We ticked another big box off our wedding checklist this week: meeting the caterer and finalising the menu. The caterer and I have been in email conversation since around June last year so it was nice to finally put a face to a name. David and I are real ‘foodies’, so I’ve decided to share our choices and hopefully make your mouths water as much as mine will writing it!

My Dad, David and I originally started brainstorming different aspects of the wedding, and we were all very keen on a good, country Hog Roast with all the trimmings. I’ve been to garden parties with a hog and it seems such a celebration of food and company, and totally fits the relaxed atmosphere we’re hoping for on our day. One problem: my Mum is, what she calls herself, “a reluctant meat eater”. She has even attempted to become a vegetarian in the past, and as soon as my Dad and I broke the news of our idea her immediate reaction was “not in my garden, you’re not!” But after a few months of persuasion, Mum came round to the idea, and when we both went to meet the caterer a few days ago, and with a bit of compromise (a covered oven instead of a spit roast), it looks like we’re having what we initially envisaged.


Here’s another fantastic wedding I found on the internet this week. I love Kevin Mullins’s blog and this wedding caught my eye. And Billy’s… he loves weddings.

Winter wedding with wellies by Kevin Mullins Photography

Check out this wedding for the smiles and laughter, snow and beautiful pictures of the first dance. I love it! And I love Kevin Mullins’s photography.

What the hell is “Billy Idol Loves”?


wedding blogs vs magazines in the uk rose veil credit cardI almost had a crisis of faith in wedding blogging recently. It was one of those scary moments that hit you sometimes – I picked up a wedding magazine (that wasn’t the scary bit) and it wasn’t what I expected.

Wedding magazines were all about big brands and vaguely old fashioned trends, I thought. The appeal of the big wedding blogs is always from being edgy and challenging, alternative and fresh – tearing away from the boring old wedding mags.

For a moment my quick flick through the wedding magazines made me wonder if the press had finally caught up: they were quirky, full of red shoes and wellies, bunting and ideas for making weddings a bit different.


I sat down to think about what makes wedding blogs so special, and within minutes I fell in love with the UK wedding blogs all over again. Here’s what makes us so different from the traditional wedding press, and why UK wedding blogs will grow and grow but NEVER lose their appeal.

Styal Lodge wedding venue visit in Cheshire

Styal Lodge wedding venue visit in Cheshire - a fabulous venue with a unique perspective... and look at that sky!

One of this week’s highlights has to be my Thursday morning – a glorious sunny day and a trip to a Cheshire wedding venue with an inspiring story and a unique approach.

I will be writing a couple of blog posts inspired by my visit to Styal Lodge very soon, but just for now I thought I’d share these gorgeous photos by Manchester wedding photographer Jonny Draper, who joined us for the morning.

Georgina and Sarah owners of Styal Lodge luxury wedding venue

Georgina and Sarah owners of Styal Lodge luxury wedding venue

Georgina and her mum Sarah own and run Styal Lodge as a dedicated wedding venue. They’re devoted to the lodge, which they’ve built and nurtured, transforming a piece of land into something very special indeed.

More soon… for now, thanks to Georgina, Sarah and Jonny for a lovely morning in the Cheshire countryside. I hope I’ll see you all again soon 🙂


There are two things I’d like to have more of on the English Wedding blog:

  1. real weddings
  2. blog love

The simple solution – a daily post with a link to a real wedding from another blog.

Problem is, as summer approaches I need to pop my wedding calligrapher hat on more often, so I need someone to help with this. Who could it be…?

Casting my eyes around English Wedding HQ I spotted this:

(I bought this musical masterpiece 😉 a few weeks ago for a photoshoot and forgot to take it with me. I have to justify the purchase!)

Luckily it gave me a brilliant idea. Here’s a chap who loves weddings… let’s ask him if he’d help out. Yes? Great.

Billy Idol Loves…

is a new daily feature on English Wedding. Check the blog every day at 4pm. Huge thanks to Billy Idol for helping out. Lovely chap.



I’ve just had an email from Brides Magazine about a special issue where they’ll be showcasing the very best in wedding stationery and calligraphy. They seemed very keen for me to advertise…

Wedding magazines are all about the money

Wedding magazines are all about the money: mine and yours.

It almost had me tempted – only it got my back up a little. The email – not exclusively to me of course, but to all the calligraphers they could find – had FAR TOO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS and A LOT OF BOLD in it. As persuasive techniques go, that one won’t work on me in a million years!

And the prices… I only wish there wasn’t a big disclaimer at the bottom of their email. Confidential; must not be disclosed etc. I’m not surprised. Until I saw that, I was annoyed enough to copy and paste the whole thing on this blog for brides and grooms to see! I really think you should know how much money is involved in the advertising pages of these mags.


Part two of the new weekly* feature every Wednesday on the English Wedding Blog: Wednesday Writes.

This week on Wednesday Writes:

*I missed it last week because I’m naughty. I was so busy writing calligraphy I couldn’t write a blog post so I have to apologise for that one. Oops.


Days to go: 45

We spent last Friday evening putting together everything for our favours.

1. Small piano and guitar place card holders to be displayed alternately on the tables

2. Personalised plectrums that have the text ‘Salma & Richard 06-05-11’

To tell the truth, we almost didn’t have the pianos and guitars! Being Miss Organised I purchased the pianos and cards in January 2010 – and a couple of months later decided to sell them because I decided I didn’t care much for them anymore! Luckily though, no one wanted them wherever I listed them, so I guess they were meant for us!

Originally we were going to display name cards on the pianos and guitars and just scatter the plectrums on the tables, but instead decided to make the most of the plectrums by displaying them in place of the name cards with a little message to our guests – this way people can sit by who they like on the tables they are allocated to! What do you think?

How I'd arrive at my wedding!

How I’d arrive at my wedding?! (without the cheap eBay veil)

In the interest of maintaining a pretty distinct niche for English Wedding, my latest photoshoot was all about creativity: having a blast and enjoying the experience. And please do forgive me for a self indulgent blog post today!

Ciao ragazzi!

Ciao ragazzi!

My Vespa! Carter was the star of the day

My Vespa! Carter was the star of the day

While the other UK wedding bloggers look amazing in their vintage wedding dresses and accessories, as a calligrapher and artist I like to be a little different. (Just as the weddings I love most of all have something a little unique about them.)

who's that scary character in the background

who’s that scary character in the background? We loved the spooky side of our mystery location

We had two things in mind for the day: first, a fantastic secret location – let’s call it Milan! – with an Italian feel to it, lots of great features and Carter, my beloved Vespa.

Vintage Stig - that's me!

Vintage Stig – that’s me!

Fawsley Hall by Northampton wedding photographer Sarah Vivienne
Fawsley Hall by Northampton wedding photographer Sarah Vivienne

Fawsley Hall by Northampton wedding photographer Sarah Vivienne

Fawsley Hall is a luxury country house in Northamptonshire, combining Knightley Court for smaller, chic weddings and the Main House at Fawsley Hall for luxury celebrations. Parts of the hall date from the 15th century – its history is dotted with barons and viscounts and ladies… needless to say it’s a magnificent wedding venue today.

Photographs of Fawsley Hall

Fawsley Hall by Northampton wedding photographer Sarah Vivienne - 1 Fawsley Hall by Northampton wedding photographer Sarah Vivienne Fawsley Hall by Northampton wedding photographer Sarah Vivienne Fawsley Hall by Northampton wedding photographer Sarah Vivienne

All photographs by

Sarah Vivienne’s thoughts on Fawsley Hall

Sarah Vivienne, a wedding photographer from Northampton told me, “Fawsley Hall is one of my favourite Northamptonshire wedding venues.

“It’s set in the rolling countryside and looks very majestic standing on top of the hill as you approach.

“From a wedding photographer’s point of view it has gorgeous landscaped grounds for family photos and relaxed pictures as well as dramatic architecture and interiors for more styled Bride and Groom shots and wet weather photos.

I work at Fawsley Hall regularly but am never stuck for different ideas for each client.”

Wedding Limbo


Days to go: 46

My body is not being kind to me, so I’m going to have a moan. I spent the whole of last night running back and forth to the bathroom as my body decided to subject itself to a little bit (well, A LOT) of food poisoning. It’s like my body is trying to get everything it can out of the way before the wedding. I’ve never had food poisoning before, I’d also never had shingles before this year… I don’t understand why now has to be the time to experience these things!

All this health stuff is putting a dampener for me on the lead up to the wedding. I’ve been so excited for such a long time but now I’m at the point where I’d rather just be married already than be waiting 46 days to be. It feels as if I don’t have the strength to carry on with everything at the moment… and I just want it to be over.


More wedding projects and ideas for crafty bits and things to make in the Monday Makerie…

Autumn wedding cake from Style Me Pretty and Orchard Cove Photography

Autumn wedding cake from Style Me Pretty and Orchard Cove Photography

Cheap and cheerful ideas to make your wedding sparkle – with lighting ideas from Design Sponge this week. Including (but not all as mad as…) this excellent funky chandelier made out of paper.

paper chandelier idea

Paper chandelier idea from Design Sponge

My bedroom light is one of these paper globes… wonder if my beloved would kill me over a bit of paper craft diy?!!

I’ll try and remember Wednesday’s weekly feature this week too 🙂

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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