Happy Monday! Did you have a lovely weekend? I hope so 🙂 As it’s the first full week back at work for many of us this week, I’m sharing lots of real weddings on English Wedding Blog this week, starting with Anisha and Mark’s gorgeous DIY wedding. You’ll have a nice little escape every day if you pop back every morning at 11 o’clock – and you can even have real weddings delivered to your email inbox if you subscribe to the blog!UK wedding DIY ideas Sam Johnson Photography (1)

So today’s wedding is full of creative ideas and much of the wedding styling was done by the beautiful bride Anisha. Everything from the fab table plan to ice cream vouchers were handmade for this lovely wedding in the Leicestershire countryside. I also love that Mark and Anisha chose to have a humanist ceremony to make their day more flexible and sentimental – but I’ll let Anisha tell you all about it in the wedding report she’s shared with us (towards the end of the blog post).


Happy Sunday, you lovely person for popping over for a read this morning! If I could share my croissant with you I would… but it’s probably nearly gone now. Only a very quick blog post for today, to quietly mention that English Wedding Blog has a bit of a new look.

I haven’t paid for a new design, but simply tweaked the code behind my site and made some new images in Photoshop. The pics are from my wedding reception calligraphy collection and I thought they’d be a nice, light and bright way to decorate my wedding blog. What do you think?

english wedding blog uk design (2)

wedding calligrapher uk

The original wedding calligraphy collection on my website – click this image to see more

I’ve updated my facebook page header as well, and the new design ties in a little with my plans for 2013 – I hope to bring my various online businesses together in a more cohesive way. You might already know I’m a wedding calligrapher and divide my time between writing calligraphy for weddings full time during the week, and blogging real weddings here on my free evenings and weekends.


Hurray for three-day weeks, hey?! Even for those of us who avoid the daily commute and office politics, there’s something lovely about putting three days in before suddenly realising it’s Saturday morning. Whatever your plans for today, I hope you have a good one and make the most of your freedom this weekend!

uk wedding blog oxford

Louise and Michael’s wedding in Oxford. Click to see the full day – with thanks to Emma Lucy Photography for the photograph

The best wedding blogs of the week! (ish!)

Of course weekends are pretty damn good for doing a little wedding research or reading up on pretty ideas too. With that in mind, here’s one of my regular ‘best wedding blogs’ articles with some links to loveliness, real weddings, ideas and advice.

Enjoy! (especially if you’re still in bed reading this!) Claire xx

Real weddings


Emily and Joe’s Rutland wedding is everything I love: a very beautiful day full of smiles, romance and magical moments. Their DIY wedding came about from a wish to have a very personal celebration which would be – in Emily’s own words – “full of the things and people that we love”.

wedding blog photo by Geoff Kirby (4)
Emily and Joe: A DIY wedding in Rutland

The day turned out to be everything Emily and Joe had dreamed of: with a relaxed and cosy reception venue (The Finch’s Arms) and plenty of home made details, it was perfect for today’s gorgeous bride and groom to celebrate their love in a very personalised style. There are ideas here for all of you creative brides and grooms – from hand-sewn tea bags as wedding favours to applique table numbers and handmade bunting.

All of the images used in this blog post have been kindly submitted by wedding photographer Geoff Kirby.


Hi there everyone, and if it’s the first time you’ve read the blog this year, Happy New Year! It’s my first official day back at work, and my mind is turning to resolutions – so I thought I’d see what yours were. Have you planned any life-changing strategies for 2013 yet? Will you be?

wedding photograph

New Year’s Resolutions: where will you find happiness in 2013? Photo credit Nick Ilott click to see the woodland wedding ideas shoot!

When I make new year’s resolutions I tend to go with the normal things: eat healthily, do more exercise, be organised. The first two of those I already have covered (she said, smugly! I lost a bit of weight in 2012) and the third is frankly a lost cause! It’s all happy chaos here and you know what: it works for me.

My new year’s resolutions for 2013 then are:

  • to have adventures
  • to climb some mountains
  • to be happy

Hello there! A short, sweet and friendly blog post to kick off the New Year in style, I think! I hope you all had a wonderful evening… and to those of you who haven’t slept and are therefore still enjoying your wonderful evening now – a salute! There might be a very select few of you out there who have said “yes” to a proposal of marriage in the last few hours. I hope so – and I’d love to hear all about it if you have! Congratulations to anyone who is newly engaged!!! (And it’s no wonder if you haven’t slept!)

UK wedding blog photo credit Neil Redfern

Real weddings are all about the love! Click the image to see Vanessa and Michael’s Lancashire wedding on the blog

So I thought a quick introduction to English Wedding Blog would kick off the New Year nicely. It’s all about real weddings, accessible and achievable ideas, and perspective here. Weddings are all about love and marriage, and while we love stationery and accessories and details – we love gorgeous memories in words and pictures even more.


Let me share a little secret about me: I love fairy tales. Not the children’s stories like Cinderella, or the Disney variety (ick), but real folklore, celtic mythology and fantasy:- grown up fairy tales. So when I hear the words “fairy tale wedding”, ideas and themes like today’s woodland wedding ideas blog instantly spring to mind. And they’re exciting!

rustic wedding ideas UK blog (1)

Wedding planner Caroline Gould (no, we’re not related!) emailed me a few images from a creative wedding ideas shoot a few weeks ago. I was smitten – because this is a shoot with plenty of ideas including cute little details you can use on your own big day (all too rare in UK wedding shoots), a groom (still quite rare! – and he’s soooo gorgeous) and plenty of individuality and character. It was instantly a given that I’d want to share this shoot with you on English Wedding Blog.

With thanks to Caroline Gould Weddings for submitting the shoot and sharing her write up and ideas with us today! The images are by wedding photographers Nick Ilott Photography and Ross Dean Photography.


Nobody says you have to be different on your wedding day. The important bit is to be yourselves, to inject your own personalities into your day. And if you’re lovers of music which isn’t mainstream pop, if your everyday style is quirky and cool and amazing… then embrace it on your wedding day just like today’s fabulous couple!

Photo credit UK wedding HBA Photography (1)

Rhiannon and Chris’s wedding is out of this world. They’re a great couple and a perfect match. As a bride and groom they look incredible, and Rhiannon in her bespoke, purple, layered, gothic-inspired wedding dress is breathtakingly beautiful.

I won’t spoil this wedding blog with too many words in the introduction. Just – enjoy. The images are by HBA Photography, and Rhiannon and Chris have written a wedding report for you which I’ve popped at the end of the feature. Claire x

Photo credit UK wedding HBA Photography (11)

I loved reading Rhiannon’s favourite memory of the wedding day:


Big hugs to everyone reading English Wedding Blog this morning. It’s chilly out there, but I hope you’re having a nice day and keeping wrapped up in Christmas jumpers, scarves, hats, mittens… all the lovely new woolly things we all get to snuggle in at this time of year! For me it’s a day of family and friends again, and I can’t wait to catch up with everyone. In the meantime, here’s a lovely real UK wedding on the blog today.

Wedding blog Clevedon UK Joseph Hall (1)

Kristy and Jamie were married at Clevedon Hall and chose pretty baby pinks and classic styling for their wedding day. I love the images too – Joseph Hall captures the romance of the day so beautifully in his gorgeous wedding photography. With thanks to beautiful bride Kristy for sharing a lovely wedding report with us today – and watch out for one of the very last images, of the little flower girl – it’s so pretty. I know you’ll love this wedding 🙂 Enjoy! Claire xxx
Wedding blog Clevedon UK Joseph Hall (2)

Vintage Wedding Accessory Guide

Good morning everybody! I hope you’re having a lovely break from it all. Shall we escape to the world of weddings for a moment or two this morning? Yes, lets… because I have another great article from Queens & Bowl for you today. Vintage wedding accessories – an introduction especially for any brides-to-be who are getting started on your very own wedding planning adventure! Enjoy. Claire xxx

The festive period is one of the most popular times for couples to get engaged, the romance of the season spurring thousands of loving guys (and girls!) to get down on one knee and pop the question!

Vintage Wedding Accessory Guide

So the chances are there are a quite few new brides-to-be out there who, following the champagne and the emotional phone call to Mum and Dad, are facing the daunting prospect of actually planning a wedding.

Post-proposal, there are a lot of things to think about and the chances are you’re going to be hit with a whole lot of information over the next few months as you start to try and piece together your wedding!


Hello there! I hope you’re having the loveliest of weeks. If you are one of those lucky people who got engaged on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, huge congratulations to you! It’s always lovely to see new brides and grooms visiting the blog in January – so do stick around and explore a little, won’t you. For now I thought an introduction to wedding blogs would be a nice start to this morning.

UK wedding blog Phil Drinkwater Photography

Photo credit Phil Drinkwater Photography

What are wedding blogs? An introduction

Wedding blogs are simply the equivalent of wedding magazines, on the internet. They’re constantly updated with real weddings, ideas and inspiration, advice and expert help with wedding planning.

hengrave hall wedding blog

Bruno and Suzy’s wedding at Hengrave Hall – Photo credit Chris Hanley (click image to see the wedding)

Wedding blogs are:

  • Free! There’s no cover price – save money on magazines and spend your time reading wedding blogs instead! Over a year, you’ll save plenty of pennies and they all count when you’re planning a wedding!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day with your loved ones. I’m so excited it’s Christmas… a magical time of year and a chance to relax, catch up and indulge in lovely chocolates and Baileys and warm, wintery snuggles with our other halves.

Christmas wedding photography by Chris Hanley

Magic and sparkle from a Christmas wedding – click to see Katie and Chris’s wedding on the blog. Photo credit Chris Hanley Photography

To every English Wedding Blog reader, I’m sending my warmest hugs and very best wishes for a beautiful Christmas time. Enjoy your day. Keep cosy, stay safe and smile…

Merry Christmas!

With love,

Claire xxx

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Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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