Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely week so far. Today I want to introduce the lovely London wedding photographer Louise Bjorling to you. Louise is the latest wedding photographer to join English Wedding Blog and I’m delighted to welcome her as a new blog sponsor.

London wedding photographer Louise Bjorling

London wedding photographer Louise Bjorling

Contemporary images by London wedding photographer Louise Bjorling

I love Louise’s approach to wedding photography. When I asked about her wedding photography style and why she loves her job Louise told me she pho­tographs wed­dings for the love of cap­tur­ing peo­ple. She finds excite­ment in look­ing for moments, think­ing cre­atively and telling your story. I think that’s such a lovely attitude – and it certainly shows in the wonderful images on Louise’s wedding photography website as well as on her blog.

Louise Bjorling London wedding photographer (1)

Wedding photography in London by Louise Bjorling


Hello again! This afternoon we’re talking wedding invitations – and I’m sharing a little luxury with you. Incidentally, I was chatting to a reporter from a regional magazine yesterday, who asked for my thoughts on luxury stationery and the rising cost of weddings. My reply to this question is always the same: couples should prioritise, cutting out less important things (cakes, for example) and spending on quality services which are important to you. If you’re a paper lover like me, bespoke wedding invitations are a beautiful wedding essential! Here’s my lovely friend and blog sponsor Wendy Bell to tell you more! Claire xxx

Wedding invites by Wendy Bell Designer wedding stationery (1)

Photo credit: WBD Designer Wedding Stationery

New! Bespoke wedding invitations by WBD Designer Wedding Stationery

Designed and printed in London, UK, these gorgeous invitations are perfect for the romantic in any bride or groom!

Wedding invites by Wendy Bell Designer wedding stationery (2)

Photo credit: WBD Designer Wedding Stationery


There’s music in the air at English Wedding Blog today – both here at HQ (I’m listening to the incredible Dan Donnelly while I type) and on your very own screens. Today’s guest article is from the lovely Rich at Alive Network – one of the UK’s experts in wedding entertainment. Rich is about to share his top tips for wedding music: time to find out which are the best bands and music styles to make your evening reception a resounding success!

wedding band UK Alive Network entertainment (1)

The most popular wedding entertainment – by Alive Network

When you’re looking for that perfect entertainment for your wedding reception, nothing beats the excitement, energy and sheer fun of a live wedding band. But what type of wedding bands should you choose?

For wedding entertainment that gets everyone of all ages up and dancing, choose a four-piece rock and pop function band. If you choose a wedding band from Alive Network that offers a great range of music, whatever they play, at least some of your guests will know it!wedding band UK Alive Network entertainment (2)


Quite understandably, a top concern for English weddings is the weather. Even in the summer months a shower is likely, and I suspect most couples have an eagle eye on the long range weather forecast in the month before their wedding day. I’ve heard showers referred to by one Lake District wedding photographer as ‘liquid sunshine’ – and I guess positivity is one approach to the prospect of rain on a wedding day!

English wedding blog Jessica Roberts Photography (1)

The other, which you may not have heard of before today, is to hang a teru teru bozu doll outside your window on the wedding day. They’re known as weather dolls and you can either make one, like Haruna’s mum did, or buy them on! So on Paul and Haruna’s wedding day, this little guy made the rain go away and they had a beautiful English wedding at Yaxley Hall.

I must say thank you to wedding photographer Jessica Roberts for submitting such a quintessentially English wedding for the blog today. I do hope you love it! My congratulations to the gorgeous couple Haruna and Paul, and thank you so much for sharing the details of your day with us all.


Hello everyone! I hope the weather is treating you kindly… for a moment there I thought February was going to be spring-like – but no. It’s freezing here! My crafting fingers are safely tucked away in fingerless gloves so it’s lucky I have Katie from Artyard Handmade to bring you a bit of genius wedding DIY on the blog today – and I know you’ll love her guest post. Glue and scissors at the ready everyone (or bookmark the page for later!) Enjoy. Claire xxx

wedding place card craft ideas by Artyard

Wedding place card craft ideas by Artyard

Wedding place cards with a handmade touch

Anything handmade takes time. That’s part of the charm. When it comes time to do the place cards for your reception, using plain place cards is an easy way to set the table but if you’re after something special with a handmade touch get your girlfriends together for an evening of crafting. You’ll need scissors, glue and some pretty papers to match your theme or even just pages from old books. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


This time it’s your fault… I’m sharing another funny article from today! You all enjoyed last Sunday’s blog post about men’s brains being wired differently (explaining why they allegedly forget Valentine’s Day and other important dates). Today is all about Prince Harry masks and hats. I have a feeling you’ll be giggling along with me again. Enjoy!

Survey reveals bizarre clothes worn during lovemaking

Gentlemen around Britain have opened up about what they wear during sex in a survey carried out on behalf of sock subscription service

Prince Harry

It’ll all become clear if you keep reading!

While many said they wore nothing at all, others admitted they like the comfort of going to bed with their socks on, an act which has provoked female outrage since time immemorial.

Others admitted to wearing a football shirt, fancy dress, underwear (their own or their partner’s), and in one case, a Prince Harry face mask.

“We’re not surprised,” said Mark Hall, Gentleman Creation Officer at, “people just don’t seem to understand the powerful attraction and – let’s face it – the essential comfort of the humble sock.”


Hello again! Regular readers: an apology. I’m not good with time. I’ve realised that I always introduce these “best wedding blogs” features with a little disclaimer that I’ve no idea how long it’s been since the last one. Scheduling some of my blog posts a week or more in advance leaves me a little fluffed-up in the brain department, you see.

Greek wedding blog

See more of Christine and Alex’s wedding in Greece – click the image! Photo credit Benjamin Toms

I do see a lot of lovely fluff in my line of work… perhaps it’s the tulle and paper poms which have sent my brain all wonky. Anyways – this is the last time I’ll apologise. Once again though, I’ll redeem myself by sharing the very best of wedding blogs from the last week-ish. Enjoy!

Claire xxx

Real weddings – to inspire and delight (and maybe make you think!)


Morning! It’s actually really lovely to be sharing Sassi Holford’s wedding dress collection ‘So Sassi‘ with you today. Let’s start with my favourite…

So Sassi wedding dresses by Sassi Holford (3)

The So Sassi designs are gorgeous in a very cute, contemporary and graceful way – but there’s way more to this favourite UK bridal designer than that. Let me put it another way: there are a few key messages I’d love to share with every reader of English Wedding Blog:

  1. Choose your ‘fluff’ carefully
  2. Buy handmade, quality and British made, from local suppliers if possible
  3. Focus on marriage: don’t let wedding stress get you down

They all tie in with each other, but the overall message is to buy quality items for your wedding and to choose them carefully. Cue the So Sassi 2013 bridal collection… which has every box ticked.

So Sassi wedding dresses by Sassi Holford


How many of you have been to Spain? It’s somewhere I’d love to go: for the laid back pace of life, the beautiful countryside and incredible food. I have this ‘thing’ where I’d have to speak a fair bit of Spanish first – it comes from living abroad as a student. But what an amazing country to visit – and how wonderful to have a destination wedding somewhere with such a rich history and culture.

Spanish wedding images by Alexis Jaworski (1)

Emily and Gavin were legally married at a registry office in the UK before heading for Spain with friends and family to celebrate in the summer sunshine. Their wedding ceremony was in the evening, with celebrations continuing into the early hours.

Spanish wedding images by Alexis Jaworski (2)

Emily’s words of wisdom are beautifully said: “Brides – stop worrying about silly little things, they end up not being very important when you’re there experiencing your special moment!

Read the full wedding story about halfway down this blog post, and enjoy the images by the very lovely Berkshire wedding photographer Alexis Jaworski. Claire xxx


Can I start with a cheeky question today? I’d like all of you who are closet stationery geeks and paper lovers to give a wry smile in the direction of your computer screen… Ah yes! It’s not just me. There’s something rather special about stationery, isn’t there?! Now – would anyone who’s ever spent more than half an hour looking at free fonts online, raise your hand? …yeah – me too. Because those fonts websites are addictive once you get started, aren’t they?! And when you begin looking at wedding fonts, they get even better! While you’re still smiling, quickly grab a cuppa then read today’s guest blog post from the very lovely Nathan – he’s the design genius at Artemis Stationery and has some excellent wedding fonts advice to share with you! Enjoy!

wedding fonts advice and examples


Back in October 2012 I wrote about Jack and Michelle’s “big fat sponsored wedding” – an idea they’d taken from the US, where it’s more common practice than in the UK. The basic premise is that the bride and groom will generate a lot of attention for their wedding suppliers by sharing details of their wedding in the press, online etc. and by recommending their suppliers to everyone they know.

Big fat sponsored wedding UK blog by Carl Thompson (1)

I have to admire Michelle and Jack for doing this: they created a wedding website and blog, listing all of their suppliers and even donating to charity. This is also their second feature on English Wedding Blog (the whole concept and the fact they pulled this off intrigues me!) As a wedding supplier myself I wouldn’t choose to work for free, but it’s certainly a very interesting way of doing things.


Hello there! As I type, it’s looking nice outside and I’m tempted to dash out to the beach for a stroll and some sea air. I’m sure it’s good for me – the exercise and the smell of the sea certainly make me feel alive and happy! I’m only guessing they’re also great for my complexion… the natural, healthy approach to skin care is definitely my style!

While I’m out, I have a guest blogger here to share some great tips for organic skin care in the run up to your wedding. This is a great article, with advice starting 6 months before your wedding – so if you’re not sure where to start to get your skin feeling and looking great, Karen’s tips will help. Enjoy!

skin care for brides UK Perdita's (2)

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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