The scene for today’s wedding blog post is The Manor By The Lake. The tone of the day is beautiful, cheeky and fun. The bride and groom are Dawn and Gavin, very much in love and all smiles from beginning to end.

real wedding by McAvoy Photography (1)The wedding photographers are Jenny and Keith McAvoy, aka McAvoy Photography. They’re the perfect team to shoot this wedding day – fun loving and relaxed, with an eye for the quirky, contemporary photography that’s just right for Dawn and Gavin’s wedding day.

I shan’t waffle: I’ll leave you to read and enjoy.

real wedding by McAvoy Photography (2)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (3)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (4)So cute! Cat thinks… what’s going on? This isn’t normal. But it smells so pretty…

real wedding by McAvoy Photography (5)These little signs are lovely aren’t they?

real wedding by McAvoy Photography (6)The Tiffany key was Gavin’s wedding day present for Dawn. On her garter she had an old photograph of her grandparents when they were young.

real wedding by McAvoy Photography (7)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (8)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (9)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (10)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (11)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (12)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (13)real wedding by McAvoy Photography (17)Now that’s a wedding dress! How beautiful does Dawn look as she waits to walk down the aisle?
real wedding by McAvoy Photography (14)Isn’t she stunning? I love this portrait of Dawn – the contented smile, that gorgeous dress and her pose. To me this says: Best day of my life.


I haven’t written a wedding business advice post for a little while – but over the last few weeks I’ve been helping friends with business advice here and there, and I thought I’d share with you today.

Every time I’m asked for advice about running a wedding business, I think, “I’ve been through that”, and it means I can help. I’m sure very many of us running our own businesses can identify with the same issues and dilemmas, so I’m going to try and use the blog to share my advice with everyone.

Wedding blogs – what’s that all about?

I was asked this question today, by a photographer I know via twitter. It’s funny: I live in a little bubble where blogs are the centre of everything I do, and it’s so easy to forget that the blogging phenomenon is still relatively new to the UK. Of course, this applies to brides and grooms as well as to wedding businesses. So it was a great question to be asked, and really got me thinking.


A girl lived with her mother on the outskirts of a smoky city. The girl was beautiful: she had a gentle smile and kind eyes with a little laughter behind them. Her hair was the colour of sunshine and she wore red. She loved red. She always wore red.

creative wedding photography blog shoot (1)

creative wedding photography blog shoot (2)The beautiful girl was in love. She was looking forward to seeing her beloved for a special date, so she decided to take a short cut through the forest to meet him. Smiling as she plucked her favourite cape from by the door – for she loved to be noticed – the beautiful girl stepped outside. Heads turned.

Little Red Riding Hood was her name.

creative wedding photography blog shoot (3)The forest was a magical place. Birds sang, cute little animals scurried around in the undergrowth, pretty flowers blossomed all year round. Little Red Riding Hood felt alive, free and happy there.

Only this day, something felt wrong.


I love the weddings that make me stop. My fingers, poised to type, pause in mid air for a few moments. This wedding blog feature stands out from the crowd: Jenny and Tim had the most sophisticated, luxurious day – perfect for English Wedding blog.

uk wedding blog real wedding arj photo (1)

I love weddings with personality. Whoever you are, whatever you love and wherever your inspiration and style comes from, the most important thing is to create the wedding day that reflects you. Jenny and Tim’s wedding day does just that. It’s pure, perfect, classic glamour.

uk wedding blog real wedding arj photo (2)

With wedding photography by Adam Johnson ( this is a beautiful day and one I’m delighted to be sharing on the blog today.

uk wedding blog real wedding arj photo (3)After getting ready nearby, Jenny and her girls came to Arley Hall wedding venue in Cheshire, and we join them here in the dressing room just before the wedding begins. Jenny’s Pandora bracelet was a wedding present from Tim. Isn’t it beautiful?


I’m out playing in the woods today – on a top secret blog mission, living a fairytale, and (if the last three days are anything to go by) with ‘teddy bears’ picnic‘ going around and around in my brain.

Although the secret photoshoot I’m going to see and later share with you is definitely NOT about teddy bears! It’s altogether more exciting, more gorgeous, more inspiring and I expect a little darker than a teddy bears’ picnic could ever be.

Love My Dress blog Audrey Hepburn wedding ideas shoot

found on Love My Dress blog - Audrey Hepburn wedding shoot by Tiffany Irving

But don’t despair – because while I’m out playing, I’m going to share my favourite real weddings from blogs from the last few weeks. These are, I think, the very best of the wedding blogs – but if you’ve seen a fabulous post or wedding or shoot you think should be on the list, add it to the comments below!


Wedding blog love


Today’s wedding blog post is definitely for the ladies – anyone planning a hen weekend and wondering how to keep things classy should read this fab guest post by Jessica Lambert.

With lavish hen parties becoming more and more popular, the pressure is really on to choose ideas that are unique, special and memorable. Still, there’s no need to go abroad; with so many sophisticated hen party ideas available right on your doorstep, you can keep the cash from the flights to spend on the night.

sophisticated uk hen weekend ideas (4)London

The cosmopolitan capital of culture, a London hen weekend provides you with an eclectic choice of things to do:

Afternoon tea at The Ritz

A great way of getting some quality time with the girls and enjoying an afternoon in style is to get some top class service at The Ritz Hotel in London. With a variety of teas, freshly made sandwiches, freshly baked scones with jam and clotted cream, and pastries, the afternoon tea at The Ritz is a truly luxurious and decadent experience.


Bring on the glitz and glamour – let’s brighten up a working morning with a little luxury, sparkle, glamour and elegance in a stunning stately home wedding venue shall we?

wedding photography uk (10)

Jonathon Watkins of Photoglow Photography sent me this beautiful collection of photographs which showcase his style and approach to shooting weddings. And I love it: this is what English Wedding blog is all about, embracing glamour and stunning imagery.

wedding photography uk (7)

The bridal shoot took place at Ellenborough Park, which is a luxurious stately home just outside Cheltenham. With a history dating back to the 1400s, Ellenborough Park is a fascinating and magnificent venue for weddings, and the perfect location for a wedding photo shoot!

wedding photography uk (9)I adore the scope and atmosphere of the wedding venue: the murals paint a picture of times gone by – and yet it’s easy to imagine the lords and ladies, even kings and queens, treading the same stairs as the bride and groom in the shoot.

wedding photography uk (32)What a stunning, elegant wedding dress. This is Papillon by Jenny Packham.

Happy Hens


The wedding is on Friday (can’t believe it’s nearly here!) so I must keep this brief – I’ve got orders of service to tie together and a house to clean before we go on honeymoon. I just thought I’d share with you some pictures of my very special hen day, organised by Maid of Honour extraordinaire Alexandra. Alexandra and I have been best friends for 19 years, and she really pulled out all the stops for an amazing day.

We began at the Natural History museum, one of my favourite London museums. After taxidermy, precious gems and earthquake simulations galore, we moved on to a surprise part of the day – which turned out to be afternoon tea at gorgeous Moroccan restaurant Momo. We then rounded the day off with cocktails near Piccadilly. I had a really wonderful time, and am so grateful to all my lovely friends who came along to celebrate with me.

The hens with Dippy the Diplodocus at the Natural History Museum

The museum’s Earth Gallery


facebookPlease tell me I’m not the only one feeling contemplative this week – as the seasons change I seem to have relaxed into a very mellow frame of mind! That’s not to say I’m feeling down: on the contrary, I have some plans for my little UK wedding blog which I’m quietly excited about.

As ever, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and ideas over on facebook first of all – I’ve started to use facebook to jot down ideas, feelings and thoughts – the kind of wedding ideas I’d share with friends first before publishing for the world to see… naturally, dearest reader, if you’d like to join me on facebook I’d love to have your company over there!

This is me.

Consider this little blog post your personal invitation to come and say hi on facebook, and see what’s in the pipelines for English Wedding!

Have a lovely day. Kick some leaves and jump in a puddle if you get a chance 🙂

Claire xx


Hello! How do you fancy being whisked away this morning? As I sit at my desk to write this wedding blog post I’m still dreaming of my holiday in Cornwall last month: golden sands, rich blue seas, sunshine and happy days with family… and I’m sat here with my chin on my hands, wishing I could be magically transported back to the seaside just for a little while longer!

real wedding blog uk (12)

I have the next best thing. Especially in the world of weddings and blogs we all share, I have something wonderful for you this morning. Scroll through the pics, turn your imagination up full blast and imagine you too can feel the sand between your toes and the wind in your hair, hear the waves and enjoy the laughter of all your friends and family: join me and enjoy Leah and Glen’s wonderful wedding in Cornwall.

Thank you to Sarah of Green Photographic for submitting this gorgeous wedding for the blog. Watch out for super-pretty peony bouquets, sweet-as-ice-cream pink and cream cupcakes and a beautiful wedding wishing tree to inspire your own wedding day!

summer gold wedding inspiration board

Yesterday I featured Emma and Tom’s wedding on the blog, a sophisticated and beautiful wedding at Cheshire’s luxurious Arley Hall. Behind the scenes I was hoarding some of the lovely detail photos – wedding photographer Phil Drinkwater sent me so many I was absolutely spoilt for choice.

Cue a wedding inspiration board for any brides and grooms out there who are planning an elegant, light and summery gold theme for their day.

Wedding inspiration: summer golds

summer gold wedding inspiration board

Summer Gold wedding inspiration board with images by Phil Drinkwater Photography

Emma and Tom kept their summer wedding theme really light and elegant, which I love. Sometimes gold can be quite a heavy theme, and with stately homes like Arley Hall where there might be heavy gilded picture frames, gold chairs and dark decor it’s a nice trick to keep things bright and summery. Emma and Tom did it perfectly.


wedding blog real weddings UK (1)

I need you to do me a favour. I need you to scroll slowly through this wedding blog feature because I don’t want you to miss a thing. There’s something about Emma and Tom’s wedding that tugs at the old heartstrings… such emotion in the photos, it’s like every image is a really, really precious moment in time.

Maybe it’s just me feeling emotional. Maybe it’s the way I’ve just looked at the images. Maybe it’s incredibly sensitive and empathetic wedding photography from Phil Drinkwater. I’d love to know how this wedding blog post makes you feel!

wedding blog real weddings UK (7)Oh, and I also have to gloat (vaguely in the direction of Rock My Wedding blog) – because I got a wedding report from a groom. Charlotte featured a groom’s report a few weeks ago, and I was so jealous! When I saw that Tom had written his report of the wedding for me today, I was over the moon.

So with no further ado, I’ll hand over to Phil Drinkwater (images) and groom Tom (words) to share a very special wedding with you today. Enjoy!

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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