovely: orchids in white and red with a dash of yellow

The flowers are lovely: orchids in white and burgundy with a dash of gold

Malmesbury Abbey historic English wedding venue

Malmesbury Abbey historic English wedding venue

Handwritten wedding pennant

Handwritten wedding pennant: Love always protects, always trusts, always perseveres.


I had the loveliest email a week or two ago from a bride to be telling me about her wedding plans. I got chatting to Johanna on email and her wedding plans sounded so exciting we decided to share her story on English Wedding.

I’m really pleased to introduce my first real bride guest blogger, Johanna. Originally from Finland and marrying in the UK, Johanna’s story is unique and inspiring.

Johanna and her fiance

“Every wedding is unique but I have a feeling mine is going to be slightly more so…I’m from Finland with some family also in the US; my husband-to-be is a half Australian Englishman, who was born in the Bahamas… Needless to say combining our entire mixed heritage on our wedding day is going to be a bit of a challenge.

The proposal was in the Bahamas last New Year, following a visit to the site my future in laws tied the knot in- which ticks the box for the West Indies influence… Now to just plan the wedding day with Finnish, English and Australian details in mind!


I’m not a big fan of the traditional press release, and more often than not I’ll send a cheeky reply to emails that land in my inbox asking for a better one. Sometimes it really pays off – and today as a result I’m very happy to be able to introduce you to Berkshire wedding planners Kate and Karen, henceforth to be known as Klass Act.

Klass Act Wedding and Events in Berkshire

Interesting name, I thought. UKAWP trained: impressive, I thought. But the press release entitled “From ‘Klassroom’ to Klass Act” was far too professional for English Wedding! So I got back in touch and asked for more. Kate didn’t disappoint with her second email, in fact she really won me over with tales of a cactus, boys in tights and the ‘teacher glare’!

Klass Act wedding planner launch – official version (extract)

Klass Act is run by Kate and Karen and is a bespoke wedding and event coordination service based in Berkshire, providing a range of packages to meet the needs of today’s modern bride.


It’s almost the end of the year, I’m planning blog updates for January and wondering where 2010 went – doesn’t time fly. Some of us have had a wonderful year though, and wedding photographer Matt Parry definitely has!

Matt contacted me on Twitter to show me his best bits. And within minutes had me tapping my feet and grinning at my computer screen.

I’ve watched this three times  already – Matt’s had an amazing year and these are his top wedding photographs from 2010.

Matt – thank you. I love these! A beautiful compilation and a compelling showcase.

Music by allo darlin’

See previous weddings by Matt on the English Wedding blog

Matt’s brother gets married in France English Wedding in France
Getting Brett to the church on time in All about the boys
Matt lies under a helicopter The helicopter wedding


Beautiful brideI’m very much in awe of wedding photographer Katy Lunsford right now. I spotted Sarah and Dan’s wedding on Katy’s blog and the beauty of it all – from the colours to the blog itself to bride Sarah – took my breath away.

So I had to give this blog post – which I’m actually feeling really honoured to be featuring on English Wedding – a great title. I got stuck: could I name it after the gorgeous reds and purples, or after Sarah’s incredible dress, or should I focus on the beautifully decorated church and religion or on photographer Katy’s talent for writing the perfect blog feature?

In the end I went with the feelings this wedding evokes for me. The overwhelming beauty of it all, from the emotions and moments captured in the photographs to the details that readers of my blog and Katy’s might love, and take away, and recreate for your own weddings. In a word, this is an unforgettable wedding. Be prepared to have your socks blown off. Both of them.

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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