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Did you love Nicola and Chris’s wedding on the blog yesterday? I bet you did… although did I perhaps made you a bit angry when I left you partway through, with our gorgeous bride and groom on the way to their wedding reception?! Hee!

It’s ok – they’re back on English Wedding blog this morning with more fabulous pics from wedding photographer Andy Hook, and Nicola’s words are going to make you all tingly – quite possibly to bring a little tear to your eye too.


Claire xx

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vintage wedding blog derbyshire (34)

Following the service, we did some pictures outside and on a nearby bridge, then headed towards home. We went for some pictures on the way with Andy the photographer, then arrived back to the guests in my dads open top classic car, which I sat up on the back of with a glass of bubbles in hand as we drove in! The party was in full swing, the bubbles and pimms were flowing and people were loving the games!


wedding blog images by Andy Hook (17)

I did a secret little smile when this wedding came in – while it’s become trendy to talk about the end of vintage as a mass market phenomenon, for some couples the whole vintage theme fits like a glove – and Nicola and Chris do vintage their way, very very beautifully indeed.

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (24)

Yorkshire wedding photographer Andy Hook submitted the pictures for English Wedding blog – thanks Andy! – and Nicola wrote a wedding report for me to share with you all. It’s one of the best wedding reports I’ve seen – let alone been able to feature on my blog!

Without further ado (as they said, I believe, in ye olde vintage eras…) here’s Nicola and Chris’s gorgeously creative…

vintage themed wedding in Derbyshire – part one

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (26)

wedding blog images by Andy Hook (25)

Chris and I are very influenced by vintage 1930’s – 40’s style, in the furniture we buy, the clothes we wear and even in the new business that we are setting up (a prohibition style jazz bar in Chelsea). We really wanted to reflect this style in our day.

Star Bride Sally gets married! on English Wedding Blog

Star Bride Sally gets married! on English Wedding Blog

Hi again ladies and gents – nearly the end of the week and time to down pens, up feet and slurp a cuppa while I bring you another great blog post full of wedding blog updates I love most from the week just gone. By the time you finish reading these, you can get your coat and grab your car keys / bus ticket / overdue-Friday-afternoon-glass-of-wine-in-the-bar-over-the-road.

Enjoy x

wedding photography by Martin Beddall

wedding photography by Martin Beddall

Real weddings

wedding blog by photographer Louise Bjorling

Anna and Richard. Photo credit Louise Bjorling


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I love sharing something a bit different. So when I saw Vicky and Neil’s wedding photographs, submitted by lovely wedding photographer Jo Hastings, it was a definite yes from English Wedding blog! Mmmm… firemen.

wedding blog walton hall (3)

Vicky is a gorgeous bride with a fabulous figure – watch out for the full length images of her in her wedding dress which are really lovely. The highlight of this wedding, for me, is the team of firemen: Neil and his colleagues who turned out in full uniform with shiny silver hats and ceremonial axes. I love it!

I was delighted to read Vicky’s recommendation for a friend of mine too: Julie Dawson from The Wedding Genie was her wedding planner, and “did all the ground work and took all the stress away”. Vicky’s written a wedding report to go along with the pics so I’ll leave you to enjoy the feature.

Real wedding at Walton Hall (with firemen!)

wedding blog walton hall (1)


wedding blog walton hall (4)


wedding blog photo credit Clare West (29)

Today’s wedding on the blog is very much a story, told through beautiful pictures and with a wonderful focus on the wedding guests, and on fleeting moments in time.

wedding blog photo credit Clare West (28)

Emma and Justin were married on the edge of a Scottish Loch – Loch Awe, near Oban. Their wedding day incorporated little touches of true individuality: a bit of Bob Marley in church; African fabric for the guys’ waistcoats alongside kilts and a Cèilidh for the evening reception.

I have a wedding report here from Emma, which I love – and with great wedding photography by Clare West, there’s really not much I can add except, enjoy the blog feature and do leave a comment for the bride and groom if you can!

Claire xxx

wedding blog photo credit Clare West (27)

Justin got his morning suit from a second hand tailor in Fulham called Old Hat. We also had made by a good friend of mine waistcoats from African print. Justin and his 2 bestmen had a certain print and then the ushers had the same but in a different colour.


Hands up anybody in wedding-land who hasn’t heard about last week’s article on The Huffington Post about the end of the vintage wedding trend? Yeah, I knew there wouldn’t be any hands up. So – what does it mean for the wedding industry? Not much. Trends come and go. But there is one thing…

Does the end of vintage really matter?

It does mean something for a new wave of wedding photographers – and indeed other wedding suppliers – who’ve built a successful business on the back of a very specific trend. It could mean a great opportunity for growth, or it could mean panic. There are photographers who’ve developed a very niche style with cutesy Photoshop filters, quirky trademark shots and vintage styling. While that’s fine as just one option in a quality portfolio, it’s not so good if it’s all that distinguishes someone’s work from the crowd.


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Morning! Yesterday I featured Kateryna and Prakash’s wedding from Syon Park: a feast for the eyes, a real delight with the most luxurious wedding venue, a stunning bride and groom and lots of gorgeous portraits and pics of a wonderful celebration.

wedding blog UK (22)

Today wedding photographer Natasha Thompson shares some more pics of the day, elegant posed pics and more of the story of the wedding reception. Groom Prakash tells us how this glorious wedding day unfolded from the point we left the happy couple after they signed the register and joined their guests.

We begin with Kateryna’s family and a Russian tradition you may not be familiar with: “Katya’s parents then took us through a traditional Russian ceremony of drinking wine and breaking bread. We got to then spend a short amount of time with our guests before we were then whisked away to the gardens around the Great Conservatory for more photos.

wedding blog UK (27)

wedding blog UK (26)

wedding blog UK (25)

wedding blog UK (24)


real wedding UK Syon House (2)
Elegance and class is what today’s wedding blog is all about. Kateryna and Prakash were married at Syon Park – true luxury and a real feast for the eyes! I make no apology for the lavish setting, the fabulous chequered floors and marble statues, the chaises longues and portraits of the ancestors, the panelled ceilings and ornate gardens.

real wedding UK Syon House (30)

Kateryna is worthy of any grand portrait herself, and she and Prakash make a handsome couple. Either of these two would stop traffic wearing jeans! – but in their wedding day finery they both look amazing.

real wedding UK Syon House (24)

They’ve written a lovely wedding report for the blog, which I believe is very much down to Prakash (I love wedding stories from grooms!) so I’ll hand over the storytelling reins now, and show you beautiful photographs of the wedding courtesy of Natasha Thompson to complete the feature for today.

real wedding UK Syon House (23)

Days to Go: 139


I started blogging on English Wedding with 321 days to go! Now it’s just over four and a half months to go! It still feels like ages away, but I’m so so so so so excited!

H2b has been focusing on our wedding photo booth. He wants to make it himself, and he’s collected some really fantastic ideas.

My friend had one of these photo booths at her wedding and it was so much fun! It’s basically an MDF wall with holes cut out for silly photos. Our photographer is helping us out with a tripod, camera and a flash so that one of our friends can stand and take photos for us.

We have been collecting photo frames to appear on the wall.

We have some large silver frames for guests to look through and we’re collecting little black frames to hold real photographs.


Hello again English Wedding!

I know, I know it’s been far too long! It’s been a mad rush since the wedding, David’s gone back to his third year at uni and I’ve just started my masters, we both now spend most days running around like headless chickens trying to keep up!

It seems like the wedding was yesterday, but also like we’ve always been husband and wife – it’s a lovely feeling. If I’ve not left it too late and you’re all still interested.. here’s how our wedding went.

I woke up in bed next to Katie, one of my bridesmaids. I paced around the house for a few minutes before getting up and having a bath with Vivienne at around 6am! The nerves had actually started making me feel horrible, I was so, so edgy and couldn’t really talk to Katie or Louise (who came round later). They tried to get me to eat something but I really couldn’t. The flowers were delivered, Vivienne went to Mary’s to get ready, and soon we were flying down the road in my flowery Polo to get ready at my Mum and Dad’s house. Everything was pretty much set up from the day before, and everyone was running around putting the final touches to the marquee and tables. 

Chalkboard wedding idea from Ruffled blog

Chalkboard wedding idea from Ruffled blog

Happy Friday everyone! I have a brand new feature for those of you who are in the office, clock-watching or rushing to finish a report. Friday afternoons are the worst, aren’t they? I’ve been remembering my days in Manchester’s Arndale Tower, working as a Marketing Exec in my seat by the window… when Friday afternoons were spent gazing out of the window, emailing my friends or chatting, often after a small glass of wine at dinner time.

 Jesse D. Green Photography

Jesse D. Green Photography

Work… ick! So today I bring you ‘wedding planning or work’ – a diversion from that presentation that’s doing your head in, a list of great things to look at on the interweb that should keep you “busy” until about ten to four. Most of these links are about wedding inspiration and gorgeous pics. From time to time (I’m hoping this will become a regular feature) I’ll include tips on time management which could just possibly class as work, if your boss asks!

Enjoy x


I’ve been musing a lot recently. Thinking about this industry, the financial side of weddings, the way it all works and what motivates people in the wedding industry. For many of us it’s the thank you card from a happy customer; the email saying how wedding guests commented on our work. It’s also the sheer love of our jobs that keeps us going.

For me, it’s also the very personal and involved relationship I can develop with a bride and groom. Discussing wedding stationery, chatting at length about your colours, styles and ideas for your wedding day can be thrilling. Sharing that excitement at such a happy time in people’s lives is pretty unbeatable. It’s certainly worlds apart from sitting in a busy open plan office working my little head off only for no one ever to say thank you.

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


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Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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