Weddings don’t have to cost the earth, and in Angharad from Edible Glitter blog I found a bride who inspires me so much. A truly creative bride-to-be, Angharad offered to share her wedding planning story so far as a guest blog post. This is all about thinking creatively: cast aside what the industry says about weddings, and do something completely ‘you’. Little did I know from my initial chat with Angharad on twitter just how much I’d love what you’re about to read.

By Angharad

Paul proposed at the beginning of April on a surprise detour to Paris at the end of our holiday in Brussels. He took me to a secluded square in Montmartre and presented me with a beautiful antique opal and diamond ring. Apparently the poor boy was terrified I would say no! He needn’t have had any worries on that account – I was absolutely thrilled and still am.


Melanie and Thomas were married earlier this year with a reception at Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons, Raymond Blanc’s idyllic Oxfordshire restaurant in the beautiful English countryside.

I’m sharing this wedding day because it’s just the kind of intimate celebration I love. Melanie’s dress is beautiful, perfect for the occasion, colourful and breaks a few wedding rules. Which is great.

The wedding ceremony in London

Wedding outfits with a difference: Thomas looks great in a grey suit with orange tie and buttonhole. Melanie is dressed fabulously – with a Japanese inspired silk dress, orange floral patterns and a bright bouquet to match.

It’s a colourful wedding so Hip and Funky Photography caught these bright images of a flower seller’s stand to reflect the happy tones of the day.

The reception at Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons

Belvoir Castle wedding Alan and Ruth (28)

Belvoir Castle wedding Alan and Ruth (9)Today we’re bringing out the big guns* and sharing a Chinese wedding from Belvoir Castle – a slice of sheer unashamed luxury, decadence and delight in weddings.

Belvoir Castle wedding Alan and Ruth (10)Alan and Ruth were married in November and photographer Martins Kikulis won an AGWPJA award for his photograph of the wedding guests themselves photographing the happy couple. It’s pretty cool isn’t it!

Belvoir Castle wedding Alan and Ruth (1)This is a treat for anyone who admires a grand wedding venue. It’s a bit of English Wedding opulence – and as a wedding blogger I couldn’t say no to such a spectacular set of images. (Also – Martins Kikulis is a lovely, lovely guy and I really like his photography style too.)

Belvoir Castle wedding Alan and Ruth (2)But Alan and Ruth’s wedding is here because it’s awe inspiring – this is a classic English wedding, the way the aristocracy have done it for years I imagine: from the horse and carriage to Ruth’s full and beautifully made wedding dress, from the portraits of the ancestors to the four-tier wedding cake. This is a proper, luxurious wedding and I hope you enjoy gazing at it in awe as much as I have!


I’m in a simple mood: no fancy words, just “what it says on the tin”.

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Claire xxx



I’ve been thinking a lot about social media. How do you know how to do it? Is there a way to get it right so it’s worth all the time it can take?

Maybe we can all learn from each other – so this blog post is to get you thinking, talking and sharing I hope. Have you got social media ‘right’ for your wedding business?

How do you know when you’re using social media well?

1. Networking, making connections & cross promotion with online industry contacts is bringing customers to your door

I see friendships developing on twitter between bloggers, wedding suppliers and photographers – they lead to some fantastic bridal shoots, and you get great product photography and brand associations for your website.

This is great, so long as the end result is real customers ordering from you. Otherwise it’s time wasted when you could be promoting your business elsewhere.

2. Potential customers and clients see your status updates and tweets and make enquiries


Here’s an interesting bit of research for you: did you know there’s a difference of over £8,000 between average wedding budgets in different UK cities? It seems some of us really know how to spend our pennies wisely. Where’s your city on the spending map? This guest post reveals where the savviest brides hang out…

Couples Get Wedding Saving Savvy

  • Two thirds of engaged couples set a £10,000 wedding budget
  • Couples in London and Liverpool are the highest wedding spenders
  • Average couple plans to save £5,200 for their wedding
  • One in five couples save for a minimum of two years

Today’s engaged couples are taking greater financial control over their wedding. With nearly two thirds (61%) footing the majority of the costs themselves, they are saving more and spending less ahead of their big day, according to research from Tesco Bank.

The research highlights a shift in the way in which weddings are paid for. While 27% of married couples surveyed had the majority of their wedding paid for by the bride’s family, just one in five (20%) of those due to marry will do so with the same level of financial support from the bride’s family.


When it came to what I’d be carrying as I walked down the aisle, I’ve had the same idea for wedding flowers since I was a little girl. I grew up in the country, literally in the middle of nowhere, and spent my childhood playing in the surrounding fields and picking flowers; and, when planning the wedding, knew I wanted something fun, loose and young..

My first idea was a loose hand-tied bouquet of colourful wild flowers, totally in fitting with the ‘just picked’ feel:

Colourful Wildflower Bouquet

Later I thought of simple white Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath), which looked wonderfully bohemian:

Baby's Breath Bouquet

Finally, considering my dress is quite ‘fussy’ (without saying too much), and because my bridesmaids dresses and bridal headpiece are full of colour themselves, I think I found a middle-ground. Below is the picture I took to the florists for my initial consultation; loose, hand-tied, garden flowers in white and cream (without the touches of yellow seen here), to be tied with wide cream lace:


I’m not here today: I’m off somewhere having a Birthday. While I’m gone, I thought you’d enjoy a bit of Cake. Feast your little eyes on these!

Above: elegant gold cake inspires a sophisticated wedding theme

What better wedding topic to touch upon on a Birthday than cake? I’ve been playing on Style Me Pretty and made some wedding inspiration boards inspired by gorgeous wedding cakes.

Above: sunflower yellow wedding cake inspires a summery theme

Above: wedding cake with splashes of red inspires a rich theme

Above: the cake’s the star! Impressive wedding cakes ideas – for anyone who shares my love and admiration for big cakes.

So happy cake day everyone! I’ll see you on the other side (of thirty-something).

Claire xxx

Make your own inspiration boards on Style Me Pretty – look for the Inspiration section and then click on the logo to Build a Board. Hours of fun!



Who? What? Why? I hear you say… and is that a little voice at the back saying “ooh can I have a go?” Well let me answer the obvious questions one at a time.

Who are English Wedding’s Blogger Brides?

wedding photography by Chris Hanley They’re UK brides* with their own blogs – girls planning their own weddings who are writing about the experience. Because let’s be honest, I know about the wedding industry, I love the creative stuff and I adore gorgeous photography – but when it comes to catering budgets and managing the inlaws, I haven’t the foggiest. These girls are learning all of the above as they go along – they’re planning weddings and sharing their experiences. Cool.

*or grooms, maybe? If there are any blogging grooms out there I’d love to hear from you too!


What are Blogger Brides doing on English Wedding?

The blogosphere, as clever folks call it, is a sharing, caring little community. It’s lovely in here! In blogland, links are wonderful – mentioning other blogs is a delight for everyone involved. Just like the English Wedding Showcase for suppliers, I’m giving out passwords so brides who blog can join in and write their own posts to publish on the blog.


Days to go: 0

The day is finally here! I wish I could tell you how I am feeling but I probably don’t know myself. (Especially as I’m obviously writing this in advance!)

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the ‘secret’ photos we had taken on our engagement shoot. These have formed the basis of our parents presents – which are photo montages of our shoot. I made a little booboo and forgot to take photos of the finished montages before Richard wrapped them up – but I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

These will also be used for our thank you postcards to send out to guests, and they are also for all you readers out there.

Enjoy and I’ll see you on the other side!

All photos by Phil Barber.


Yay! I’ve been waiting to see this piece of film about The Future of Vintage bridal photo shoot I featured last week on English Wedding. Into my inbox it popped yesterday and it’s brilliant! (Literally! – those colours… that sunshine…)

The Future Of Vintage Shoot from silk wedding videos on Vimeo.

Tom Harrington – previous star of his own engagement shoot on English Wedding – is the director of Silk Wedding Videos in Manchester, and was a big part of The Future of Vintage shoot at Styal Lodge.

“The future of vintage shoot was great fun to be involved in and an excellent opportunity to get some of the very best names in the wedding industry together to do what they do best!

“Jonny Draper is an incredible photographer and a good friend of mine. When he mentioned the concept of the shoot at Styal Lodge I thought it was brilliant. Vintage is very much the thing that a lot of people are looking for on their weddings. So to see how this was going to be taken forward really interested me.

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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