I’m proud of my weekly round up this week. The blog has been bursting at the seams with brilliant weddings – as it’s the season I am sharing as many gorgeous real weddings as I can.

Star turn of the week is of course Salma, my fabulous, musical Star Bride. She’s been sharing her wedding in little snippets and I know from behind the scenes here there’s more to come!

Salma’s Wedding blog catch up

I’m so excited for Star Bride Sally – it’s her big day this week and she posted her last pre-wedding update on Friday!

The week on English Wedding blog – quick round up


Days Married: 78

So, here we are in the magnificent hall – getting married!

I remember on the day my face was hurting from smiling so much.

Richard’s mum and dad got up to do a reading that they wrote themselves whilst they were staying in the same place we got engaged – and it was about that very place! Doesn’t Richard’s mum look AMAZING in leopard print!

You know, after watching other wedding videos and seeing other photographs of the first kiss of marriage, I realise ours is not the tamest I’ve seen – much more fire and passion! He held me so tight. 🙂

I just love how happy we are here ‘pretending’ to sign the register for all the photographs!

Obligatory confetti shot.

This was when we had just left the Great Hall and were greeted with champagne. It was bliss!

I love this photo of my sister giving me a hug!


It’s been a while since I introduced a new sponsor in this way: things go on behind the scenes with the English Wedding Showcase and we get all caught up in ideas for the blog, real weddings and off-record wedding industry chat!

Braxted Park Essex documentary wedding photography by Martin Beddall 19

The story of a beautiful wedding by English Wedding blog sponsor Martin Beddall Photography

This is why I introduce my latest sponsor, documentary wedding photographer Martin Beddall, as a new friend. Martin has a wealth of wedding photography expertise and industry insights. He’s inspired a few blog posts about documentary (or reportage) wedding photography – the idea of telling a story with wedding photography appeals to me so much, in these times where we all want to see details, there’s something refreshingly honest, emotive and enchanting in seeing a wedding day simply unfolding before your eyes.

So you’ll have seen Martin Beddall’s name mentioned on various blog posts recently as well as his three – yes, count ’em! – real weddings featured on the blog in the last month or two.


I can’t believe this is my last post, it seems like a week or so ago when I found out I was going to be a ‘Star Bride’ and now all our wedding preparations are done and it’s the countdown to the day! 8 days to go!!

A lot has been going on in the past few weeks to get everything ready, Mum and Dad have been working hard on the house and I’ve been tying up a lot of loose ends at this end. Here are a few things that are finished and ticked off the list, and a few things that have been happening in the ‘run up’:

Orders of Service. They’re not finished yet but I made the outsides a while ago using my typewriter to add ‘Sally & David’ and “30th July 2011”. The insides have been professionally printed and now I just need to tie them all together with a ribbon down the centre (probably a night in front of SATC next week!)


Hello there! How’s your morning going so far? Mine: busy, happy, having fun being creative. And the best bit is the real wedding I have for you today.

A Derbyshire wedding from my friend Mark at Tierney Photography, this one really struck me because of the happy tears – it’s a beautiful occasion full of feeling as well as there being such stunning photographs in the glorious Peak District. I spent the first few years of my life living in this area, and I love the wild moorland and beautiful landscapes – this feels a bit like coming home.

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (1)The wedding dress glows against the morning sunshine, Katie’s shoes catch the light and shimmer and shine…

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (2) 

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (3)Gorgeous wedding flowers and I love the whitewashed windowsill for these pictures – don’t they look fab?

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (4) 

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (5)Katie is beautiful – this photograph captures that delicate vulnerability of a bride on her wedding morning. This picture takes my breath away… and it’s only the first one!

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (6) 


Days Married: 76

It was an overcast morning and I was awake at around 4am and in the shower at 6am. I had planned the morning schedule to the minute and had handed out colour-coded schedules to everyone involved – so to be honest I wasn’t worried about time and getting things done – even though I regularly shouted ‘WHAT’S THE TIME?!’ to all who would listen. We were, in fact, early!

Plenty of champagne was consumed by all and Emma (make-up) and Sara (hair) did an absolutely sterling job.

The boys were getting ready at the other side of the castle after arriving at around 9:30am. I remember making a journey up to Richard’s mum’s room to give her the boys’ shoes and after that I was confined to my corridor for fear of seeing anyone I shouldn’t! I remember being very calm whilst having my hair and make up done – maybe I was a mix of serene, excited and a wedding-automaton – I knew what had to be done so I was doing it!


Have you got your wedding favours yet? Are you having wedding favours? Are you wondering whether to bother? (Let’s face it – they’re not the most important aspect of a wedding for most people!)

I’m about to give you a damn good reason for having wedding favours.

One for the boys!

charity wedding favour pin badge

charity wedding favour pin badge

Orchid, the UK’s male cancer charity (penile, testicular and prostate cancer) have launched their very own charity ribbon pin badges which make unique wedding favours and are a wonderful way to support a worthy cause and provide the perfect finish to your special day.

Wearing an Orchid badge can be a reminder of a loved one’s battle against cancer and the courage they showed during the cancer journey. What’s more they are a lasting gift so your guests will always carry a memory of your wedding day.

Ribbon pin badges for wedding favours can be purchased from Orchid’s online shop via their website: or by calling the Orchid office on 0203 465 5766. Suggested donation is £1 per badge.

bride on horseback photoshoot (7)

bride on horseback photoshoot (14)When I couldn’t resist posting “Bride. Horse. Bus Stop.” on facebook, you loved it as much as I did!

Inspired by my visit to The Riverside Studio and my Proper Interview with the delightful Chris Hanley, I’d been poking around the albums on display and – sorry to say I think I actually squeaked when I saw this photo.

bride on horseback photoshoot (7)So in the tradition of creative bridal shoots and inspiring wedding photography, I bring you this absolute treat: Lucy’s Chris Hanley Photography shoot. Let your eyes have some fun!

bride on horseback photoshoot (1)

bride on horseback photoshoot (2)How gorgeously dramatic are these pictures? The dark skies, white horse… the flash of white wedding dress and the landscapes all combine to create really beautiful shots.

bride on horseback photoshoot (3)

bride on horseback photoshoot (4)

bride on horseback photoshoot (5)

bride on horseback photoshoot (6)

bride on horseback photoshoot (8)

bride on horseback photoshoot (9)Lucy is stunning too – a natural beauty in her element.

bride on horseback photoshoot (10)

bride on horseback photoshoot (11)

bride on horseback photoshoot (12)While the pictures are incredibly beautiful, I do find myself grinning because they’re so deliciously mad! The gorgeous wedding dress draped across the horse… the white wedding umbrella! The thought of a bride dashing around on horseback on country lanes! I LOVE it!


Days Married: 74

Good news readers! I now have the disc of hi-res images from Phil Barber so I can bombard you with photos and wedding reports! Hurrah!

You may remember in a past post that I was keeping secrets about my dress. No more secrets from me – I wore Cabaret by Ian Stuart. To be honest I don’t think the model on the website does the dress justice – as I really don’t like it in that photo. However, trying the dress on was a completely different story – this dress needs curves!

Also you may remember I mentioned that I didn’t like something about my dress initially – the flowers! I thought there were far too many flowers and they looked too busy. Little did I realise that of course these roses fitted in perfectly with my wedding theme, and actually, when the dress is on, they look amazing. I did change something about the original dress though – I had a back panel put in rather than showing my bare back through the corset lacing.


Did you see yesterday’s blog post? The first part of English Wedding’s little (virtual!) roadtrip to Wales for Emma and Lee’s Cardiff Castle wedding had a VW campervan, gorgeous fishtail wedding dress, ducklings and the most dramatic setting for the ceremony I’ve seen in ages.

Part two, of course… well in part two it gets better and better! I previewed one picture on the English Wedding facebook page earlier this month (sometimes I just can’t wait!), it’s so clever! Aga’s wedding photography is so exciting, and the interior of Cardiff Castle is incredible!

Claire: stop wittering. Everybody else: enjoy….

UK wedding photography blog (1)Cardiff Castle – what a stunning, sumptuous wedding venue!

UK wedding photography blog (2)

UK wedding photography blog (3)“Allan yn y fan (celtic music from Wales) were amazing – they created a medieval atmosphere before the ceremony and in the drinks reception. Then in the evening we had a Twmpath (Welsh ceilidh). Cardiff Catering provided a Welsh themed wedding breakfast – Starter – Welsh Rarebit, main- Honey Roast Lamb, Dessert – Weelshcake cheesecake”

UK wedding photography blog (4)

UK wedding photography blog (5)

UK wedding photography blog (6)


Hello everyone, and a big welcome to a week – maybe even a month – absolutely packed full of real weddings for your happy eyes. I’ve been sent so many gorgeous weddings I am absolutely spoilt for choice! Aga from Phototom wedding photography sent me these gorgeous photos from Emma and Lee’s wedding at Cardiff Castle – and wow, they’re just amazing.

It’s hard to believe the wedding was organised in a matter of months: Emma and Lee did a great job and created what looks like a perfect wedding day. From the designer wedding dress to the sparkling VW campervan… this beautiful Welsh wedding is right up my street!

English wedding blog (1)

English wedding blog (2) Emma’s shoes are from Next. The pearl bracelet is a gift from the groom, from Azendi. I love this shot of the wedding accessories… they’re beautiful.

English wedding blog (3)


If it wasn’t for #ww and #ff on the land of twitter (and how kind you all are for the mentions – they always make me happy!) I swear I’d have no idea what day it was – this week has been manic with lots of calligraphy poem commissions, blog behind-the-scenes bits and pieces, and a very surreal piece of work I can’t (legally) talk about.

The week in the land of English Wedding has been far more calm, organised and just as creative. Here’s my little summary in case you missed anything!

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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