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I don’t really have many updates! The trouble with planning your wedding two years in advance is that it’s so slow!

We booked the wedding venue, the church and the photographer December 2009/January 2010, which seems like ages ago. We booked most of our suppliers in Spring and Summer of 2010 and I bought my wedding dress last April. Everything is organised!

Wedding things are, however, starting to take over our living room. I’ve ordered and received all our wedding favours which includes bubbles, boxes and little organza bags.

I’m also collecting shoe boxes to use to put all the tables items in. All the favours for table one will be in one box with the place name sittings and the table plan for that table. So those shoe boxes are all piled in a corner of the living room.

My h2b is also planning on making a photobooth for the wedding, which means we have photo frames leaning against the living room walls.


wedding music advice (6)

Weddings used to be simple affairs; registry office in the High Street, a few pals as witnesses, bowling club for some egg sandwiches. After a few dances one of your cousins has too much to drink, starts a fight then all the pre-ordered cabs show up at 1am. Job done. Oh, how things have changed. Today’s bride expects a proposal in a gondola, the ceremony must be at the base of Victoria Falls and catered by Gordon Ramsay and that’s before you’ve even thought about the entertainment.

Ask ten people what’s the most important part of a typical wedding and you’ll likely get ten different answers. Ask the same people what type of music goes down best at weddings and you’ll get another ten.


Surrey wedding photography

Please forgive me for a little lapse in brand new blog posts this week – if you saw yesterday’s post you’ll know why. In the meantime – brainwave – I am sharing real weddings via my friends and sponsors from the English Wedding Showcase. You’ll love this one from documentary wedding photographer Martin Beddall – enjoy!

Documentary wedding photography

Last Sunday’s wedding at Nutfield Priory hotel near Redhill, Surrey for Anya and Mikey …and their son, Leo, not to be left out of the action, he crashed the vows! A great, fun, laidback couple ( they met at Glastonbury ), I posted their engagement shoot – in the Dragon’s lair, a few weeks back – and the wedding was a fun, happy day, with Leo grabbing as much attention as the bride and groom!

Dorothy and Dave, April 1949

Having written about my parents’ vintage wedding recently, I wanted to tell you about my Grandma’s wedding day too. My Grandma is an amazing lady, in her late eighties and as witty and forward-thinking as anyone I know.

Dorothy and Dave, April 1949

Dorothy and Dave, April 1949

Grandma was married in 1949, only a few years after the end of the second world war. She was 26 and Grandad was 27. They were together for 37 years and I have the loveliest memories of playing in the garden and feeding the ducks as a little girl in Buxton where they lived. My grandparents’ wedding was all about the marriage itself: no fuss, just a very personal celebration with family and friends. Rationing was still in effect in the UK at that time so budgets were pretty tight, but my grandma still has fond memories of her wedding day to share…

Grandma’s wedding was an intimate affair, with about ten people at the church service and then a reception at my Grandad Dave’s parents’ home. They invited closest family and friends: there was no need for distant relatives to travel; it was a simple, intimate and personal celebration.


I can’t believe that it’s already been a month since the wedding. Time really has flown – our honeymoon seemed to flash by in the blink of an eye, and we’ve settled into married life so easily that it feels things were always this way (in a good way, of course!). I’ve not experienced the post-wedding blues that so many people talk about – we had our special day and yes, it’s over, but now we’re embarking on an even more exciting stage of our lives.

I’ve already wittered on about many of the details of the wedding in my Blogger Bride planning posts, so I’ll try to stay schtum and just let the pictures do the talking (with the odd caption here and there). But first I’d just like to say a huge thank you to Claire for allowing my ramblings to appear on her site, and for the opportunity to be able to be a part of such an exciting project – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.


Do you love or hate autumn? When there’s a crisp chill in the air, you wake up in darkness at 7am, the heating goes on and winter woollies come out – do you hide or rush out to play in the rusty leaves?

I had the idea of a new wedding blog post with my friend and Tiararama designer Suzanne Laughlin: to shout out and share the things we love about autumn. Because at the end of the wedding season the wedding industry doesn’t sleep: instead, we get inspired. The smell of autumn on the air, the hazy sunshine and being all toasty inside… it kicks off that creative buzz. I wanted to share some of that with you!

Tiararama on Autumn…

Tiararama unique bridal tiara designs from the UK (1)

"Autumn" tiara design by Tiararama; Photography credit Hannah Duffy

Tiararama’s bridal collections are inspired by the seasons. Suzanne explains why autumn is such an inspiration for her bridal designs:


wedding wishing tree UK Yesterday I was so happy to share Sally and Gareth’s gorgeous real wedding on the blog – with Sally’s own wonderful wedding report and all those lovely images from wedding photographer Dwiko Arie it was a wedding blogger’s treat!

vintage wedding inspiration diy ideas photography by dwiko arie (3)

Today – I have more. There are literally hundreds of wedding DIY ideas for you here – all vintage inspired, creative and fun. Sally’s ideas for the wedding came together beautifully and Dwiko Arie‘s images captured her inspiration so well.

Rather than making my own inspiration board I’m going to show you some of the images Dwiko sent, just as they are (this wedding photography blog is seriously inspiring – there’s a link at the end you HAVE to visit) and use Sally’s own words to share the details with you.


Sally and Gareth’s vintage and Caribbean wedding inspiration

vintage wedding inspiration diy ideas photography by dwiko arie (1)

Sally is a big fan of Style Me Pretty and Once Wed blogs, and took inspiration from the wedding blogs she loved. The theme for her and Gareth’s wedding day was vintage English with a Caribbean twist.


real wedding blog Parley Manor by Dwiko Arie (1)

A wedding blogger’s dream… the perfect fairytale wedding jam packed full of details and DIY, a bride who has had the most amazing time creating the perfect day. A glamorous couple, a loving family and a story which is guaranteed to make you cry.

real wedding blog Parley Manor by Dwiko Arie (3)

Especially in the light of the blog post on Hindsight Bride last week, I’m already enjoying sharing this perfect fairytale wedding with you. There are tons of details. There is everything you could see in the very best wedding magazine. Because everyone is different, and for Sally and Gareth this meant a very personal wedding with bells, whistles and a cherry on top. With photos by Dwiko Arie, this really is a dream wedding day.

In two parts – today, the wedding and just the tiniest hint of Sally’s fabulous DIY details. Tomorrow I’ll share the bells and whistles: the knicker bunting, jam jars, table settings and loads more.

Grab the tissues: you’re about to cry happy tears along with Sally’s wedding report.

real wedding blog Parley Manor by Dwiko Arie (2)


I have a few major insecurities when it comes to English Wedding blog. I love writing it, I love that I have an honest and beautiful blog that brides, grooms and businesses find inspiring. But sometimes I worry: I’m not a bride, I haven’t planned my own wedding, everything I know about weddings comes second hand.

A wedding blogger’s confession

Sometimes I feel a bit of a fraud: how can I presume to advise and try to help brides and grooms when I haven’t been there myself?

I guess it’s all about intentions. I write English Wedding blog because I genuinely want to help – I want to show the work of top wedding photographers to the brides and grooms who are looking for inspiration and ideas. I want to share my experiences of the wedding industry with everyone who might learn from what I’ve learned. And when I can, I want to share my life experience with you in the hope that someone out there might feel comforted, inspired, reassured or enthused by what I can share from inside of me.


How many words do you think are reasonable for the heading of a blog post? And how long do you think it takes to write a blog post heading? About thirty seconds? No. A minute, maybe? No. Five minutes. Because Caroline and Adam’s beautiful wedding day has so many elements I don’t want you to miss! They say bloggers shouldn’t stress about writing everything in the title. Well, ok then. But just for the record, this one’s:

Caroline and Adam’s gorgeous English vintage style Cambridgeshire garden marquee village fete inspired wedding.

The images were very kindly shared by wedding photographer Simon Kemp from Hyde End Studios. I loved the images and the style of the day – there are lots and lots of lovely wedding ideas here for you! Beautiful bride Caroline sent me the best wedding report too – so I’ll leave the writing to her (she’s brilliant – she won’t witter on like I do…)

countryside wedding inspiration board - reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey

Did you see Tanya and Andy’s countryside wedding on the blog this week? I loved it so much I’ve turned the blog feature into a three-day event! We’ve heard about camping in the countryside before the wedding day, about tambourines in church and the band playing around the campfire, about games and cakes and lavender and campervans…

countryside wedding inspiration board - reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey…well, I had to make you an inspiration board from some of the wedding photographs – all of the lovely images above are by reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey. The details and ideas to take away for your own wedding are:

  • use brightly coloured flowers dotted across your wedding tables to create a summery, cheerful wedding reception. Try sunflowers, poppies, gerberas and agapanthus – or anything you can find in your mum’s / grandma’s / aunty’s garden!
  • Bunting brightens up the roof of a wedding marquee and adds colour. Make bunting with fabric or paper – there are tutorials online to help you including a lovely easy one on Love My Dress blog by Lou from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings:

real Brickhouse farm wedding reportage photography by Mark Carey (14)

So today I have a treat for you – part two of Tanya and Andy’s lovely relaxed, family orientated wedding. There’s something so special about doing things your own way: from the wedding ceremony where all the children had tambourines, to Tanya’s beautiful and unconventional wedding dress.

real Brickhouse farm wedding reportage photography by Mark Carey (8)

I would shout from the rooftops about making your wedding personal to you, about sidestepping tradition and making a wedding a celebration of who you really are. Today, I don’t need to: Tanya and Andy are showing us exactly what that means and how special and perfect it can be.

real Brickhouse farm wedding reportage photography by Mark Carey (28)

Time for Tanya to take over with the second part of her wedding report. Reportage wedding photographer Mark Carey supplies the beautiful images of the day.


real Brickhouse farm wedding reportage photography by Mark Carey (5)

“Brick House Farm is such a special venue, laid back and rustic, with the most divine food and picturesque setting. It was just perfect for the informal wedding we wanted.

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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