You may already have heard about Jack & Michelle. They’re making a bit of a splash with their plans for their big fat sponsored wedding in Northamptonshire this December. With a long list of wedding suppliers already signed up, the couple have already pulled off an impressive feat – but how, and why, and – are they mad?!

The details:

Bride Michelle has over twelve years’ experience in PR, sponsorship and events and working for some of the biggest clients, sports stars and A-list celebrities. She also spent four years as a reporter on one of the UK’s biggest selling newspapers and says she’s confident that she I can drive traffic and great publicity to and in turn gain massive exposure for her wedding sponsors.


I don’t like to write too much about me on this wedding blog. But I’m making an exception today… Kirstie Allsopp has written about me, so why shouldn’t I, just for the day?! So this blog post is all about Kirstie and Me. (squeeeal!)

kirstie's book (4)

I’m so excited. Too excited to type. Amazon delivered my copy of Kirstie’s Vintage Home
this morning: her new shiny hardback book which came out this morning. Did you see Kirstie on The One Show last night, by the way? I’m looking forward to seeing her on Graham Norton’s ‘very posh sofa’ soon!

kirstie's book (2)Part of Kirstie’s Vintage Home is the vintage wedding of Amy and Craig, for which Kirstie created, crafted and styled so many fantastic details. The page shown above has a pic of Amy’s place for the wedding reception. Gorgeous, isn’t it? But my favourite bit is the close ups of that lovely napkin…


The longer I live by the seaside, the more I love it. The more passionate I feel about nature, being home and belonging to a place. The English coast is both an inspirational and romantic place – and it’s so very close to my heart (I dip my toes in the sea nearly every day). So when Jack asked me if I’d like to share his guest blog post about getting married by the sea, I jumped at the chance! I hope you enjoy it. More seaside escapism on the way soon… x

seaside wedding photography

Wedding photography credit: Simon Biffen |

Why not get married by the sea?

The sea has always been an important part of Britain’s heritage and culture, inspiring countless artists, writers and musicians down the centuries. Long associated with pleasure, romance and mystery, the ocean makes a stunning backdrop for a wedding, whether it’s the white cliffs of Dover, the pretty harbour of Torquay, or the gaudy arcades at Blackpool.


What a strange coincidence: I have two weddings in the space of a single week where the grooms sing an Oasis number at the reception – totally unrelated, but there’s definitely a taste of “rock n roll star” in the air this week!

Wedding blog Billie and Matt Photography (1)

Before I start curling my lip and drawing out every last syllable, on this blog post, I’ll tell you more about the wedding. This one is simple, elegant and guaranteed to make you smile. Yasmin & Darren Forrester were married at Turkey Mill in Kent, and chose Billie and Matt Photography to capture their day on camera.

It’s a beautiful celebration and the love and laughter are what weddings are all about. Enjoy. x
Billie and Matt Photography (2)
Billie and Matt Photography
Billie and Matt Photography
Wedding blog Billie and Matt Photography (5)

Who proposed, and how?

It was on the 22 September 2011. We were on a sunset cruise off the coast of Jamaica in the Caribbean Sea. After seeing a rainbow and a school of dolphins following our boat we both witnessed the most amazing sunset. Once the sun went down Darren went onto one knee and made me the happiest girl ever.


I’ve just received an email from the Peter Tatchell Foundation – “Tories rally against gay marriage today“.  It asks if they’re still the ‘nasty’ party?… and my personal answer is a definite yes. What do you think?

“Nearly a thousand Conservatives will attend a rally against same-sex marriage at lunchtime today in Birmingham. It coincides with the Tory party conference and news that 7 out of 10 local Conservative constituency party chairmen want David Cameron to drop plans to extend marriage to same-sex couples.

“Rally speakers include Lord Carey and Anne Widdecombe, with the backing of David Davis MP.

Many of these people opposed the gay law reforms of the last decade and now they want to block marriage equality too. They’re intolerant and out of touch,” said Peter Tatchell, coordinator of the Equal Love campaign and Director of the human rights organisation, The Peter Tatchell Foundation.

Staging a rally in support of anti-gay discrimination reawakens fears that the Conservatives are still the nasty party. It’s a PR disaster that undermines David Cameron’s efforts to rebrand the Tories as modern, inclusive and compassionate.


Sean and Rachel had a very personal Cotswolds wedding – a quiet registry office trip followed by the most gorgeous party and perfect ceremony at a private country manor house in the Cotswolds.

rustic wedding blog photography (1)

The family vicar officiated in the afternoon; Rachel and Sean did their own readings and made speeches. They had a high tea for guests in the morning, and the afternoon reception carried on until the early hours!

I love this. The styling of the day is wonderfully relaxed, colourful and rustic. The way Sean and Rachel planned their day is inspiring. Their story of the wedding day explains it all – read, enjoy and get inspired by this wonderful Cotswolds wedding.

With thanks also to Ruth from Finesse Planning for telling me about the wedding, and to wedding photographer Dafydd Hughes for the beautiful photos.

rustic wedding blog photography (31)

Rachel and Sean’s rustic Cotswolds wedding

rustic wedding blog photography (6)

Who proposed, and how?

Sean proposed in the gardens just below the Piazza de Michelangelo in Florence, whilst on holiday. Down on one knee, sun setting. It was breath-taking and totally unexpected!
rustic wedding blog photography (2)

jo barnes headpiece

jo barnes headpiece Hollywood, the 1950s and movie stars are inspiring so many of my favourite wedding blogs this autumn.

I love the sharp suits, short dresses and sassy styling – the glamour and sophistication of those times and the way we recreate it now. If you’re a 1950s inspired bride, this article is for you!

Written by the marvellous Queens & Bowl – tips to accessorise your ’50s bridal outfit. Enjoy!

How to accessorise your fab ’50s bridal outfit

After the war torn ‘30s and 40s, the ‘50s were the decade when fun was well and truly back on the agenda! With the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn gracing the silver screen and the jetset Hollywood lifestyle well and truly established, the ‘50s was undoubtedly a glamorous era.

This glamour, coupled with some fantastic retro Americana design options and fabulous music from classic artists such as Elvis, make the ‘50s an extremely popular theme for couples planning a vintage wedding.


I use the word ‘awesome’ in honour of today’s beautiful bride. Amanda hails from America – she came back to England with groom Sam to marry in the middle of Cambridge. The wedding has flavours of American tradition – watch out for the wedding cake face-squishing! – and the most wonderful English setting and details. Loving those top hats!

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (7)

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (8)

Awesome also refers to the photography – and in the English use of the word: awe inspiring. I’ve started with a night time shot, so this blog feature is all upside down and backwards… but Chris Hanley‘s photography is breathtaking, is it not?! While I have your full attention, let me introduce Amanda and Sam who’ve written their wedding story to share with you on the blog today. Congratulations to you both, and thank you so much for making English Wedding Blog so incredibly gorgeous today!

Everyone else – enjoy. x

A beautiful Cambridge wedding: Sam & Amanda

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (35)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (34)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (33)
Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (32)


I’d like to say a special hello to anyone who can see sunshine today! As I type it is cold and rainy here… I’m waiting for the crisp sunny autumn days to begin. Of course, it means I have plenty of time to blog, and to read my favourite wedding and photography blogs. These are my picks from the last week and a bit! Enjoy x

Source: via Claire on Pinterest

Real weddings


Yay! Today’s full of pretty. I have a gorgeous photo shoot to share with you – the styling has “a vintage feel without being overdone, just a hint of vintage, as it seems to be a trend that is not going away” – these being the words of accessories designer Charlotte, whose designs feature in the shoot.

Hint of vintage wedding ideas (3)

I agree. A couple of years back it seemed vintage would be a wedding trend like any other, but it’s most definitely here to stay and you know what? I really love the chic elegance of a vintage wedding theme. Which is why this inspiration shoot is right at home on English Wedding Blog. I hope you love it as much as we do!

Hint of vintage wedding ideas (8)

A hint of vintage! With Charlotte Rose Designs

Hint of vintage wedding ideas (1)
Hint of vintage wedding ideas (2)
Hint of vintage wedding ideas (4)
Hint of vintage wedding ideas (5)
Hint of vintage wedding ideas (6)
Hint of vintage wedding ideas (7)


I briefly caught a short story on the national news earlier this week, about the UK’s first bride and groom to wed at midnight. Did you see it? I’m not too clued up on the laws about what time you can get married, so I was pleased when wedding planner Aimee Dunne got in touch to explain the changes to the law and what it means for UK brides and grooms.

Photo credit Phil Drinkwater

Wedding photo credit Phil Drinkwater. Click to see the real wedding (a Papakata wedding in Cheshire)

Midnight wedding, anyone?

From October 1 2012, the UK has joined the 21st century as outdated restrictions on marriage and civil partnership times are removed. The Home Office have announced that people wanting to get married or register a civil partnership will now be able to do so any time of the day or night under the Protection of Freedoms Act. Couples were previously restricted to between 8am and 6pm.


Every real wedding submission for English Wedding Blog has something that leaps out at me – and with Louise and Chris’s big day it’s the sentiment of what the wedding day meant to this very special couple.

Tierney Photography Sheffield

Yes, there are gorgeous details. But this wedding isn’t all about styling and decor. It’s a very personal celebration; very Yorkshire! Chris told me for him the personal touches really made the day sparkle, and also Louise’s words about her wedding dress – which she never loved – bring everything into perspective.

Of course she looked absolutely stunning in her Augusta Jones dress, but for today when we talk about ‘The One‘ in the context of a wedding blog… it’s especially nice that it means the groom. 🙂

I would heartily recommend a cup of Yorkshire tea with today’s real wedding, and in your best china. You’ll see why… Enjoy!

Tierney Photography Sheffield

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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