Hello again, in my last post I told you all about my trip to London last November when I went wedding dress window shopping with MoH and Mrs Adams. I stress the word ‘window’ to remind you that, contrary to what all my friends thought, I was quite sure that I wasn’t going to come home with The Dress. And I can tell you that I didn’t. But before you applaud my self-restraint and sensible approach, I think I need to tell you something. It’s about my friend Rachel Adams.  When she stepped into Sassi Holford’s shop in South Kenington she was Mrs Adams. Full stop. But when she stepped out she was Mrs Adams KoTD. Hop over to on Valentine’s Day and I’ll reveal all but in the meantime see if you can guess what KoTD might stand for.  Use the comment facility at to post your suggestions and if you are the first person to hit the nail on the head I’ll send you something nice!


Imagine winning your dream wedding dress! For today’s bride Abi, that dream came true: she entered a competition with her biscuit based proposal story and won! Today I’m handing over English Wedding blog to Abi to share that story and her wonderful wedding report with you – along with photography by PH Weddings.

Grab a cuppa – it’s the loveliest story and you’ll be here for a while!

Abi and Chris – a real wedding in Yorkshire

wedding photo by PH Weddings (35)


wedding photography by Martyn Norsworthy (20)The best English weddings are full of charm which comes right from your heart: Dan and Holly’s day is a special one. Holly’s wedding report describes how she woke up at 5am on the wedding day morning bursting with excitement – “the kind you get on Christmas day when you are a child!”

So how could I resist sharing this lovely wedding full of DIY touches and great ideas with you. It’s everything you’d imagine for a countryside wedding and bundles more: there’s bunting by the mile, and as an extra treat we have a vintage tractor and of course the adorable Peanuts the pony!

wedding photography by Martyn Norsworthy (27)

The wedding photography is by Martyn Norsworthy, who captures all those details and the beautiful bride with her handsome groom so well.

Holly & Dan’s countryside wedding

wedding photography by Martyn Norsworthy (26)“I stayed at my parents’ house the night before the wedding and awoke at 5am full of excitement-the kind you get on Christmas day when you are a child! The weather looked ok so I got up and finished putting some finishing touches to the garden and marquee-within half an hour it was raining so had go and collect everything in again!

wedding invitation ideas for summer

wedding invitation ideas for summerOn Friday I asked wedding invitation designers from all over the UK to share their best bright and summery invites with English Wedding blog. A cold and frosty day turned into a little ray of sunshine for me as lots of talented designers joined in to showcase wedding invitations with a cheerful spring and summer feel to them.

A new feature on English Wedding blog

This will become a regular feature because it gives you lovely readers out there a chance to see lots of new and exciting designs and ideas, all in one place.

(I’m thinking next time I might look for jewellery and accessories on a theme… if you have a theme, season or style in mind, give me a shout and I’ll ask for ideas for your theme!)

Do pop over to the English Wedding Showcase to see the summery wedding invitations in glorious technicolour (by which I mean: bigger. They also have descriptions and more info from the designers over there). In the meantime, here’s a round up of all the designs shared: two wedding inspiration boards with all the supplier information below each one.


real wedding blog at Eshott Hall (26)Elegance and glamour with a retro twist never looked so good… today I’m sharing Becky and Ben’s gorgeous wedding day from Eshott Hall in Northumberland. Ben is a very cool and dashing groom; I adore Becky’s glamorous style, her hair and make up and the charm and class of the entire wedding day.

real wedding blog at Eshott Hall (24)The setting is captured just as beautifully by wedding photographer Alison Groves (who I was lucky enough to meet just a few weeks ago: she’s a lovely lady as you’ll see from Becky and Ben’s own testimonial at the end of this wedding blog).

There’s a lot to inspire in this real wedding feature: little details done gracefully, a theme created with style and personality. Watch out for the dancing and singing towards the end, with some of my favourite photos from the day (and unlike any I’ve shared on this wedding blog before, I think!)

real wedding blog at Eshott Hall (23)

I’ll hand over to Becky, who wrote a wedding report and shared her supplier recommendations; and to Alison Groves for the beautiful wedding photography. Enjoy!

english wedding country inspiration board
english wedding country inspiration board

English Wedding inspiration board countryside theme

A final treat from Emma and Will’s gorgeous English countryside wedding and marquee reception featured earlier this week. This wedding inspiration board is for you to cut out and keep (should I say “cut, paste and keep” these days?!) or enjoy and share on Pinterest, facebook or wherever you like!

All the wedding photography is by Tino & Pip – please credit these guys for the lovely images. I made the inspiration board from their beautiful photos.

Have a lovely day!

Claire xx

Luxury wedding planner Mark Niemierko (3)
Luxury wedding planner Mark Niemierko (3)

Wedding and event styling by Niemierko. Image credit:

Mark Niemierko is the wedding planner who inspires the whole of the UK wedding industry, a hugely talented and creative man who lets his work speak for him. I approached Mark shyly via email for a mini-interview and he very kindly obliged. I almost fell off my chair.

The Elite wedding blog logo

The Elite: Mark Niemierko – a mini-interview

Luxury wedding planner Mark Niemierko (5)

Photo credit:

Mark, your inspirational wedding planning and design has earned you an unrivalled reputation in the wedding industry. What does it take to be so successful in wedding planning?

“Experience and knowledge. Of all the things that could possibly go wrong, to ensure you avoid them. But a big part is being organised and have great people skills. All couples are different and you’ll need to get along with as well as understand them all.”

You’ve developed a fascinating friendship with top UK wedding blogger Kat from Rock n Roll Bride. Has Kat influenced your wedding planning style?


Yesterday I think English Springer Spaniel Tess – Emma’s ‘chief bridesmaid’ – stole the show. Today I’ll bring you back down to earth with a wedding blog about Emma and Will’s exquisite marquee reception… I say down to earth, but shall we start with the helicopter?

Or… where yesterday’s wedding blog post ‘left off’?… as Emma and Will walked away from the church, happily married and smiling – to a nearby field where their helicopter was waiting.

Emma and Will: part two – the wedding reception

Will and I walked down the country lane and opposite was the fabulous navy blue helicopter, complete with champagne on ice.

It was really fantastic to see our guests all lined up and waving us off. The flight was fantastic and we had a wonderful view of our beautiful wedding venue as we landed, again with all our guests waiting to welcome us in.


… and why not! Ah – I love this wedding for loads of reasons. Emma and Will are both so gorgeous and look the perfect couple. The wedding photography is fabulous. The details are perfect – Emma and Will organised their wedding themselves and did an amzing job of it too.

But this is a wedding with a difference: the adorable springer spaniel Tess – Emma’s ‘chief bridesmaid’ and clearly a character loved by everyone there. I can’t help grinning every time I scan through the photos as Tess goes from happy excitement to flopping lazily onto her side in the middle of the aisle for the beautiful church service.

Emma has written a lovely wedding report and I’ll leave you to enjoy that along with the photos by Tino and Pip – which I love.

Wedding photography Hengrave Hall

I asked an innocent little question on facebook the other day. Something I was pondering as I looked through wedding submissions for the blog. I’m not a photographer. I’m wouldn’t call myself an expert. I see a lot of weddings; I think I can tell a great wedding photograph… but how can I really be sure I’m choosing the very best wedding photography for my English Wedding blog?

Wedding photography Hengrave HallSo then I thought about helping brides and grooms out there who might be wondering the same thing. And my photographer friends came to my rescue and explained how to choose the very best wedding photographer. They shared advice which applies to me, brides, grooms – anyone out there looking for great wedding photos. It’s easy to choose the perfect wedding photographer for you – and this is how (with advice from the experts!):

Do wedding photography qualifications matter?

My friend and expert wedding photographer Chris Hanley had lots of advice to share on the subject of wedding photography qualifications. My thanks to Chris for explaining how the various types of wedding photography qualifications work – and for sharing his opinions and helping me understand what really matters!


I could tell that no one believed me when I said that I was going designer wedding dress window shopping in London.  All my friends seemed to think it inevitable that I would come back home with The Dress.

Their reaction was, I confess, understandable.  My lifelong over indulgence in retail therapy is such that I have only myself to blame if it’s impossible for anyone to conceive of my going into a clothes shop – or indeed any shop – and coming away empty handed.

But this was, I protested, different.  The simple fact of the matter was that I couldn’t afford a designer dress.  Even a dress at the lower end of the designer scale would, I insisted, be way beyond our wedding budget. This argument, however, did little to convince anyone.  I could almost hear the sound of stifled laughter at the very thought of my using the word ‘budget’.  It was as if everyone – including H2B – considered the phrase ‘Mrs Moore-to-Be’s wedding dress budget’ to be a contradiction in terms.


Yesterday I shared a ‘berry’ lovely winter wedding inspiration shoot by Hannah from Lifeline Photography. Today’s post is a quickie – something to cut out and keep!


Wedding inspiration: winter berries with images by Lifeline Photography

I made a wedding inspiration board for you with Hannah’s lovely images and all the little accessories and decorations from the day. So if you’re looking to make lots of things for your wedding, and you’ve got a little red riding hood costume knocking around that you don’t really need… this is perfect for you!

 With help from some wonderful wedding suppliers

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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