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I need you to do me a favour. I need you to scroll slowly through this wedding blog feature because I don’t want you to miss a thing. There’s something about Emma and Tom’s wedding that tugs at the old heartstrings… such emotion in the photos, it’s like every image is a really, really precious moment in time.

Maybe it’s just me feeling emotional. Maybe it’s the way I’ve just looked at the images. Maybe it’s incredibly sensitive and empathetic wedding photography from Phil Drinkwater. I’d love to know how this wedding blog post makes you feel!

wedding blog real weddings UK (7)Oh, and I also have to gloat (vaguely in the direction of Rock My Wedding blog) – because I got a wedding report from a groom. Charlotte featured a groom’s report a few weeks ago, and I was so jealous! When I saw that Tom had written his report of the wedding for me today, I was over the moon.

So with no further ado, I’ll hand over to Phil Drinkwater (images) and groom Tom (words) to share a very special wedding with you today. Enjoy!


Morning everyone, hope you’re all feeling amazing on this soggy, chilly Tuesday morning in September! Me too 😉 and I’m writing a lazy little blog post this morning to celebrate.

I have [counting…] sixteen gorgeous real weddings ready to share with you this month already – they’re really fab and there’s loads of ideas and really stunning themes to share with you, it’s so exciting! – but I’m going to keep you waiting for just one more day before I share the first one.

In the meantime I thought I’d tease you with an eclectic little collection of some of the fabulous weddings I’ll be sharing with you in September. Which is your favourite?

(I’ll be back in action with a proper wedding blog post tomorrow I promise!)

Claire xxx

The perfect English Wedding blog!

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Wedding photography credit: Georgi Mabee


Wow. Where did summer go?! Surely we’re still in it… no? It’s really gone then? Oh dear.

I hope you all had a fabulous summer, wherever you went, whatever you’ve been up to, those of you busy planning for September weddings and those of you like my star bride Sally who’ve just got married. It does feel like we’ve had some lovely sunshine, good times and memories to cherish.

tux and tales wedding photography english wedding showcase

Vicky and Neil's wedding on the Showcase: by Tux and Tales Photography

I just got back from a fortnight’s holiday in Cornwall. So if you’ve emailed me don’t worry – I’m getting there! I’m just catching up with all your comments on the weddings I’ve blogged and all the guest blog posts on here and on the English Wedding Showcase. I love this place – I love that there’s a community here even when I’m not. I love you for making English Wedding the wonderful blog it is.

Kate and Steve's wedding on the Showcase blog by Jenny & Keith McAvoy

Kate and Steve's wedding on the Showcase blog by Jenny & Keith McAvoy

Days to Go: 216


I recently wrote a check list post on my own blog and have scared myself! I was looking at the things that need to be done, and what I’ve actually achieved, and there’s more on the To Do List than on the Done List.

We have set a date, booked the church and the reception venue (after visiting 16 different venues!), I bought the wedding favours quite early on as they were in the sale on Confetti, and the cake topper was one of the first things I bought!

We have wedding insurance and booked a bus, ordered invitations and orders of service, reserved the suits, booked the DJ, cars, chair covers. We have table crystals and my wedding dress. I booked the hair dresser and made the labels for the tables where people sit.

bride card

The bridesmaid dresses are ordered, mum has her outfit, we’ve paid for our honeymoon! (Exciting!) 

Are you ready for the To Do List?

  • Bridesmaids dress fitting
  • My dress fitting
  • The men’s fittings
Scottish wedding blog inspiration board by ARJ Photography

Scottish flavour and flair for you today ladies and gents with the final part of Andy and Bec’s wedding feature on English Wedding blog. We’ve had the marriage, the tears, the poppies, the speeches and the best men’s bums (in part two of the wedding blog). Now I’ll show you all those gorgeous details to inspire your own wedding day.

All of the photographs are taken by my lovely friend and English Wedding blog sponsor ARJ Photography.

Scottish wedding inspiration board

Scottish wedding blog inspiration board by ARJ Photography

Scottish wedding blog inspiration board by ARJ Photography

Andy and Bec’s wedding theme mixes soft pastel pinks and purples with a real flavour of Scotland.

  • table napkins are tied in baby pink ribbons
  • stationery is elegant with romantic calligraphy scripts
  • Bec wears an intricate hair accessory with pearls and crystal
  • Andy and his best men are in Scottish formal dress
  • Bec wears a beautiful dress with lots of romantic detail and her bridal shoes have more lovely pearls
English Wedding blog Pinterest review feature

Dear blog… I’m sorry. I’ve strayed. I’ve found something else, fallen head over heels for a rival… it’s new and exciting, different and it’s taking up all my free time.

I’ve been hooked by Pinterest! And dearest English Wedding blog, while you’ll always be foremost in my heart (after all, I do love you in the deep and meaningful-est of ways) – I’m having a flirtation with Pinterest. Call it a crush.

Wedding blog pinterest feature (2) It’s shallow, I know – but this gorgeous little website is so very pretty and enchanting, it’s turning into a little bit of an addiction with me! I turn on the computer to blog something, I do a little research… I inevitably find a gorgeous creative wedding image I love, and I hit my little ‘Pin It’ button.

And we’re away. The addiction kicks in, the romance is back… I see what my friends have pinned, and my friends are fab so I repin their pins. I comment on their pins, and then I see the little heart icon on their boards and I click it. “I love this!” “Oooh so pretty!”


Morning everyone! We’ve more love from Scotland on the blog today, and it’s smiles all the way: if you’re easily shocked look away before we get to the bit where the best men raise their kilts… (I’m only joking)

There are some really beautiful wedding photos here: Andy and Bec had a beautiful wedding reception and it’s really great to see smiles on all the wedding guests’ faces – as well as the sheer delight from new husband and wife Andy and Bec.

real wedding blog (1)The wedding reception venue is Dunsley Hall Hotel in Kinver – a luxurious boutique hotel with a rich history and a commitment to the environment I really admire.

real wedding blog (2)

real wedding blog (3)

real wedding blog (4)

real wedding blog (5)This is excellent: Andy, his dad and best men. They look great and stand so proudly – it makes for a striking wedding photograph.

real wedding blog (6)insert your own caption here folks…

real wedding blog (7)There must be such pride in dressing formally the Scottish way! Andy and his Dad both had kilt pins and cufflinks from their own clan.


Kilts, sporrens, and the broadest of happy smiles are lined up for you right now in this beautiful wedding day. Who doesn’t love a groom in a kilt… and one with a tear in his eye as he sees his bride approach the altar in church?

You’ll love this, you really really will. And I dare you not to cry just a little bit in the next five minutes!

wedding photography real wedding photos by ARJ Photography Cheshire (1)This wedding was submitted by my friend and wedding blog sponsor Adam Johnson of ARJ Photography in Manchester. Andy and Bec were married at St Benedict’s church in Womborne with a reception at Dunsley Hall in Kinver. Andy’s family are Scottish and there were many lovely details incorporated into the wedding to celebrate the Scottish connection.

Bec is a stunning bride with a beautiful smile: there are nervous moments and a few tears for both bride and groom today – but when they’re together Andy and Bec just look so happy.

wedding genie wizard wedding planning tools

Brides, grooms, born organisers and those of you who are ‘winging it’ – I can now offer you a set of interactive wedding planning tools to help you plan your wedding.

Professional wedding planning tools

I have been looking for great wedding planning tools for a long time. I really wanted to find you some really expert tools to help you plan and I’m so pleased to have found the perfect thing. Who’d design the best wedding planning tools, I’ve been thinking. Who really knows what they’re talking about? A professional…

wedding genie wizard wedding planning toolsI’ve been working with professional wedding planner Julie Dawson from The Wedding Genie who has designed a suite of wedding planning tools to help you with everything from budgeting to guest lists, supplier records and the dreaded wedding table plan.

I’m proud to have these tools on the English Wedding Blog and I really hope you find them useful. There’s a one off payment of just £15 (via The Wedding Genie shop) which gets you all of these great tools to use to plan your wedding.


I saw this and thought of you…

Illustrator Rich Fairhead got in touch and asked me to show you these personalised wedding prints, which I think are a brilliant idea! Inspired by the royal wedding, Rich – a freelance illustrator in London – created a personalised print of a commemorative plate for Kate & Will’s wedding.

personalised wedding prints by Rich Fairhead (2)It was great!

…and then, Rich began to illustrate personalised wedding prints to commemorate more wedding days – and he’s offering to draw you and your groom! One lucky English Wedding blog reader can win their very own print in celebration of their big day.

personalised wedding prints by Rich Fairhead (3)

They make great wedding presents and quirky keepsakes – usually retailing at£64.99, one lucky blog reader (it could be you!) gets their own print, free.

How to enter for a chance to win your print

To enter the competition we need you to answer a very tricky question. Think carefully, then pop your answer in the comments box below. You must enter your email address, and all entrants’ emails will be passed on to Rich in case he has any more special offers up his sleeve.


After a bit of thought I’ve decided to follow in the footsteps of lovely Salma and break down our wedding day into sections to show our day properly, and where better to begin than the preparations before the day itself.

I felt it only right to give the preparations a full post as so many people helped out and it was such a hard slog in the few days before the wedding, everyone was so happy but so stressed thinking of what needed to be done, and for the majority of the time we were all running around like headless chickens!

From the beginning of the week I started shipping boxes of vases, decor, signage, props etc etc down to my parent’s house (even sneaking boxes into the attic-turned-storage bedroom so I didn’t keep hearing “Not MORE stuff, Sally!”), and on Wednesday the marquee went up in the garden.


Emma and Duncan were married in Bristol earlier in the year. Sometimes when I see a wedding for the first time I’m in quiet awe of the bride’s beauty, the atmosphere of the day and the lovely pictures. In this case wedding photographer Matt Tordoff had me almost holding my breath as I looked through the wedding photos.

I hope I can share that impression with you today: of quiet serenity, a sense of calm and pure beauty in these wonderful wedding images.

wedding photography Bristol on English Wedding blog (1)I fell for the innocence in this photograph of Emma instantly. She’s beautiful and I love the look in her eyes. What a beautiful wedding hair accessory as well – so pretty.

wedding photography Bristol on English Wedding blog (2)

wedding photography Bristol on English Wedding blog (3)

wedding photography Bristol on English Wedding blog (4)

wedding photography Bristol on English Wedding blog (5)Another strikingly beautiful bridal portrait – with the light playing on her veil only emphasising Emma’s contemplative gaze, I really do love this image.

wedding photography Bristol on English Wedding blog (6)

wedding photography Bristol on English Wedding blog (7)This next photo always makes me smile: dressed and ready in plenty of time, two guests kick back and wait quietly for the celebrations to begin…

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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