The UK wedding supplier mapIt’s been a while since I mentioned the wedding supplier map. If you’re still looking for any wedding suppliers, particularly in your area, then I really recommend you give the map a whirl – it’s a great way of finding local businesses and especially the more surprising ones.

I was just exploring the shipping lanes on the wedding supplier map. Yep, there are wedding businesses working the shipping lanes between Wales, Ireland and Cornwall (actually that’s a lie – all the national wedding businesses on the map are in one place, having a little swim: so you know they supply the whole of the UK).

The UK wedding supplier map

The UK wedding supplier map

Anyway… I found Alex The Mind Reader.

Alex the Mind Reader

Alex the Mind Reader

Alex The Mind Reader?

Just in case his name hadn’t got my attention (surely it’s only women who can read minds?!) he’d uploaded a video onto the wedding supplier map via YouTube! And it’s proof positive that he really can read your mind!


Still very excited about The Wedding Show here in Cheshire – and with 2 days to go I’m planning blog posts and googling for news about the show almost hourly!

I’ve just had an email from The Wedding Show (I’m guessing it goes to all guests, and yes it was all in pink!) –

The Weddinglink team look forward to seeing you this weekend at the spectacular Wedding Show at Tatton Park.

Over the two days of the show, there will be a fantastic opportunity for you to perfect your bridal style… The highly-experienced team from Aqua Rosa will be offering you the chance to have a bridal hair and make up trial from just £5.00
These trials are usually priced at £90.00, so come along to Stand 511 to make sure you don’t miss out!
(If this is of interest, please be aware that we don’t have any ATM machines on site, so it’s best to bring along some cash!)


So I am getting very excited about the wedding show at Tatton Park this weekend. This Saturday I will be up bright and early on a mission to swoon at stationery, sample cupcakes and enjoy the fantastic catwalk show the show organisers always put on.

I had a lovely chat with Tatton wedding show organiser Laura yesterday and I’m looking forward to some real treats too: the teepee first, the jewellery boutique (a collaboration of four jewellers which sounds fab), and of course the helicopter that will be dropping in – but not literally!

More to come on Tatton Wedding Show this week as I blog about some of the suppliers I can’t wait to meet! Will you be there on Saturday?


Vintage music sheets wedding confetti conesMy plan today was to write a little post about wedding accessories from Vintage Twee. Owned by the loveliest lady in all of weddingland, as inspiring and gorgeous as it gets, I was excited to hear last week about some new wedding favours and accessories Joanne had just designed.

That was the plan.

Vintage music sheet paper rose table decorationsQuality handcrafted vintage wedding decorations

Joanne had also mentioned a new website for Vintage Twee was on the way. Lovely, I thought. And as I sat down to write – I’ll just have a quick look, open up the website and have all the details to hand of these new rose confetti cones and vintage music sheet cones.

So I went to the Vintage Twee website, took one look at the new design and fell off my chair.

This is the perfect place for any and every vintage bride, a virtual aladdin’s cave of beautifully crafted wedding and dinner party accessories and favours – trust me, take one look and you’ll be there for half an hour or more choosing all your favourite things!

Laughing bride and groom

Laughing bride and groom

This week is going to be all about smiles and happiness and wedding ideas. What better way to start than with a wedding, hey? So … your intrepid wedding blogger Claire runs off, checks files for smiliest bride and groom and… Oh yes. This is Perfect with a capital P! Nicola and Stewart at Cave Castle Hotel in East Yorkshire.

Nicola and Stewart’s wedding was just before Christmas at a venue I’ve not seen before (but instantly loved!) and their photos are beautiful and inspiring – their wedding photographer is Pete Barnes who’s based in Wakefield.

It made me laugh to read on Pete’s wedding photography blog that it was a freezing cold, snowy day but they were really keen to get some fantastic photos outdoors. It’s a sign of dedication that he soon found himself lying face down in the snow to get that perfect wedding photo!

The prettiest embroidered bridal shoes with a satin ribbon bow

The prettiest embroidered bridal shoes with a satin ribbon bow

A vintage inspired, exquisitely crafted wedding dress with the finest lace detailing

A vintage inspired, exquisitely crafted wedding dress with the finest lace detailing

Wedding invitation made of magic!

Wedding invitation made of magic! by Hummingbird Cards

This is wedding stationery that will get everyone’s attention – if you want a dash of luxury, a hint of quirkiness and a sackful of originality, let me show you The Hummingbird Card Company!

They’re a bit of a UK wedding blog favourite having featured on some of the very best blogs I subscribe to… Love My Dress, OMG I’m Getting Married, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings… and with very good reason: The Hummingbird Card Company is creative and inspiring, different and unusual with a choice of designs for every kind of wedding – whether you’re a tad alternative or having a classic, luxury wedding day, you’ll find a Hummingbird wedding invitation that is perfect for you!

I love this framed design with the layered filigree butterflies – it’s incredible how complex and delicate a design can be, and then to layer the butterflies so the wings are in 3D as well… beats Avatar any day. This is a beautiful keepsake or gift – even for anniversaries.


The English Wedding blog is looking for brides and grooms to share their wedding story. If you’re getting married in 2011 I would LOVE to hear from you…

Be a Star Bride on English Wedding

Bride and groom photo credit Photoglow Jonathon Watkins

Photo credit:

I’m looking for two brides, with their grooms, to share their wedding planning stories on the blog. You’ll be an inspiration to other brides and no matter what your budget, wedding day style or approach to planning, I really want to hear your story.

If you’re picked to be a Star Bride on English Wedding you will get your own password so you can log in and write posts to share here whenever you like. We’ll keep in touch and I’ll follow your progress right through until your wedding day – as will the thousands of brides who read the blog!

Photo credit: PhotoGlow


The last week or so has been really lovely for me. Why? Because I’ve had the best, kindest and most enthusiastic emails from a wonderful wedding photographer: Anneli Marinovich.

Fun London engagement shoot by Anneli MarinovichNot to mention featuring Rebecca and Ben’s fun London engagement shoot on the blog, which was a whole other delight!

Anneli really brightened up my week and I’m delighted to introduce her as the first official sponsor of English Wedding for 2011.

Anneli Marinovich has her own dedicated page on the site: if you look at the top menu, hover over Recommended and click on her name you’ll see just how great it looks (or you can click here: recommended wedding photographer Anneli Marinovich)

Wedding photographer Anneli Marinovich - English Wedding Blog sponsor

I could be a little sad that the English Wedding blog doesn’t pay for itself, but I’m not… because if it did I wouldn’t need sponsors like Anneli, and I’d have missed all her emails – Anneli is the kind of person who I know is smiling as she types: she’s so full of positive energy and happiness it’s infectious.


Rosalind Miller is my new favourite wedding cake designer – this lady is fantastic and full of personality, her cakes are exquisite and she’s utterly charming too. Rosalind got in touch earlier in the week with a lovely press release about her cakes, and as always I asked for a little bit more from her – and when she obliged I was delighted. So here’s an exclusive behind the scenes insight into the fabulous creative world of Rosalind Miller Cakes.Rosalind Miller Cakes - wedding cake website

Describe your kitchen – is it happy chaos or beautifully organised and cheffy?

“My kitchen is huge since I decided last year to extend it and have a dedicated area for baking rather than rent a commercial kitchen.

I love working from home and not having to commute. I’m usually working along to cheesy 60’s pop songs, or radio 4, though I can never work out whats happening in the afternoon play as I’m concentrating so much on the cake!


awardsReaction to the Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards last week was mixed, and really got me thinking. While I don’t want to criticise the organisers and I accept the results reflected popular opinion, I felt more than a little deflated after seeing the winners’ list on Friday evening. Why? It took me a few days to think about that one.

I’m a creative type. I wear rose-tinted specs. They go with my image.

I like to think the wedding industry is a creative place – and from where I’m sitting, it is! Lots of little businesses, talented craftsmen and women, devoted to the magic they make in their studios, boutiques and workshops. But what came out of the Wedding Ideas Magazine awards last week – with the exception of a few creative winners – was that people still can’t see us. Or more aptly, the majority of brides- and grooms-to-be still can’t see us. Because the guys with the money for marketing: Moss Bross, John Lewis and Confetti – are the brands most brides still know best.

I LOVE this photograph - Lucy looks regal and out-of-this-world beautiful

I LOVE this photograph - Lucy looks regal and out-of-this-world beautiful

Sometimes everything in life comes together and a lightbulb flickers on, don’t you think? It’s happened for me – gradually – over the past month or so. I won’t bore you with details (well, I might, but in a later post) – suffice it to say that Creativity is my newest raison d’être.

I love how weddings provide everyone with an opportunity to be creative, and that those who do have their own very individual ways of realising their creativity. Lucy and James’s wedding is a beautiful, quite normal English wedding with a little twist of creativity which makes it ever so special.

There are two things I love about this wedding, and I hope you will too. The creative touches which sang out to me (you’ll get that in a minute) are Lucy’s beautiful fluffy white shrug – an accessory with a dash of originality which makes her look ice-queen-esque – and her performance.

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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