Morning! As the North West’s only wedding blogger I have been researching local wedding events and came across the Unforgettable Wedding Fair… sounds interesting, does it not?! More interesting if you’re a bride or groom getting married in the Lake District: the organisers are looking for the north west’s most memorable bride. Could it be you or your fiancee?

Photo credit Neil Turner

Photo credit Neil Turner, supplied by Elephant Yard Kendal

More from the wedding fair organisers:

Are you the Northwest’s Most Memorable Bride?

Win a wedding package worth over £5000

  • Kendal’s Elephant Yard offers couples the chance to win a wedding package worth over £5000
  • Photography, use of honeymoon villa, flowers and much more
  • Competition winners to be announced at the Elephant Yard Wedding Fayre 14th October 2012

The Elephant Yard is searching for the Northwest’s Most Memorable Bride. The lucky winner will receive a package of high quality wedding goods and services worth over £5000.


Have you ever heard a wedding supplier talk about educating brides and grooms? I have, many times. As a bride or groom, do you think you really need educating about weddings?

wedding photography credit Simon Biffen

Wedding photography credit Simon Biffen (click to Simon’s website)

Or does the notion of being educated about weddings instantly make you put your guard up? Educating brides and grooms could be all about telling you to buy more essential products and services for your big day…

Depends who’s offering you the education, I guess!

Why do we talk about educating brides and grooms?

Wedding planners often talk about educating brides: some of the wedding planners I love most in the UK are passionate about this. For most it’s simply about helping you plan your wedding. Most couples haven’t been married before: planning a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and it’s tricky knowing where to begin! So wedding planners will help you get started with tips about what to book first, how much to pay for key suppliers, how to manage your wedding budget etc.


Today’s charming and romantic tea party wedding blog has ideas even I’m going to use! You’ll love this: Catherine wears Tabitha by Charlotte Balbier, and John and his groomsmen are in kilts… tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (47)

The venue is decorated with jars and lace, pearls and stationery with beautiful type – so many tea party wedding ideas to inspire your own big day. I’m guessing Hobbycraft will be sold out of lace by teatime!

Catherine and John chose the brilliantly-named Pixies in the Cellar to photograph their wedding. Their big day was at Hargate Hall just outside Buxton in Derbyshire. It’s a dream of a wedding day with vintage styling, gorgeous little details and creative ideas. Watch out for the bridesmaids, the girls on the stairs (so cute!), and all the lovely vintage bottles – I need some of these!

With thanks to Catherine and John for the wedding report, and to Pixies in the Cellar (always makes me smile!) for their Hargate Hall wedding photography. This is truly beautiful – enjoy!
tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (46)
tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (45)
tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (44)
tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (43)
tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (42)
tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (41)
tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (40)
tea party wedding by Pixies in the Cellar (39)


Hello again everyone! Are you smiling this morning? Would you like a little chuckle courtesy of today’s fab guest blogger Joel on English Wedding Blog? Read on… for hen party ideas to inspire and most definitely delight!

If you’ve ever hit the clubs on a Saturday night, you’ll know exactly how a hen party is supposed to go down: a posse of pink-clad ladies go to a pub or club in the city centre, where they consume large quantities of alcohol, perform lewd dares, and generally have a whale of a time. Head boppers often feature heavily, as do penis-themed items.

All of which is fantastic if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s worth remembering, however, that not everyone enjoys that kind of debauchery, and not every bride-to-be will want to paint the town pink just because it’s what brides-to-be usually do. Hen parties are something of an institution in the UK; they’ve become a fixture of the modern marriage ceremony, and the amount of planning that goes into them often rivals The Wedding Folder itself. But given the reputation that hen parties have acquired for themselves, many of Britian’s shy and retiring young brides may find themselves asking…


It strikes me this morning that a PapaKata wedding is always exciting and unique. If you want your wedding day to be beautiful but non-traditional – you’ll be needing one of these!

PapaKata wedding photography Cheshire (53)

Siobhan and Chris had a beautiful, individual wedding in Cheshire this year. With my friend and Cheshire wedding photographer Phil Drinkwater to document their wedding day in pictures, this is such an inspiring story to share with you.

Before I leave you to enjoy Siobhan and Chris’s wedding report with all of those beautiful images, I need to mention the dancing. I’ve featured PapaKata weddings on English Wedding Blog before – but today is special. Watch out for the last few pictures, which show PapaKata by night… the sparkling lights and festival atmosphere is enchanting!


Siobhan and Chris’s PapaKata wedding in Cheshire

PapaKata wedding photography Cheshire (52)
PapaKata wedding photography Cheshire (51)

What did you wear?

I wore an all-lace Lusan Mandongus gown, with a sash ‘Lola’ by Sash and Co and Rachel Simpson shoes ‘Mimi’ all purchased at the beautiful Cheshire bridal boutique, the White Closet.


Just some thoughts, inspired by recent discussions with friends on wedding photography. This also applies to occasional submissions to English Wedding Blog. 95% of weddings submitted for publication here are beautifully photographed. As for the other 5%…

I’m not a wedding photographer but…

  • I can tell when wedding photos come out too dark
  • I can spot heavy yellow filters and fade effects
  • Sometimes it’s obvious the lens flare came from Photoshop
  • If your flash goes off in the bride’s face, I can tell!
  • Sometimes I spot candles / trees / lamp posts coming out of people’s heads when you don’t
  • I see too many heads cut off couples for no reason
  • I look at how wedding photos are cropped – if there’s a lone boob on the left of your image, it looks weird!
  • If you haven’t edited your images, I won’t blog them
  • I like a bride and groom to have skin-coloured skin
  • I look at the people behind a bride and groom. See that guy scowling? I did.

Ooh – this is new. An email came, telling me all about how much money your wedding can actually save you.

Not how much to save on your wedding, but a feature about the benefits of being married. Life for newlyweds becomes much more affordable, according to this rather genius little infographic!

wedding savings infographic

Image source:

My personal feelings?

1) Glad I don’t live in Camberwell, sounds expensive.

2) Would anyone like to marry me? (joke!)

Claire x


Welcome to a bumper edition of what used to be ‘Wedding Planning or Work’. I’ve renamed my regular Friday afternoon feature to Best wedding blogs – or something that really does what it says on the tin. I’ll still be encouraging all of you lovely couples and wedding suppliers to spend the rest of the day soaking up wedding ideas from around the web though – and today I have a bit of a bumper selection for you!

welsh wedding blog

Emma and Andrew’s Welsh wedding blog by Oh So Perfect – Weddings and Events

Here it is – the best wedding blogs of recent weeks

Real wedding blogs


Last Saturday was my hen ‘do’.  Thanks to my marvellous MoH and all my lovely hens, I had the most wonderful time and you can read all about it by visiting

Mrs Moore-to-be taking tea as part of her hen celebrations!


Now that I am an old hen, I feel well placed to dispense some hen ‘dos’ and hen ‘don’ts’ to anyone who is looking to organise a hen party.  So, cluck, cluck, here goes . . .

Do . . .

  1. Consider adopting a ‘pick ‘n mix’ approach to your hen party which takes into account the different ages and interests of your ‘hens’.  If appropriate, structure the celebrations so that your guests can choose to join in those parts that they would most enjoy.  My hen party comprised: afternoon tea; a visit to the cinema; cocktails; a meal and a spontaneous trip to a local bar for a bit of dancing.   Whilst a hardcore of hens stayed for the duration, the majority just came along for part of the celebrations and, judging from all the enthusiastic text messages I’ve received, that arrangement seemed to work well for everyone.

English Wedding Blog this may be… but it’s a well-kept secret that I simply can’t resist crowds of men in kilts. So it’s with sheer delight and totally inappropriate excitement that I’m sharing this gorgeous and fun English country wedding with you all today.

English country wedding (1)

Emily and Scott’s wedding is simply beautiful (I’ve stopped talking about the kilts) – the details are sublime. I love the wedding cake: tiers with lovely blue flowers, Emily is a real beauty and her dress is exquisite! The blue theme works so gracefully; the wedding car is sumptuous – and the photography in the ruins is out of this world. All photographs are by fabulous Sussex wedding photographers Tino & Pip.

Such a gorgeous bride and groom as well… this English country wedding has everything. Wonder if there’s a spare usher? Everyone – enjoy!

Emily and Scott’s English country wedding (with kilts)!

English wedding ideas (40)
English wedding ideas
English wedding ideas

Who proposed, and how? Scott took Emily to a remote beach on Holy Island (just off the coast of Northumberland) and proposed at sunset with the engagement ring and a bottle of champagne. A total surprise to Emily!


I doff my hat to Felicity this morning for the best wedding report of the summer! She married Simon in July. Their Kent wedding – at the Great Barn Rolvenden – is absolutely beautiful, full of wedding ideas for details and creative, rustic touches. And it’s a home made affair with plenty of DIY inspiration for all of you lovely brides and grooms out there.

Wedding ideas from Kent (35)

Felicity and Simon chose Kent wedding photographer Rebecca Douglas to capture all the glorious details of their day. Before I hand over to Felicity I’d like to thank Felicity, Simon and Rebecca for sharing such a gorgeous wedding on my blog. You’re wonderful, inspiring people and you’ve really made me smile today! Thank you.

Everyone else – enjoy. This is gorgeous…

Creative Kent wedding ideas from Felicity & Simon

Wedding ideas from Kent (37)
Wedding ideas from Kent (30)
Wedding ideas from Kent (29)
Wedding ideas from Kent (28)
Wedding ideas from Kent (27)
Wedding ideas from Kent (26)
Wedding ideas from Kent (25)
Wedding ideas from Kent (24)
Wedding ideas from Kent (23)
Wedding ideas from Kent (22)
Wedding ideas from Kent (21)
Wedding ideas from Kent (20)
Wedding ideas from Kent (19)

The wedding ceremony:

The Ceremony was in the barn itself, with all our guests. We were lucky because the barn has two floors at slightly different heights, so we were able to use a separate area for the ceremony and reception.


How I’d love to get inside the mind of UK bridal designer David Fielden – his latest bridal catwalk to launch the 2013 sposa collection was as edgy as ever – controversial as well. But David’s bridal designs and collections make a bold statement which isn’t something we see too much of in the wedding industry. He makes me think.
wedding dress blog (9)

David says, “My collection started with a visit to a theatre to see Shakespeare’s Richard the III. I was struck by the beauty and simplicity of the clothes of the mediaeval period: they suddenly seem relevant; the stripping back and bold detail set my mind flying with ideas using my background in theatre, design and choreography. Music also plays a great emotional part in my fashion shows.

“I became fascinated by the heroism of Joan of Arc and the visual imagery from a 1920 silent film about her. She became my muse and follows on a trend of mine setting my bride in a world of conflict from a visual and design point of view.

Karapürçek Escort Bilecik Escort Bolu Escort


Modern blue styling ideas with calligraphy for an alternative beach wedding (18)

Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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