It’s been so lovely feeling the sunshine on my face as I walk along my beach these last few weeks. It’s felt like a promise: things WILL be lovely again, and we’ll have our safety and freedom back – and weddings! I’ve been delighted to see some fave wedding photographer friends getting back to doing what they love, and when I spotted this gorgeous couples shoot by Devon wedding photographer Grace Elizabeth I simply had to share!

Karin Rom Bridal collection 2021

Good morning lovelies! Today we’re looking at a breathtaking bridal collection by Amsterdam-based designer Karin Rom. The Florentine collection taps into our need for escapism during the pandemic. While the Netherlands was in lockdown, Karin Rom was inspired by fairy stories of princesses locked away in castles; tales of hidden gardens and grand ballrooms and romantic dreams from days gone by. “It’s funny how so many of our ideas about romance were shaped by times when ‘social distancing’ between a woman and her suitor was the only option until marriage. Social distancing used to be romantic!” she laughs.


Header image credit: Nottingham wedding photographer Twig & Vine Photography

In the years after the second world war, weddings were low key, frugal and intimate. But I’ve seen family photos of weddings from those years, and they’re beautiful, treasured family heirlooms. They’ve come to mind many times over the last year, as so many couples have had to postpone and downsize the dream weddings they were hoping for. 


Header image by Katherine and her Camera

This post goes out to to all of you fabulous wedding photographers who are yet to get published on a top wedding blog. It’s scary stepping out of your comfort zone and reaching out to editors and bloggers. Who knows how many submissions they get?! What if you’re rejected… I mean, even if it’s just because they’re super busy, it’ll hurt to hear a ‘no’…. oh, but what if you get a YES when they see your work? Wouldn’t that be amazing?!


Even though our wedding had to change multiple times due to covid, it honestly was the most amazing day of my life, there was so much love at our wedding it was incredible & I actually think our day was more special because of it! Everything happens for a reason. Don’t sweat the small stuff, brides to be! It will all work out & your day will be magical regardless of any hiccups along the way 🙂

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Image credit: Oobaloos Photography

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