The Wedding Industry Awards photo by Adbycreativeimages (3)Last week saw the launch of The Wedding Industry Awards. These were a quiet revolution in the wedding industry in 2012: their integrity was a breath of fresh air. The voting was open to brides and grooms; not to twitter buddies and wedding industry pals. Feedback given by couples during the voting process was fabulous, in depth and heartfelt. The eventual winners in regional and national categories deserved their glory: they were truly admired by the customers they’d worked so hard for.

After the awards event early in 2012, there was a buzz of anticipation as wedding suppliers across the country looked forward to a bigger and better Wedding Industry Awards in 2013.

The launch of the 2013 Wedding Industry Awards

The biggest change to the awards for 2013 is the £50 entry fee. In 2012 the awards were free to enter, and the charge for entries came as a surprise to many wedding suppliers. Twitter’s dashboard lit up with the news, and there were lively discussions on facebook.


As my darling Gareth would say in his best Frank Spencer accent, “I think I’ve done a little whoopsie.” I’ll elaborate: in March I asked wedding jewellers to share their sparkliest designs on the English Wedding Showcase. I intended to share them with you all the very next week… I made two inspiration boards and put them on the English Wedding facebook page, but forgot to share them with you here! Let’s fix that 🙂

Wedding jewellery: delicious silver inspiration board

Bridal jewellery from the UK silver sparkle

Bridal jewellery from the UK - wedding inspiration board

Wedding jewellery designer credits:


chester wedding blog photographer (17)Today’s wedding blog is a delicious mix of contrasting images: the typical English seaside, the beautiful bride and her timeless glamour; the sand and dunes set against cloudy skies, the delicate purple butterfly wedding theme. Becky and Guy make a great looking couple, and their wedding has everything: elegance, style, individuality and character.

chester wedding blog photographer (19)The wedding was submitted by Vickerstaff Photography – Chester wedding photographers and my newest friends and blog sponsors. Becky has shared details of her wedding day so I will leave you to admire the images and enjoy the story of Becky and Guy’s seaside wedding.

Sophisticated seaside wedding – Becky and Guy

chester wedding blog photographer (39)
chester wedding blog photographer (38)
chester wedding blog photographer (32) chester wedding blog photographer (31) chester wedding blog photographer (23) chester wedding blog photographer (30) chester wedding blog photographer (29) chester wedding blog photographer (28) chester wedding blog photographer (27)

The wedding day as it happened

I arrived at the venue in a horse and carriage, it was a very memorable moment and such a lovely way to start the day and take in all the scenery. We had a civil ceremony. We had pictures taken on the shore which was a lot of fun. We set off lanterns which is a good idea to do after the meal, so people don’t get bored waiting for the evening to start. After the first dance we just danced all night – it was great fun.


What happened to the rest of this week? I don’t imagine I’m the only wedding supplier who could use two more days before the weekend… so today I’m photographing, packing and posting a nice little handful of calligraphy orders for my customers. (It’s a long process: they all need gift-wrapping, ribbons, and a handwritten address label 🙂

Nonetheless, there’s still time for a little wedding planning break, I think!

French vintage wedding blog

French vintage wedding on Before the Big Day blog. Photo credit:

Real wedding blogs

Think creative


Hello again! Is it just me or is it starting to feel as though summer’s just around the corner? We all know what that means… lots of lovely weddings! I was up at dawn (one of my cats decided it was time to play) and opened the back door to a clear, silent, fresh morning. It’s nearly May already, can you believe – and it’s always sunny in May. I know this because May is my birthday month. There’s usually a mini heatwave too. I can’t wait!

Wedding blog by Martin Beddall (1)But back to weddings. I’ve been watching the little sidebar widget on the blog this week, which feeds through from the English Wedding Showcase blog. (I’ve moved it up to the top right for a few days so you can see it better.) And after a steady flow of engagement shoots on the Showcase blog, it’s fab to see wedding after wedding appearing on there. I love it!


Morning lovely people! Now, has anyone been eagle-eyed enough to spot the new feature in the menu bar up at the top there? I added a new page to English Wedding blog at the weekend – ideas for hen and stag weekends.

The pre-wedding adventure which, in our parents’ days, was one ale too many in the local pub / a bottle of wine with the girls at home, has turned into an extravaganza.

Hen and stag weekends – a modern adventure!

burlesque hen weekend activityNo longer are we content with a quiet celebration to send us into married life; as with weddings, hen and stag weekends have become competitive, exciting, expensive and with more options than you can count on a Chippendale’s fingers, toes and… well.

While a part of me longs to hear about a new love of vintage hen nights and stag dos to go with the thrifty, handmade wedding trend, I’m fascinated by all the options there are for hens and stags to let their hair down, dress up, dance, fight, scare themselves silly and even paint each other.


Reportage wedding photography is a style I love. For those of you who’d like a definition, reportage is the art of telling a story through photography: seeing a wedding as a day which unfolds through people’s interactions (smiles, tears, contemplation) rather than a collection of details in sequence.

That’s my definition, and my understanding. The experts explain it better: read what is reportage wedding photography? by my friend and blog advertiser Phil Drinkwater. Phil specialises in reportage and has launched his new website to showcase this side of his wedding photography business.

reportage wedding blog photograph (2)Please do explore and enjoy the wedding reportage photography website Phil’s launched. It offers a clear and succinct explanation of what reportage is all about – the explanation being in both words and pictures, of course!
reportage wedding blog photograph (1)

Choosing reportage photography for your wedding

Reportage wedding photography will focus more on the moments than on the details of your day. If your wedding is all about friends and family coming together to celebrate, then reportage could be perfect for you.


Buxted Park wedding (26)Matthew and Alyson’s wedding is elegance itself: with a musical flavour lending personality to the day and beauty and simplicity styling their celebrations. Alyson’s wedding dress by Suzanne Neville has a dreamy nostalgia and the 1940s style of her dress and headdress influenced the theme of today’s wedding blog.

The wedding colours are purest whites; the wedding venue is divine; the weather for this November wedding day was bright, and crisp – the perfect day for a wedding.

Photography is by Sussex wedding photographer Sara Reeve, and Alyson has written the loveliest wedding report to share with us all today. Enjoy!

Buxted Park wedding (31)

Who proposed, and how?

Our favourite restaurant is Drakes of Brighton. Having spent a wonderful evening sampling fine food and wine, Matthew kept taking moments to talk to the staff away from our table and became very serious. Suddenly he produced a card in which he’d written the poem “I vow to you”. Whilst Matthew read the poem and we became caught up in the moment I could see one of the waitresses circling close to our table. At the moment that Matthew finished the poem, four cupcakes with pink hearts and the words “Will you marry me” were placed in front of me. How could I refuse!


Some of the guest blog post ideas I’m sent for English Wedding are fabulous. This is one. Honestly written, funny and charming – and full of genuine advice for grooms. We’ve heard a lot about looking good in wedding photos from various blogs recently, but never a real focus on the groom. And I like to think I know what men need: practical advice, useful ideas and humour. The other thing men need is Tamara Kuzminski – a full of great advice. She’s the author of today’s guest blog post – so welcome, Tamara, and thank you!

When planning your wedding, most of the advice focuses on the bride. Unsurprising really, when statistically, it’s the brides who do most of the planning and the grooms have (perhaps an unfair) reputation of just turning up, looking smart and saying “I do”. But just because the boys aren’t necessarily as motivated when it comes to collecting ribbon and drying out petals, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look their best.


Afternoon! I’m still running to my bank holiday clock, so Friday came as a bit of a surprise this week – but I’ve still got a lovely list of wedding planning links to share with you, stored up from my favourite wedding blog posts of the last week or two. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Edinburgh wedding photography by Lillian and Leonard

Edinburgh wedding photography by Lillian and Leonard

Real weddings and engagement shoots


posting wedding invites UK advice (5)
Hello! For starters: I’m only cringing a little bit at the title. OK, so it’s not a dire warning about the Royal Mail. Your wedding won’t be flashmobbed by angry postmen; even postal strikes aren’t going to have that much impact on your day. So let’s not panic – this is a sensible blog post with wedding advice for couples and suppliers alike: a few things that can go wrong when you’re relying on our wonderful postal service, and how to make them go right instead. (PS do you like my pink stamps? I love Photoshop! Queen, take note!)

Pay the right postage; save on wedding invitation stamps

For anyone who didn’t know, the price of stamps is going up in April. It’s worth thinking about buying your stamps now to save lots of money. The bigger / heavier your wedding invitations, the more you’ll save by buying stamps before the 3oth of April.


A quickie wedding blog post for this afternoon, as I sit huddled in my cardie, fingers chillin’ and waiting for sunshine! I’ve picked my winner for the Wedding Cupcakes book this morning – better late than never… Faye is the lucky winner of my competition and her book will be sent in the post very soon.

wedding cupcakes book review

Congratulations Faye!

If you missed my wedding cupcakes book review, you really should read it. I’m a natural baker* as well as being reasonable about writing my little wedding blog.

If you’re an author or publisher, please send me your wedding related books to review** and give to my readers as prizes. I promise I’ll try really hard to do them justice. I love reviewing wedding books.

Claire xx

*This is not true.
**I use the term loosely. See previous attempts.

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Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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