Days to go: 56

Tomorrow we are meeting with our videographer and florist to finalise arrangements and plans for the day so I’ll let you know the score when I do!

Also, I hit upon a legendary idea yesterday when I went to meet Emma Gore at Frill Designs who will be designing and making a bespoke bracelet for me. I don’t know whether I can pull it off, or if I ever will, but the ideas have started and the research has begun and the light bulbs are ON ON ON!

All I will tell you is that I think I’m going to be one of those people that doesn’t stop with the whole wedding this after she is married.


(does anyone say that anymore?)

This is just a short post because of an accidental discovery! I’ve been in the back garden spray painting the inside of jars with a cream paint to create a ‘milky’ effect (when they’re done there’ll be a post on this!), and for no real reason decided to be experimental, and sprayed the hydrangea plant next to me, which had dried out and started shedding its whole, ball-like flower heads.

I loved the effect! The flower heads looked like intricate hand-made paper flowers, antique-white and pale brown. I’d been thinking of having hydrangeas as part of the table decorations, and I’d heard of people using dried hydrangea instead of fresh, but I’d never seen anything like this. I experimented with a few of the jars I’ve been collecting for the table decorations and I think they look pretty good, especially the metal bucket plant pot. If I can make them last without shedding their petals I’ll definitely be using them mixed in with fresh flowers on the day!


I had an email today which has made me smile so much there isn’t room on my face.

Eleanor was one of our shortlisted star brides, and I asked her to let me know how her wedding planning was going – I know so many of you voted for her that I thought I’d share her news with you.

Also – her email is inspiring and uplifting: read this and you’ll feel all warm and fluffy inside I promise!

Hi Claire,

I thought I’d drop you a line and let you know how David and I are getting on planning for our wedding in June. So far, so good and I’m already developing a set of life-long memories and lessons learned about how organising a wedding will prepare us for married life.

* Mums are awesome. They can basically cope with anything, run their own busy lives and take on all your freakish behaviour at the same time.


Imagine the scenario: you’ve booked your wedding date, chatted to the vicar and are looking forward to getting married in a picturesque little church that probably means a lot to you… would you move over if another couple wanted it more?

the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh

the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh - from the BBc

Or, would you move over if another couple just wanted it, and were more famous? Or if they had more money?

The road to Scotland’s first royal wedding in 20 years

The story that Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are getting married this summer in a church that was already booked by another couple is really making me think this morning. Read the full story on the BBC website.

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall wedding

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall - from the BBc

Apparently what happened is that the vicar called the bride and groom who’d already booked, and asked them politely if they’d consider changing their plans for the royal couple. They said yes as a gesture of goodwill. I think that’s an incredibly generous thing to do…

GI Jane Bootcamp - on the beach

GI Jane bridal bootcamps get fit for your wedding UK
If toning up for your wedding or losing weight is a challenge I might just have the perfect answer for you here. GI Jane got in touch last week with a guest blog post – sounds to me like a great way to kick-start yourself into wedding day fitness! See what you think:

GI Jane Bootcamps for brides

GI Jane Bootcamp – the intense residential fitness programme is a favourite amongst top celebrities including the likes of Kerry Katona and is famous for changing the lives of women, both physically and mentally.

Future bride and businesswoman Tiffany, 38, attended GI Jane bootcamp in the run up to her dream wedding.

GI Jane Bootcamp - on the beach

GI Jane Bootcamp - on the beach

After her boyfriend of twelve years finally proposed to her, Tiffany knew she only had a year to shape up. In her own words ‘like any bride I wanted to look the best I possibly could on my wedding day – I knew I had to go for something tough like GI Jane.’

Beautiful boxed calligraphy invitations for luxury weddings by Urbis Scriptores
Bella Figura pink letterpress stationery theme

Bella Figura pink letterpress stationery theme

There are lots of words that start with W. It took a while to come up with the right name for this weekly feature – but I think Wednesday Writes covers it nicely.

Wednesday Writes on English Wedding

Every Wednesday I will be indulging my love of papery things and sharing my favourite new invitations, paper accessories, calligraphy and more with you. I know I’m not the only one here with a passion for paper and letters – so I hope you enjoy Wednesday Writes from today.

So to kick off…

Wanderlust cards couture stationery

Gorgeous aquatic blues from Wanderlust Cards

Wanderlust cards couture stationery

Beautiful pearl jewelled wedding invitation from Wanderlust Cards


One thing David and I just hadn’t considered was a wedding cake, neither of us were too bothered, the cake shops around us seemed to charge too much for too little, and we thought we’d rather spend a few hundred pounds on extra bottles of wine or asking the band to play a while longer!

But, who hasn’t had MAJOR fantasies about Chocky Wocky Doodah? I’d heard of them before we were even engaged, their cakes are unbelievable, I can’t even work out how they make them?! I adore the ‘All You Need is Love’ design, David and I lived in Liverpool for a few years and had lived in ‘Lennon Studios’ and on Penny Lane, so a nod to the Beatles would have been nice, and if we had a little more money to spend I would have placed my order immediately!Anna, David’s sister, had a delicious chocolate 3-tier Marks & Spencer’s cake complete with fondant roses for her wedding a few years ago, and we were going to follow suit and buy a ready made one. Waitrose also make wedding cakes, and we thought we could just add some fresh flowers and ‘make it our own’ closer to the day.

Wedding Girl Bridal Workshop

When I chat to brides as part of my day job or for all those of you who send me lovely emails about your weddings I’m always impressed and often amazed. Why? Because so many of you are planning your gorgeous wedding receptions with a hundred or so guests… it can be a military operation and it’s almost always a once in a lifetime experience for you – so hats off to you, ladies and gents, for planning your weddings. I don’t think I could do it!

…which is why I’m writing about The Wedding Genie’s bridal workshops today. I know in your shoes I’d feel a little daunted by the prospect of planning a wedding day, and if that’s how you’re feeling then this could be the perfect solution to any wedding planning worries you have. Over to Julie Dawson aka The Wedding Genie to tell you more…

Wedding Girl Bridal WorkshopBridal Workshop 27th March: Plan Like a Professional

  • Have you just got engaged or know a friend who has?
  • Don’t know where to start with your wedding planning?

Days to go: 59

I have been deliberating over this for WEEKS.

I have a total of seven earring holes (four in one ear in random places, three in the other in a line) and I’m stuck with what to do for the wedding day. I generally don’t wear earrings in the day unless I want to feel particularly glam – and I generally either wear all studs or five studs and a pair of huge/long/feather earrings. (Yes, a girl of extremes indeed.)

Before I found my tiara, I had images of me wearing HUGE chandelier earrings on the day, and filling the rest of the holes up with very small white diamante studs. However, before I found my tiara, I hadn’t found my perfect chandelier earrings – and then last week I stumbled upon them on the same site as I found my tiara. (In fact, I emailed Kate about them when I found them – and she’d only listed them the night before I noticed them!)

Salma's Perfect Chandlier Earrings - found too late

I LOVE this picture of Denise holding a sunflower

I LOVE this picture of Denise holding a sunflower

It’s easy to see why vintage inspired weddings are so popular. There’s something about vintage decor and accessories – like delving into an old treasure chest, finding beautiful sparkly things which aren’t just beautiful but have histories and memories of their own. I think that’s why vintage weddings have such an appeal, and Denise and Luca’s wedding really captured the essence of vintage for me.

Wedding photographer Heline Bekker submitted these beautiful images, taken at Covent Garden’s Kingsley Hotel (for the bridal preparations), then St Peter’s Italian Church and at the wedding reception at Brown’s Luxury Hotel in London. Bride Denise is gorgeous in her halterneck wedding dress and birdcage veil, and Luca’s chocolate brown suit with a classic pink rose buttonhole fit the vintage styling of their day so perfectly.

Denise's wedding shoes - I love the colour and the flower embellishments

Denise's wedding shoes - I love the golden colour and the flower embellishments


A beautiful vintage inspired wedding bracelet with pearls

A beautiful vintage inspired wedding bracelet with pearls



Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully you’ve got a little spring sunshine where you are, but if not perhaps I can add a little cheer to your day. It’s time for something a little new and different (for me!), and in tune with what the focus of the English Wedding blog, this is all about creativity and gorgeous weddings.

rose garland from not on the high street

Introducing the Monday Makerie on English Wedding

The Monday Makerie is all about making things. It’s for brides and grooms who want to have fun and perhaps save a little money too – but it’s more about fun than finances. The Monday Makerie is a new weekly feature on wedding crafts and ideas, where I’ll show you my favourite things from around the web each week – all to inspire your wedding diy projects.

If you haven’t tried making anything for your wedding yet, don’t be scared to have a go. Crafting is fun – and I’ll try and include links to ideas for all levels of craftiness in this slot. Trust me… as a calligrapher I spend many a happy evening having gold-leafed my glasses and painted my elbows purple by accident. It’s brilliant!


I wanted to personally hand-make as many details as possible for the wedding, I’ve always been quite crafty and enjoy anything hands-on, and what better way to make your wedding day as personal as possible?

The first thing to create was obviously the invitations and RSVP cards; I looked at a lot of professionals’ work, craft websites, how-to’s and DIY ideas for inspiration (the Martha Stewart Weddings website is amazing and provides free print-outs for tonnes of designs), but wanted to keep it quite simple… and also would have up to 100 of some pieces to make!

First port of call was, of course, Hobbycraft (my Mecca) and picked out a few bits to get me started and to experiment with, I bought some patterned scrapbook paper, glue, ribbons, lace, buttons and some card blanks. One problem, my hand-writing is abysmal, how could I make what I wanted and make it look half decent if it looks like I’d written ‘wedding invitation’ during some sort of turbulence? I stumbled upon the idea of alphabet stamps, I discovered the perfect set at Cox & Cox and bought them immediately, along with the ‘dingbats’ collection of picture stamps; it also meant that I can use them for every piece I make to ‘tie in’ all the designs from RSVPs to ‘orders of service’.

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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