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I’m sure if you’ve got something really important to finish it can wait five minutes. There’s an hour or two left before home time after all. You deserve a break, it’s Friday afternoon! We’re into weekend time already if you ask me 🙂

Course, if you like this little lot you can while away the time until 4 or 5 just blog-hopping and enjoying lots of wedding inspiration. I should apologise to brides and grooms who aren’t bloggers by the way: I’ve been reading a lot about blogging this week so there’s a bit of advice in here too.

Enjoy! (and next time you look at the clock it might just be home-time…)

Real weddings

Fly fishing wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

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Be different

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winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (18)I’ve been waiting so long for a cold snap. I pictured myself blogging all wrapped up and toasty, with glistening icicles outside and this winter berries wedding inspiration shoot on my screen, next to a mug of steaming hot chocolate…

Well there’s no snow outside (yet). I give up!!! But it’s chilly. It’s been frosty… and the sparkles on the pavement in the morning say it’s time to blog this lovely wedding inspiration shoot!

Two posts – all about the shoot today, and an inspiration board to share with you tomorrow. If you’re having a winter wedding, think of sparkly frost and crystals, red berries all shiny and light with a little snow on top… a little bit of white (fake) fur, and plenty of gorgeous sparkle. Hannah Webster (of Lifeline Photography) and friends are here to show you how!

Enjoy x

Wedding Inspiration: winter berries – the details

winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (17)
winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (19)
winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (20)

winter wedding blog by Lifeline Photography (32)The shoot was photographed by Hannah from Lifeline Photography. “The more weddings I shoot, the more I fall in love with the little hand crafted details that make things feel so personal.


The Elite wedding blog logoAllister Freeman is a top UK reportage wedding photographer & photojournalist – his photography has a tranquility and a tenderness to it which for me is unrivalled in the industry. I’m thrilled to share Allister’s insightful interview as part of The Elite on English Wedding blog today.

Allister Freeman cares deeply about weddings, his clients and the industry he inspires – that’s clear to see from his work and from his wedding photography blog. His real wedding blog posts are personal and generous; his thoughts on wedding photography and advice posts are considerate, useful and compelling.

wedding photography by Allister Freeman (3)

The Elite: Allister Freeman – an interview

Allister, for me you provide the very definition of fine art documentary wedding photography. Was it an active choice for you to master this style, capturing the naturally beautiful moments of a wedding day rather than staging key images?

For me, long-lasting wedding photography must be powerful and emotive and more than just a set of pretty pictures. In order to create images that evoke a strong emotional reaction viewers need to be able to connect with the moment and so images need to be believable.


photography by Geoff Reardon (21)Everyone wants to know who will photograph a wedding photographer’s wedding. I featured Alice and Jamie’s wedding on the blog yesterday, with pictures by lovely Jean-Luc Benazet.

I can’t quite remember how I found out about Jean-Luc’s own wedding to the beautiful Liza, but I was delighted to see they’d chosen Geoff Reardon to be their wedding photographer.
Jean-Luc and Liza have written their wedding report to share with you, and the images of their wedding day are breathtaking – so I’ll leave you in their capable hands to enjoy today’s wedding blog.

photography by Geoff Reardon (26)

Cambridge College wedding blog: Liza and Jean-Luc Benazet

photography by Geoff Reardon (25)

Liza had two beautiful dresses for the distinct parts of the wedding day. In the morning she wore this Monsoon Fusion summer dress with Irregular Choice shoes from Schuh. For the afternoon blessing & reception she wore Victoria Jane by Ronald Joyce (Sable 17014 ivory) bought from Karen Forte in Bassingbourn with shoes from Monsoon, a bracelet and hair accessories from Accessorize and necklace from Ernest Jones.


wedding blog photo (35)There’s nothing like a real love story to brighten up a cold morning… and Alice and Jamie’s story is a lovely one. Both living in London now, they went back to their childhood home of Wales to get married last year. Alice has written her own story of the wedding day which is as enchanting as the images of the wedding. And she looks so incredibly beautiful in lace and pearls…

wedding blog photo (34)

All the photographs are by Cambridge wedding photographer Jean-Luc Benazet. I have something very special to tell you about Jean-Luc at the end of this wedding blog, but for now I’ll leave you to read Alice and Jamie’s wedding story.


Bryngwyn Hall wedding: Alice and Jamie

wedding blog photo (33)“Even though Jamie and I live in London, we are both from the same area in Mid Wales (we met at primary school!) and knew we wanted to get married back there.

First dance wedding blog by Geoff Reardon
First dance wedding blog by Geoff Reardon

“The First Dance” Photo credit: Geoff Reardon (click to see Jean-Luc & Liza’s wedding)

For some couples even the thought of the ‘first dance’ induces a state of blind panic whilst for others the whole world’s a stage. Of course the majority of couples fall somewhere in between but whatever your attitude to this time-honoured tradition may be, a little planning in advance can go a long way.

1. Choosing the first dance song that’s right for you

You may already have a favourite song – perhaps one that was playing when you first met – or it may be that neither of you have a clue which song you’re going to choose. If so, don’t worry – all you have to do is Google ‘first dance songs’ and you’ll find plenty of suggestions. One word of warning though – be sure to check the lyrics before reaching a final decision. The song ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police sounds like ideal first dance material – until, that is, you realise it’s about a stalker! Give some thought also to the kind of tempo you’ll feel comfortable with. If you’re both competent dancers then you probably won’t mind whether it’s a foxtrot, a rumba or a waltz – but if you’re not too clever on your pins, or your partner has two left feet, then a slow song may be your safest option.

Helena Rose Sussex wedding planner

Helena Rose Sussex wedding plannerI’m delighted to be adding new types of wedding suppliers to my sponsors. Today I’m introducing wedding planner Helena Rose – based in Sussex and trained by the UKAWP, Helena Rose plans inspiring weddings that set trends rather than follow them.

Now that’s what I love to hear!

A little more about Helena Rose Weddings

Helena Rose is making a splash with her new wedding planning business, and I’m so pleased she’s joined English Wedding Blog! Read more: The Sussex Newspaper interviews Helena Rose. Helena is also to be found on Whimsical Wonderland Wedding blog – with a fabulous competition for brides in Sussex, London and the South East.

Helena Rose on the English Wedding Showcase

Please visit Helena Rose’s English Wedding Showcase Page to find out more.

Helena Rose Sussex wedding planner

Helena Rose Sussex wedding planner




bead from beadcrafty

bead from beadcraftyA very quick blog post for a Friday afternoon – to announce the winner of last week’s wedding blog competition to win beads from

The winner, chosen at random, is Anna who (along with everyone else) guessed that the lovely bead was indeed a pretty flower.

Well done Anna, I’m off to forward your email address to BeadCrafty who will send your online code for £50 of beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds. You lucky thing!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone 🙂

Claire xxx


rapunzel fairytale wedding shoot on Green Wedding Shoes blog

Photo credit: via Green Wedding Shoes

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a bit of a manic week at English Wedding towers, all busy on the blog, out doing exciting creative things and staying in doing tax returns. Ick. If you’ve had a busy week too, then – don’t listen to the boss – it’s officially the weekend now. I’ve got you some lovely bits of wedding blog land to enjoy until home time. Feet up, pens down, notepads at the ready because there are some brilliant ideas for you here…

Photo credit: McAvoy Photography

Real weddings


Chinese Italian wedding by Anneli Marinovich

Photo credit: Anneli Marinovich Photography

Be different


wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (30)
I love maps. I love photos that stop me in my tracks a bit. I love seeing something just a tad different. I love Alex and James’s wedding at Harlaxton Manor, with its towers and turrets and old English charm. I just love blogging weddings!

wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (26)I shared part one of this beautiful Harlaxton Manor wedding yesterday. I have loads more to share today (best bits till last, an’ all that). More of Alex’s beautiful lace wedding dress, some jaw-dropping pics of Harlaxton Manor (it’s a whopper), croquet, maps (did I mention the maps?), huge smiles, romance and laughter.

Of course, there’s Alex’s wedding report to share with you, and once again the beautiful images are from Beautiful Life Photography (funnily enough).


Alex and James’s Harlaxton Manor wedding blog – part two

wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (35)
Our reception was at Harlaxton Manor, the UK campus for the University of Evansville, USA. The staff at Harlaxton were fabulous and made sure that our day ran very smoothly!


wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (21)When something new drops into my lap like this, it makes my world a more exciting place. Today’s wedding is one which has me (virtually) gazing skyward, admiring the gorgeous English church in glorious detail, and smiling very, very happily in the direction of Alex and James.

This is a two-parter: today I’m sharing the pre-wedding photographs (spot the cat-mat and admire those fabulous stained-glass windows!). Tomorrow we’ll head to Harlaxton Manor for a game of croquet with the bride and groom, shall we? Photography is by Beautiful Life Photography (click for the official website).

wedding photo by Beautiful Life Photography (20)Alex makes a really beautiful bride, with the most natural and radiant smile. James looks the business in his morning suit – and together they’re the happiest, handsomest couple you could see.

There’s only one photo missing from the first part of this wedding blog: the one described by Beautiful Life wedding photographer Joy Foulds on her blog: “Alex was also getting ready in the village so I was able to photograph her getting into the wedding car (I did have to do a slight jog over the field to make sure I was at the church when she arrived, but nobody saw me so that was ok!!)” now I’d like to have seen that!


This is what English Wedding blog is all about. As well as lots of lovely real weddings, the blog was born because of my deep-rooted annoyance at our little industry. Brides, grooms: welcome to our twisted and sometimes beautiful little world. Wedding suppliers: you’ve heard bits of this before – but never quite so publicly. Awareness of the issues in the wedding industry is the first step towards change, and we need to start looking at and fixing problems before the financial and emotional pressures get too much.

Let me add a little qualifier here before I get stuck in. There are lots of fabulous, amazing, honest, genuine, creative, professional, dedicated, wonderful people in this industry. I love it – I work full time as a wedding supplier. I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it. I have met many brilliant people – brides, grooms, suppliers – through my work. This blog post doesn’t define my world. It just sets out the wonky bits so we can all help put them straight. And I’n not criticising weddings themselves: it’s your choice to celebrate however you choose, and to spend however much you want to and can afford. But I’d love to see that choice become freer, with no outside pressures from a £5.5 billion industry…

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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