Morning everyone, and Happy Friday! I’ve been saving today’s gorgeous Cheshire wedding blog for this morning – it seems to fit with that whole Friday feeling thing. There’s sunshine and romance, and a stunning bride and groom – in fact wedding blog subscribers will recognise Karen and Simon from their wedding highlights film which I was so proud to feature back in January (see an autumn wedding in Cheshire).

Cheshire wedding blog Hambleton Photography (1)

I love this quote from the happy couple:

Try to leave yourselves as much time as possible between all the day’s activities to spend with family and friends, after the day those will be the moments you cherish the most.

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Karen wears a fabulous dress by Sassi Holford and the day has a purple theme because it’s the ribbon colour for – a cause very close to the hearts of the bride and groom. This is all explained in the wedding report which Karen and Simon have shared with us today, and you’ll see some really beautiful images from Cheshire wedding photographer Martin Hambleton – with unexpected and wonderful moments captured as well as some magical portraits. I know you’ll love this! Grab a Crunchie (after all, as Wendy always tells me, we should celebrate Fridays in style!!)
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What do you make of flamboyant proposals of marriage? Would you wither up and die if he arranged for a choir to confront you on the tube, or would you love it?! I was astonished to hear about proposal planners in the UK recently – seriously? Do we need to include a stranger in such a special moment? Well… I’m all for intimacy and old-fashioned romance. I think you can guess my personal opinion about extravagant proposals so I won’t spell it out (to avoid getting in trouble!)

locations to propose (2)

What I do think is wonderful is the element of surprise. Every proposal has that: and while you might suspect he (or she) is hiding a marry me ring in a back pocket, you can only really guess when you’ll hear that very special question.

Or is there more to it? Can past proposals give us more than a little clue into where and when he’ll pop the question? Would you want to know, or be prepared just in case? Read on… and if you’ve got a holiday booked, maybe there’s a clue in today’s feature! Enjoy xxx


Hello there! What a quick month February turned out to be! The wedding season is well on the way now, and I’m getting ever so busy with calligraphy orders for some of you lovely brides and grooms out there! It’s wonderful to see so many new visitors to English Wedding Blog this month, and if you’re a new subscriber I’d like to say a special big hello and welcome! There’s so much going on in wedding news right now – and I have lots of amazing ideas and features to share with you over the next few weeks so do stick around!

wedding dress blog UK Sassi Holford (8)

For today it’s over to Sassi Holford and I’m sharing the fabulous 2013 Couture Collection with you. I adore this collection for its elegance and grace – the gowns take inspiration from brides themselves, which is such a lovely thing to hear.

The designs are classic English in style, with timeless elegance and a contemporary edge. Whatever your venue or wedding style, whether you’re marrying in a cathedral, a country house or a boutique hotel – there’s something from the Sassi Holford Couture Collection for you!


An aisle of sparklers – what a fantastic idea! Today’s wedding blog is another very festive celebration with wonderful creative touches. From the choice in wedding music to the little note about weirdness and love (watch out for the photo!) I absolutely love David & Carol’s wedding!

Sussex wedding blog James Grist (1)

Having read this very gorgeous couple’s wedding report already, I’m smiling at mentions of walking back down the aisle twice (when the CD kicked in late!) and imagining that amazing aisle of sparklers – but what sticks in my mind is this: (from one of the many lovely images by James Grist Photography)

“We are all a little weird, and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours we join up with them, and fall in mutual weirdness, and call it LOVE!”

How fab is that?! Over to the gorgeous bride and groom with their wedding report (which starts about halfway down the page) and with thanks to James Grist for submitting this wonderful wedding blog today. Enjoy! Claire xxx


From police tape around the wedding cake to the softly sparkling lights and Nicola’s stunning vintage lace wedding dress, I adore every detail of this gorgeous Vaulty Manor wedding. If you’re considering or planning a Christmas wedding then you’ll find some gorgeous ideas here with Nicola and Tim’s wedding report and the beautiful images from Tracy Morter Photography to inspire you.

Essex wedding blog Tracy Morter Photography (1)

I love a Christmas wedding – somehow all the love and friendship along with twinkly lights and little red accessories and details turn the coldest time of the year into a warm and welcoming occasion. My parents chose December for their wedding, and I can definitely see why it’s such a popular time of year to get hitched.

Anyway – I know you’ll enjoy today’s real wedding on the blog so grab a cuppa and scroll down to see all the images. Thanks to Nicola and Tim for sharing, and to the very lovely Tracy Morter Photography for submitting another gorgeous wedding to the blog!


I’m so excited! The literary genius behind recent Sunday blog features – Mark from – has written an exclusive article for English Wedding Blog today. Never let it be said that wedding blogs are for girls – in fact today’s feature is Just For Men. Boys – enjoy. (I did.) Claire xxx

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Weddings

In an average year, the gentleman may find himself invited to two weddings or more, usually as a friend or a family member of one of the involved parties.

The question of correct behaviour and etiquette on these occasions is therefore important as it may impact relationships for many years to come. Starting a brawl at the wedding breakfast may see you removed from Christmas card lists, a social death that cannot easily be undone.

Our rule of thumb is this: Don’t behave like a jackass at a wedding. That is why they have stag nights, so that all the heavy drinking, running about in-lime green mankinis and posting of police bail is out of the way before the actual wedding celebrations commence.


Traditions play such a huge part in weddings – from ‘something blue’ to top table etiquette, there are so many old-fashioned rules you can choose to take inspiration from on your big day. I personally think every wedding tradition should be seen as an interesting idea to consider, rather than a hard and fast rule to follow – but it’s nice to know the history behind them. Today’s guest blog is by Catherine on behalf of The Royal Mint! Enjoy 🙂

Coins and weddings – why a silver sixpence?

In the run up to the big day, most brides will have the ‘something old, something new’ saying thrown their way quite a few times. It is a tradition which we are all familiar with, and many brides today still choose to collect the four items of the mantra for good luck. But did you know there are actually five objects in the original rhyme? The full rhyme, dating back to the Victorian era, is as follows:

Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue,
and a silver sixpence in her shoe.


Hello there! It’s time to share my favourite wedding blogs from recent weeks once again on English Wedding Blog. Sit back and enjoy the best real weddings, creative ideas and advice articles for brides and grooms – and share your own finds and favourites in the comments if you’ve spotted something I’ve missed!

Happy Friday everyone! xxx

wedding in Cornwall

Marianne and Will’s secret wedding in Cornwall – photo credit

Real wedding blogs – my favourite picks of the week!

Purple wedding ideas

Purple wedding ideas – Steven and Rachel’s wedding, photo by Cherry Red Photography


Hello there! Today’s wedding blog starts with a warning: you might just find a little tear in your eye as we focus on some of the best moments from weddings around the UK. We’re talking emotional grooms – happy tears and celebratory whoops – all caught on camera.

emotional bridegrooms

Focus on… emotional grooms – the most loving and tender image from a ceremony – this is pure magic. Photo credit Ed Clayton Photography

I was reading You & Your Wedding magazine yesterday, and looking at the real weddings in there. The printed magazines allocate less space to their real couples’ features than most of the top blogs do – it’s all part of the business model (read more of my thoughts on wedding magazines). It means they show lots of images of ‘things’ and details in their real wedding features, and very few photos of the bride and groom, or of the key moments in a wedding day.


It always inspires me and fills me with pride to see UK wedding suppliers, artisans and craftsmen and women on the pages of top wedding blogs. I love the wedding industry for being eclectic and varied, stylish and forward-thinking, and focused on quality and friendly customer service. Being a part of such a unique industry fills me with pride.

I was watching an interview with bridal jewellery designer Andrew Prince recently and I think he’s the perfect example of a dedicated UK wedding specialist. A gentleman and someone who really cares, Andrew is just one of the suppliers to be found at the Burlington Arcade – a timeless and luxurious assortment of boutiques where you might find the perfect accessories for your wedding day.

wedding suppliers burlington arcade (2)

Breathtaking wedding designs by Laduree – just one of the exciting suppliers to be discovered at the Burlington Arcade


Hi again! Are you having a lovely day? I must say it’s nice to see sunshine on English Wedding Blog today! AJ and Ed’s Warwickshire wedding is warm and beautiful in every way: full of loving looks and radiant sunshine, and with a fabulous style to inspire your wedding day too!

Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (1)

My thanks to lovely (and clearly highly sought after!) Jamie from Vickerstaff Photography for the submission, and congratulations to the gorgeous bride and groom. AJ and Ed created a fabulous wedding at Stoneleigh Abbey and they’ve been kind enough to share their wedding story with us all today. Enjoy the wedding blog – the images are fantastic and the wedding report is about halfway down the page.

Claire xxx
Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (2)
Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (3)
Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (4)
Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (5)
Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (6)
Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (7)
Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (8)
Warwickshire wedding blog, Vickerstaff Photography (9)

Wedding venue: Stoneleigh Abbey
Wedding photographer: Vickerstaff Photography

A little about the wedding ceremony:

It had rained and rained for months, so the most I was hoping for was for it to be dry, at least for part of the day. Well not only was it dry it was hot! Which, when getting married in the Orangery (think greenhouse) meant the ceremony was very hot!! But I’ll never complain about the weather we got that day.


Indulge me a moment, as I’m wearing my calligraphy hat this morning! I’m so happy and had to share: I found out last week that the very lovely Kirstie Allsopp has a piece of my work displayed in her bathroom. I can’t stop grinning!

calligrapher project for kirstie allsopp

My calligraphy project, commissioned as a Christmas gift for Kirstie Allsopp

Many of you will know I’m a wedding calligrapher – this is my day job, and I write English Wedding Blog in the evenings and at weekends. I also write bespoke calligraphy commissions and have worked with Kirstie and her amazing friend and colleague Jamie on a few calligraphy projects in recent years.

My calligraphy & Kirstie Allsopp’s bathtub!

The photo above was taken in my studio. It’s a vintage telegram which Jamie found for Kirstie. I was hired to write Kirstie’s name in a vintage style script. Jamie called me yesterday and told me the framed piece is displayed in Kirstie’s bathroom… and I’m ever so proud to think of Kirstie Allsopp admiring my calligraphy from her (no doubt gorgeous and vintage) bathtub!

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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