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Texas vintage wedding

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Timekeeping is important. I’m crap at it: only this week did I realise my email subscriptions were landing at 3am!!! (thanks to Chris Hanley, who very politely mentioned his iPhone beeping in the early hours every day… Chris I do hope you got up to read my updates!) – and that’s just the start of my organisational problems.

Another example would be Friday afternoons: you know when it’s nearly the weekend and you just can’t be bothered finishing work you could do on Monday morning? That’s what I do. But then again… a little break, a breather, ten minutes of wedding planning instead of work… can’t do us any harm, can it? It might do us good: fire our creativity, perhaps.

Time for a bit of weddingness for our Friday afternoon treat! Enjoy, everyone!

Claire xx

Real weddings


wedding photography by Chris Hanley (13)Katie’s wedding report captures the romance of her wedding to Chris in December. She told me about being whisked off with her new husband for some special wedding photos: “It felt so romantic – as if we were in a love scene from a movie”!

I just can’t decide if the movie I’m seeing in these beautiful wedding photos is James Bond, Narnia or a vintage Hollywood treasure… perhaps a magical balance of all three. Regardless: the screenplay is magnificent, the stars are every director’s dream – and the story a timeless romance to play on your photography by Chris Hanley (1)The very beautiful Katie and Chris were married at Margam Park Orangery – a wedding venue with a rich history and one of the most prestigious in Wales. The architecture is a deliciously extravagant backdrop for outstanding wedding photography – a backdrop Katie and Chris look born to enjoy.

There are details in this most incredible winter wedding which will inspire you: crystals glisten and snowflakes sparkle; Katie’s delectable vintage bouquet of brooches and crystals, flowers and twinkling accessories is simply out of this world – and she made it herself!


In recent weeks, you’ve heard quite a bit about the key role being performed by Mrs Adams, KoTD at A Warwickshire Wedding and it occurred to me that you might be wondering what she looks like.  Wonder no longer! Because here she is with Mr Adams on their Big Day back in July 2009.

A couture challenge! Photo by Jane Jordan Photography

So now you can put a face to the name. But, the question of the day is, can you put a name to the dress? Drop in at on Monday morning and I’ll reveal the identity of the catwalk designer who created this stunning dress and made the already mega-stylish Mrs Adams look like a million dollars!


Morning everyone! Today’s blog post is a reflective one… long term planning. Do you have plans for your future? Is buying a house next on your list after getting married, or do you already have one? And is it your home for life?

Planning a future together… the dream

I don’t talk much about me on here (the little men in my head are already shouting “booooooring”;) but I’ve spent the last few days in the Lake District where I grew up, and yesterday on the journey home we were thinking – as we always do! – about moving there for good one day.

This is the village I grew up in - photographed from a bench at the top of the hill you can see the sea in the distance. Turn around 180 degrees to see the mountains... it's beautiful.


wedding blog photo credit CG Weddings (11)In part two of Adam and Angela’s Chester wedding blog we meet the carnival crowds – and stars of the day! – as our brave bride and groom traverse the ancient city streets in their horse-drawn carriage.

wedding blog photo credit CG Weddings (10)As if that weren’t enough adventure for one wedding day, the couple also arranged for a tour bus to take them through Chester with their wedding guests to enjoy the parades!

Enjoy the rest of Angela’s wedding report along with images by Cheshire’s CG Weddings!

Chester carnival wedding day

wedding blog photo credit CG Weddings (4)“Our wedding, unusually, had the added complication of a horse drawn carriage and heritage tour bus needing to traverse Chester city centre when most of the roads that day had been closed for the ‘Chestival’ parades.

wedding blog photo credit CG Weddings (5)In the end the hotel staff at the Grosvenor worked extremely hard liaising with the police and the council to ensure our carriage and tour bus had the special permissions needed.


wedding photo by CG Weddings Chester (28)Angela and Adam chose the busiest day in Chester’s calendar for their wedding – but it’s a day they’ll never forget, giant papier-mache people and all!

The Chester Grosvenor pulled out all the stops to make sure the bride and groom, their horse and carriage and the open-top bus could navigate the (otherwise closed!) roads to the hotel amidst the carnival crowds – and it makes for a spectacular wedding blog post – or two!…

I’ll share this in two parts – with words by Angela and photos by Chester wedding photographers CG Weddings. Enjoy!

wedding photo by CG Weddings Chester (31)The bridal shoes were a bargain: £40 bought from an online shop on eBay!

wedding photo by CG Weddings Chester (30)The (very heavy!) tiara was wired with Swarovski crystals and a few artificial pearls.

wedding photo by CG Weddings Chester (29)“I suppose every bride has the same sentiment but it was truly the most happy and special day of my life.

designer wedding invitation

I have really strong feelings about today’s wedding blog post so I’m going to jump straight in and share them with you: wedding invitation designers have the right to add their signature or branding to their designs. It’s a mark of quality, proof an artist takes pride in their design work. Today I’m urging wedding stationers to add their name to their designs; I want to persuade couples who are buying handmade to choose designer invitations with the maker’s name on.

designer wedding invitation

UK designer wedding invitation - Photo credit: Bunny Delicious

I’m expecting different reactions: a fair number of “ooh, this could be interesting”s – and probably a couple of sharp intakes of breath! Let me explain why this is so important to me.

The designer’s mark on a wedding invitation is:

  • an artist or craftsman’s right and tradition
  • a requisite for a small designer business
  • a sign of quality; of pride in one’s designs

Let’s start with a little background – it’s about maker’s marks and designer labels.

Days to Go: 47


I’ve got a wedding countdown ticker as an app on my Chrome browser, and when I saw the 47 days to go, my heart twisted a little in panic! Seven short weeks to go!

The To Do list is getting shorter, however. We are meeting with our church florist, I have booked a make-up trial, we’re meeting up with our photographer and the bridesmaid dresses are being altered!

The best recent wedding thing is that… I’ve been on my hen do!

Went to York – yes, in the snow. It was freezing! However, my hen do was absolutely amazing and my two chief bridesmaids who arranged it all for me made sure that I had a fantastic time. The best bit of all the amazing bits was the cocktail making classes in Revolution! We had a really cute barman and all my favourite cocktails! Bonus! On the Sunday morning I was feeling a little worse for wear but I had an amazing time!

And! I have collected my wedding dress!


Time for a little Friday afternoon blog hop, anyone?

wedding dress cake

wedding dress cake from

I have to confess: I’m out and about this week and writing this blog post in a bit of a hurry. But I still have to share a few of the best bits of internet I’ve been enjoying over the last week or so.

Real weddings

Love my dress wedding blog

Wedding on Love My Dress blog. Photo credit: Lillian & Leonard

Think Creative

Be different


Bristol wedding blog photo (25)I’m watching the rugby with Gareth as I type, so I can’t say Bodkin out loud. But I want to: what a wonderfully English-sounding name for a wedding venue! “Bodkin”. It’s from Middle English and means dagger, according to Wiktionary! Not enough? Jane Austen once stayed at this Bristol inn, according to the wedding venue website. She scrawled her name on the window with a diamond ring – “fashionably”, so I understand!

Laura and Nathan’s glorious wedding lives up to the quality and elegance you’d expect, not just from The Bodkin wedding venue (oh I love it!) but also from Martin Pemberton Photography. I’m delighted to feature such a beautifully photographed wedding on my blog for you today.

And last but not least, Laura and Nathan. We have a beautiful bride – a delicate beauty with flowers in her hair – and a handsome groom (watch out for Nathan’s beaming smiles throughout the day – he looks so proud to be a married man)!

Laura’s written a wedding report for you – so over to the bride!


… said the wedding blogger as she tipped the worms out of her tin. But no, I’m not trying to rattle any cages or have a big discussion today. A little while ago I read a really thought-provoking comment on my wedding industry blog post and it really got me thinking. This is a question I was asking myself – and with the help of some great friends I like to think we’ve answered it for you.

Photo credit: Fiona Campbell London

Understanding wedding photography prices

Let me start at the beginning. I was intrigued by a blog comment about wedding photography pricing from the lovely Fiona Campbell. Fiona Campbell is a respected London wedding photographer whose work has featured in Vogue and across top wedding blogs. Fiona shoots weddings in the UK and Europe, and her 2012 prices start from £1750 for wedding photography. Fiona commented that many brides and grooms expect to find a top wedding photographer for £1000 – but that often they’re surprised by prices closer to £2000.


Jamie and Tory Vickerstaff photography ChesterIf I was introducing these two to you in person this morning, I’d have an arm around Tory and Jamie’s shoulders and a big beaming smile on my face.

The lovely couple behind Vickerstaff Photography have inspired me, made me chuckle, kept me sane with their emails and even ordered a little piece of my calligraphy. Having the support of such lovely people means so much.

wedding blog photo by Vickerstaff PhotographyThey’re also the creative team behind two of my favourite weddings blogged in the last few months. First there was Rachel and Steven’s winter wedding at The Ashes in Staffordshire and then I featured Ivanka and Ashley’s Manchester wedding. In each case it was the photography that blew me away!

Rachel and Steven: Staffordshire wedding photography

wedding photography

Ivanka and Ashley: Manchester wedding photography

Vickerstaff PhotographyI’m delighted to have Jamie and Tory aka Vickerstaff Photography as sponsors of English Wedding blog, and to welcome them to the English Wedding Showcase.

Instagram – @englishweddingblog

Instagram did not return a 200.
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Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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